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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Aditya gets injured

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking where did the kids go. Aditya insists Krish to come. Krishna thinks sorry to lie. Dadi asks why are you not saying. Krishna says they are plucking guava. Dadi says Suwarna, we will stop them, they may get hurt. Kairav and Vansh beat Aditya. Aditya says shut up, look at Krish, he is in much pain, I will end his pain. He takes Krish. Dadi says don’t know since when are they missing, Krishna would have sent them. Krishna says I didn’t send them. Suwarna says you should have told me. Krishna says that way. She prays Lord, send them soon. Kairav, Krish and Vansh beat Aditya. Aditya shouts and gets up. He gets a back ache. Kids beat them further. Suwarna says I told you, we won’t get kids here. Dadi says I didn’t know they will go. She asks pandit about the kids. Pandit says I have seen them doing temple’s pariknama.

Dadi says thank God. Krish tries to get free from Aditya. Kairav pushes Aditya. The kids hug. Dadi says don’t know where did they go. Aditya hangs down and shouts for help. Kids worry. Aditya holds Kairav’s hand. Manish, Samarth and Gayu come. Samarth asks what are you doing here. Dadi says aarti has happened, I m finding the boys. Manish says they all went on me. Samarth says I think Vansh planned this. Gayu says Vansh wants Krish and Kairav along. Manish says don’t worry, everyone knows us here. Krishna prays. Dadi asks did you talk to Kirti. Manish says no, Kartik and Naira were going to talk. Aditya falls down. Kids get shocked. Kartik and Naira come. Krish says we have to go and see. They run downstairs. Kartik says Naksh and Kirti are going to meet lawyer, their divorce is getting final. Manish asks how shall I save my daughter’s relation from breaking for the second time. Suwarna says there will be some way. Dadi prays.

Naksh and Kirti meet the lawyer. Lawyer says its the custody papers. Kirti asks can I take Krish anywhere. Lawyer says no, divorce papers have to get the legal stamp. Kirti signs the papers and goes. Naksh doesn’t sign. He talks to the lawyer. Kids ask Aditya to get up. Vansh says maybe he is dead. Kairav says if he is dead, then we will also die. Dadi prays. Naira says we will go and pray. Kartik asks where are the kids. Dadi says we are finding them, don’t know where did they go. The kids worry. They think what to do, to tell family or not. Vansh says family has sent Lav and Kush to jail, we will run away silently. They run. Naksh and Kirti come. Kartik says we didn’t get the kids. Kirti asks where are the kids, what happened. Naksh says we will find them. Naira prays for the kids. Naira shouts Kairav. Vansh says we will run away fast, come.

Kairav stops and recalls. FB shows Kartik asking about the laptop damage. Kairav says Vansh has done it. Kartik says fine, I will ask Vansh. Kairav says sorry, Vansh didn’t do it, I have broken it. Naira says you have lied to us. Kairav says sorry. Kartik says one whose heart is good tells the truth, we may just punish or scold you, but we will always protect you. Naira says you don’t know what happens if we hide it, I also did that mistake once. Kartik says promise us, if you make any big or small mistake, you will tell us first. Kairav says promise. FB ends. Kairav says I won’t go, I promised mum and dad. He runs to Kartik and Naira. The kids hugs their parents. Manish asks what happened, why are you crying. Kairav says Aditya uncle…. Naira asks who. Kairav says Naksh and Kirti’s friend, Aditya uncle is dead. They get shocked.

Kartik asks him to say what happened. Kairav says that uncle was forcing Krish to take him home, I pushed him, he fell down, sorry, don’t send me to jail. Naira recalls her friend’s death. She says nothing will happen. Kartik says we will manage, calm down. Kairav says we were scared, we were going to run. Naira asks are you mad, I told you to always tell us the truth. Naksh asks how do you know Krish. Krish says I had called Aditya here, I heard he is the reason for your fight. Kairav says we asked him to say sorry and move away. Kirti cries. Kartik says we will talk to kids later. Naksh says I will go and see. Kartik says dad and I will come. Manish asks where is he. Kairav says near the tree. Kartik says we will see, Samarth take the family home. Manish says we will handle it our way, just go. Naira says it would be an accident, our kids didn’t do this mistake intentionally. Kartik says it will be fine, just be with Kairav. Manish, Kartik and Naksh go and see Aditya fallen there. Naira hugs Kairav. She thinks kids are innocent, don’t let anything wrong happen with them.

Kartik says police has come, Naira. Kairav worries. Aditya says Goenka kids have pushed me down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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