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Good Morning My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear jasmine sia and silent readers 

Sorry  for posting late

Actually  Iam a huge biggboss fan n my favourite  contestant was nominated  so I was too occupied in saving  him


Recap-Adi met with accident He has injured his knee.He is advised  complete  bed rest He Willnot be able to walk on his own

He is very upset zoya consoles n pacifies him


Adi enters hooda house on wheel chair

All are upset

There is silence is house

Adi is unable  to make eye contact

Hoodas n Siddquis  are upset

Zoya-Aditya I think u should  rest now

Adi doesn’t  reply

Anjana  nods

Zoya controls adi’s  wheel chair n takes him in room

Harshvardan  breaksdown

Wasim pacifies him

Harshvardan -I cannot see my adi this way

Roshnaq -Bhaishaab pls trust Allah he will bless our adi

Adi will be fine soon

Wasim n I will go to mosque  n offer chaddar n pray for his speedy  recovery

In Room

Zoya notices

Adi is in complete shock

He has not uttered a single word

Zoya(tries to hide her pain n smiles)-Aditya now u are a king n we all are here to serve u

U just order n we are at ur service

Tears fall from Adi’s eyes

Zoya  goes close to him

Adi-i dnt like this I dnt….

Zoya holds his hand

Zoya-I can understand Trust me Aditya in such cases will power is most important. U know u can recover very soon if u keep faith if u keep trying  N trust me am with u always

Adi nods

Roshnaq n wasim are shown offering  prayers

Wasim -Allah pls cure adi but I must also thank u as now Harshvardan  will focus less on business matters N i can rule .

Zoya makes adi eat medicines

She asks adi to rest

Anjana  observes from outside

Zoya leaves room

She sees Anjana  crying

Zoya hugs her-Dnt wry ma all will be fine iAm there na

Zoya is searching  something  on Internet

It is late in night

She yawns

But keeps searching  something

Zoya smiles

Zoya-Finally  I got Dr waston’s email id I will email him adi’s case He is best orthopaedic in America  He can help

Zoya is typing

She is sleepy

But keeps typing

She keeps her head on table

N sleeps there

Its morning

Zoya is sleeping on table

Adi wakes up

He seems to have pain

He struggles to pick glass of water

His hands are not reaching out

Adi feels helpless

Glass is about to fall

Zoya holds adi’s hands N glass

They have an eye contact

She gives him glass

She greets him good Morning

Adi is still in depression

Adi-zoya what we’re u doing  at night

Zoya-nothing  much I emailed  America’s best orthopaedic Dr ur case

Adi-zoya u should  rest u too need rest full time u are busy sending  emails to Drs at night N from morning  to night u keep looking  after me

Zoya amnot liking  all this

Zoya-its okay Aditya Iam ur friend U treat me as ur friend right ??

Adi nods

Zoya-so this is my responsibility n Dnt wry about me once u r fine i will rest N get myself  pampered from u

Adi smiles

Anjana  looks on n smiles

Zoya  is preparing breakfast for adi

Anjana comes-My adi is lucky to have  u in his life God bless u Zoya

She hugs zoya

Zoya enters room

Zoya-Aditya I think today we should go out

Adi-That was a good joke zoya

Am bed ridden how can we

Zoya -ohhh come on u r not bed ridden  u r getting  lazy come i will help u

Hold my hand

Adi is reluctant

Zoya-Aditya Iam a dr Dnt u trust me come on hold my hand

She supports him

They have intense eyelock

“Joh tu mera humdaard hain “plays in Bg

She makes him sit on wheelchair

She takes him outo of room

Adi-Zoya everybody  will watch me I cannot go Ppl will tease me

Zoya-Do hell with ppl Aditya fresh air is required  n come on yaar am there na

Adi nods

Anjana n Harshvardan are happy to see adi move our of house after many days

Zoya brings adi to a garden

Adi-Its feels good to be in fresh air after so many days


Zoya-ok so let’s enjoy more How about an icecream

Adi nods

Zoya goes

Adi takes out his phone

He calls someone

Adi-Yes pls dnt wry iAm fine.How is she ??She might be angry with me?pls dnt tell her anything  about my accident She Willnot be able to take it She will break She loves me alot U pls take care of her Pls tell her am busy over here n I will come soon as I miss her alot

Zoya has icecreams in her hands

She has overheard the conversation

Tears fall from her eyes

Zoya’s pov-No zoya not now adi needs u All this can be sorted out afterwards He needs u now

Zoya wipes her tears

She goes to adi

They eat Ice cream

But zoya is lost

in room

Adi is sleeping

Zoya sits near window

She remembers  that call

Tears fall from her eyes

Zoya’s pov-About whom was adi talking  who is she Was he talking  about pooja? ?

Precap -zoya narrates everything  to yash

Yash-Dnt worry zoya Iam sure adi didn’t  lie I Dnt think pooja Is part of his life anymore It is somebody  else I will find out

Adi is feeling  guilty

Adi’s pov-Zoya is doing  so much for me I cannot cheat her

I should  tell her the truth

She owes to know everything


So guys any guesses

Who is this mystery girl

Is it pooja

Or somebody else

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