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Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 7th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Dulari finds about Ram’s engagement

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 7th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sceen 1
Koyal says I thought I am fasting for Ram ji.. Helloo.. She says Dulari ji hung up. But when Ram is with me why would I need anyone else. Mili says mama please make me harlwa puri. Koyal says sure. Koyal brings halwa poori. Mili says noodles. Koyal says what do you want to eat? I just made this for you. She says I want to eat noodles now. Ram says let me bring it from home. Mili says no I want to eat them from mummy’s hand only. Koyal brings noodles. Mili eats them. She says it’s so spicy. Can you make dosa? Koyal brings it. Mili says it’s so hard. She keeps cooking. Mili says I am not hungry. I want to sleep. Mili sleeps. Ram smiles. Koyal says she ate all our time as well. Ram says why is she smiling like that.

Dulari sneaks out of the house and goes towards Koyal’s place. She says I need to keep an eye on Koyal. Koyal toches Ram. Ram says what are you doing this is not correct. Koyal says you did it. Should I remind it? Ram says I have apologized multiple times. Should I get sorry tattooed? She says at least you will have my name on yourself. ram says I love my Dulari. I will always love her. Koyal says you fell in love with her later but you got engaged to me first. Ram says sorry but.. Koyal says sorry that I am trying to take you from Dulari. Sorry that I am fasting for you. You will never understand what a girl goes through when her engagement is broken. You left so easily. My family and I suffered every day. People taunted us. So you will also have to suffer now. Dulari hers all this. She’s shocked.

Dulari cries. She recalls her Koyal with Ram. Durali walks out in shock. The song dil jure bina hi toot gaye plays. Dulari cries. Dulari says Ram hid such a big thing from the past? Is my love so weak? Koyal related to his past. He was her fiance before being my husband. She is here to take him from me. I will never let her do that. I will kick her out of my life and this neighborhood.

Scene 2
Dulari knocks at Koyal’s door. Koyal says why are you hitting my door? Dulari says you should be happy that I am not beating you. Koyal says what? Dulari says you’re trying to steal my husband and acting shocked now? Ram says what? Why are you so angry? Dulari says I am hurt. Why didn’t you tell me she is your past and that you were engaged to her. How could you hide it from me. ram says how did you find out? Ram says I thought you might not understand. dulari says I was okay with you running a ladies salon how could I not be okay that Koyal is your past. Koyal says and he will be my future. Dulari says I will never leave him. I will make you leave his life and this area. our love is pure. No one can come between us.

Dulari comes in. sHe picks Mili and holds Ram’s hand. Dulari leaves with them. Koyal stands in front of Dulari. Koyal says if Ram can’t be mine I won’t let him be anyone else’ either. She puts a gun on Ram. Dulari is shocked. Koyal shoots Ram. Dulari screams. Everyone comes there. Ram falls down. Dulari screams. She was imagining this. Dulari cries. She says I can’t let that happen. I can’t force. What if Koyal loses her mind. Please get me out of this trouble. Koyal will try to take my Ram. Dulari says maybe he didn’t get a chance to tell me. This karwa chauth is a test of my love. I need to see if Ram will tell me himself.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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