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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update Vibhuti plays Putans father.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Vibhu says bhabhiji you dont say sorry, Angoori says i should apologies but im in tension because of Putan, Vibhu says its fine dont be tensed, Angoori says I need a favour, Vibhu says tell me,Angoori says i want you to act, actually putan loves a Gujarati girl, and she needs blessings from putans parents and family, Tiwari walks out and says you need to act as his daddy, vibhu asks and what about daddy, Tiwari says we request you please,Putan says for sake of my didi help me, Angoori says yes please,Vibhu says alright i will, but who is mother,saxena walks to them, and says its time for practice, Putan says we found mother.

Vibhu walks in Tiwari house dressed as gujratati,putan praises him, Saxena and angoori walk down, Saxena asks how do i look, vibhu says hopeless,tiwari says look

all we need to fix this wedding.

Hetal Alpa and Panditji walk in, Vibhu flirts with Alpa, Angoori introduces mom and dad, Alpa says putans father is very handsome, alpa flirts back, saxena introduce himself as wajedali shah and makes a story around, vibhu covers by flirting with alpa.Putan says Hetal do something,Hetal says mummy my wedding not yours. Alpa says Panditji say something. Pandit says i find something fishy, Hapu walks in and says tiwari what nonsense is happening, Alpa asks who is this, Tiwari says Nadir shah,Hapu says shutup and why this Gujarat fare going on, Putan walk to him and starts hitting him and send him out, tiwari says he is our enemy he wants my son and so my son hits him.

Boys with cattle, thinking how to manage,tilu says lets dance for her may be then she will give milk, teeka says Malkan you perfrom,tilu play song, malkan perfroms.Anarkali(buffalo) shits but doesnt milk. Malkan says when will she. Putan walks to them and asks milk,my mother in law needs milk, boys say we are helpless,putan says useless people and leaves.

Vibhu and Alpa flirting,Alpa says im ready for marriage, Vibhu says im talking about hetal,Alpa says about me,i mean after Hetal i will be alone,vibhu asks your husband, Alpa says he is dead, Vibhu says what about my wife and putan and hetal will be siblings after marriage, Alpa says I don’t care,Hetal calls alpa back.Putan gets milk.

Panditji says this marriage can’t happen, Putan says i did everything you ask, Panditji says Hetal needs your grandfather’s blessings. Prem sees boys singing infront of buffalo, prem says stupid fellows this doesn’t work,she will give milk only when she wants forcing and doing all this wont work be patient.

pre cap: Panditji gives permission for marriage

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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