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Jiji Maa 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Niyati visits the family

Jiji Maa 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niyati hurting the goon and running away. Vidhaan argues with Uttara and Jayant. He refuses to forget Niyati and remarry. He says I will never marry anyone else. Jayant gets dizzy. He falls. Uttara worries. Niyati runs away. Uttara asks Vidhaan to say yes to Jayant. He says I love Niyati. She asks does she love you, she has left you, just think well and decide.

Jayant and everyone meet the girl’s family. The man asks if Vidhaan ready for marriage. Uttara says yes, he knows I m doing this for his good. Haryali checks the kundlis. She gives the puja mahurat. Suyash and Falguni come there and hear this. They get shockd. They argue with Uttara. Falguni asks how can they ruin Niyati’s marriage. Haryali says marriage has to happen for everyone’s betterment. Falguni says you can’t force Vidhaan if he isn’t ready. Vidhaan comes and says I m ready. Falguni gets shocked. She asks Vidhaan did he love Niyati just a bit. Vidhaan says Niyati left me this way. Falguni says I feel she is in trouble, she wants to come back to us, but something is stopping us. Niyati runs and gets hit by a truck. She shouts Jiji Maa. Falguni senses it. She says we will find Niyati, we will surely get her. Suyash says yes, don’t decide in haste. Vidhaan says she would have come if she wanted to. Falguni says she was helpless.

Vidhaan says I didn’t ask her to leave, this is not done. They go downstairs. Haryali asks Falguni to do the rasam. Falguni argues with her. Haryali asks her to do a bahu’s duty. Falguni thinks I won’t let this marriage happen. The Suhaagans come. Falguni senses Niyati. She welcomes the women. She washes Niyati’s feet. Vidhaan sits in the puja. Niyati thinks I came back but I got late, you decided to get remarried. She recalls getting saved by the truck and then staying with old woman Pushpa. The ladies say we are going to Rawat haveli, there is a puja before a marriage function, you also come along. FB ends. Falguni says I feel like Niyati is around. The pandit does aarti. Haryali makes Falguni do rituals. Falguni goes to Niyati and asks who are you. Niyati worries.

Niyati is tied up. Falguni shouts to her and asks her not to worry. She climbs the crane to save Niyati.

Update Credit to: Amena

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