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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer refuses Archie’s proposal

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gauri/Bhuri telling everyone about her experience of turning into a diya. She says I don’t remember anything, everyone who turned into diya are saying the same. Veer apologizes to Bhuri and family. Maharani says Kaal Bhairav has forgiven you, so the people got normal, Yash wanted us to dine together, we will respect his wish, come and sit. Veer says I will just come.

He gets Yash’s pic and says Yash will dine with us. He keeps the pic on the chair. Vandana cries. Veer says I m ready to take up Yash’s responsibilities, I will do whatever you say, my every move will be right for this family and state. Maharani says I m glad to hear this, shall we have the food. Veer goes out with everyone. Kedar gets angry on Titu. Archie says Veer has lost his brother

because of the curse, Titu don’t joke on it. Veer apologizes to the people and tries to help. He says I can’t pay for your loss, but I will give a job to Dinesh in the royal palace, he can manage the accounts. He says I m your culprit, forgive me if possible. He gives money to Kaki.

She says I don’t want money, if you regret, then obey the Lord’s customs, you just keep your responsibilities. Veer swears that he will keep the rules of the curse, and spend the rest of his life by following the rules. He leaves. Bhuri sees Rajguru. Pandit does the rituals. Rajguru says we should now begin the good thing. Veer asks what. Rajguru says you have to get married soon, we have to announce your Swayamvar without making any more delay. Maharani says as you like it, you know the rules better, I don’t question you when its about Lord’s matter. He says like I don’t question you when its about state affairs. She says declare about the Swayamvar. Archie looks on. Dolly and Titu talk to Archie that Veer loves him. Archie says I don’t know anything. Veer calls her and asks her to come to the temple, he needs to talk to her. He says you asked me something and now I want to answer you. She smiles. She says Veer wants to give me a reply.

Titu says we will come along. Archie says I will go alone. She drives off, thinking about Veer and her. Song plays…. Archie comes to the temple. He says this is the best place to say this. He says our family can’t go ahead without Kaal Bhairav’s blessing, so I want to give you an answer in front of Kaal Bhairav, you were right, I confessed love to you, that wasn’t a joke, I want to tell you everything today, the day you came in my life everything changed for me, I forgot I was cursed, I felt everything got fine, so I confessed love to you, I still love you. She cries happily. He gets away and says but I forgot that I can’t even love by my wish, no marriage can happen without Kaal Bhairav’s blessing, I forgot that my fate is cursed, so I came to you the next day and changed my feelings, I can’t marry you. She gets shocked. They cry.

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