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Qurbaan Hua 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Dr Baig attempts to save Neel’s life

Qurbaan Hua 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neel is screaming with pain when everyone wonders what has happened that Neel is yelling in pain they all come to the point where Naveli and Godamabri bump into Baleq, he inquires what they both are doing at which he says that he came to sell the murti then they both wonder where the voice came from, Godambari is shocked to see Chahat, Baleq asks what they all are doing in the steel factory, Baleq asks Godamabri to wake her up then when she stands is shocked to see that Neel is no where to be found, Godamabri inquires what has happened and when Chahat explains that he came running to help her, Godamabri thinks that he might have been killed by the steel, Chahat is also not able to comprehend that Neel has died, she remembers how she joked that she would not keep the fast for him because he would surely live a longer life, then remembers how she got angry with him when he refused to accept that she was right, Baleq touches the lava with a stick but then throws it when his hand starts burning with heat, he thinks that Neel has died while saving Chahat which is why he pushed Chahat away but himself died in the process. Baleq starts crying, Chahat is about give her hand to the fire when Naveli stops her exclaiming that she would die if she gives her hand to the fire, Baleq says that how can Neel be alive when molten lava is poured on him.
Chahat refuses to accept the fact that Neel has died then runs into the factory, Baleq exclaims that he cannot believe that Neel has died then asks that If they have not turned on the molten lava then who has melted the lava in a closed factory, Ghazala also wonders who might have done this when they all were not involved in anything
Jamuna and Viyas jee are in the house waiting for the family when they see that Baleq is coming with Godamabri and Naveli, he inquires where Neel and Chahat is at which Baleq mentions that Neel has been called back by god and he would not come to them, Bopho along with Jamuna are both shocked hearing the news.
Chahat is walking on the road thinking that Neel might have reached back to the house and is playing a game with her so she would never forgive him after what he ahs done as she was not able to find him in the factory.
Godamabri shows Viyas jee the video, he exclaims that he should have been the one to die but doesnot know why the lives of his children were so small, jamuna comes consoling him that they were being tested by god, Jamuna asks where Chahat is when they all see that she is coming to the house calling for Neel, she asks Viyas jee for Neel mentioning that he would surely be in the house, she runs to the house calling Neel to come out as she cannot bear this joke because she wants him to come outside, she exclaims that she will loose the Rakhi of Saraswati so he should come outside, then exclaims that she would accept all his conditions but he should come outside, then when she is about to go upstairs she turns to Viyas jee that it is all his fault as ever since he has stopped being angry with him, he has gotten a lot mischievous, she tries to look for the stick which Viyas jee used to punish Neel then says that she would look for Neel upstairs.
Viyas jee goes to pray asking what wrong they have done that she has also taken back Neel from him who was his last support, Chahat comes saying that she knows where Neel is because he used to say that he would bring some things for Viyas jee.
Godamabri asks him that he should blame Chahat as Neel died to saving him, Bopho says that she is mistaken because Chahat might have seen the message and would have gone after Baig, Viyas jee says that she went to take revenge for his daughter, Godamabri exclaims that even then why did she have to go alone because she cannot take revenge alone from Baig.
Chahat comes to Kripa, ordering that she should start crying then Neel would not be able to live and would surely come back to them, Godamabri says that she should take off the bangles as Neel has died and she has become a widow, Chahat refuses saying that it is not the case as when she is wearing the bangles that Neel brought for her then why is she asking her to take them off.
Neel is yelling with pain in the hospital bed when Dr Baig comes to him and starts cleaning his wounds, he prays to Allah that he should protect Neel.

Precap: Dr Baig is operates on Neel, he is not able to give him any sedative, Dr Baig runs outside to get the sedative when he bumps into Ghazala, she questions him about who is inside the room, she is adamant to check it by herself.

Update Credit to: Sona

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