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Love after arrange marriage Ep-21- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-21- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Hii guys , I know RiyaVaghani told u I won’t be able to write the ep but I woke up as early I could and is writing now !!

Replies to your precious comments..,

  • Seanna_0044- Thank you ..Your ff is also nice..
  • Diha- Thanks …Ypp I have changed Angre, its Sunny frm Real IMMJ2 ..
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  • Greeshma_geetha- Thanku didi for being my inspiration
  • Shivangi- Thanks dear ..
  • Ravi- This will be there down …
  • M- Hm.. I understand ..
  • RiyaVaghani- I am sis , not bro ! haha
  • SUMISHA – Keep supporting ..
  • Naira U Singh – Yeah Sure !!

Episode starts with..,

Vansh asks,”Riddhima , but you knew Mohit from many years ago then he must be your good friend.” Riddhima answers,”I also was shocked that Mohit could do all this , for love he can do anything ..Few years ago , he had a girlfriend , her girlfriend told her that she would marry him if he would leave his mother …Mohit left her ..But that girl felled with someone else and he was deceived …” Vansh says,”Too bad!! Also , his name is Rudra right??” Riddhima says,”Maybe someone told him to change name..Haha!!” They giggle. Riddhima says,”So , now lets sleep.” They both sleep .Next morning, when Riddhima  woke up , she saw that Vansh  was sleeping on her arm ..Then she tried to get up but she felled on Vansh.  They share a moment..Vansh woke up…He sees Riddhima, they both feel awkward. They get up . Riddhima says,”Actually you slept on my arm , I tried to get up and then..” Vansh  says,”No issues!!” Riddhima leaves. Vansh thinks,”Riddhima I will give you more love …Love you.” Riddhima comes . She says,”Love you too!” Vansh gets surprised …Then he sees that Riddhima is talking on phone …

After some time,

Riddhima says,”Daadi , I am going to temple.” Daadi says,”Ok!!” Vansh listens that ..He thinks,”I will protect Riddhima and go behind her.” Vansh takes the car and goes behind ..Riddhima’s talking on phone and suddenly someone with black mask points gun towards her . She gets scared . Vansh gets out of the car . He points gun towards the person .. Riddhima says,”Aww Vansh , you are so protective, please leave her, she’s my friend.”Vansh gets surprised and says,”What !” Riddhima says,”Yes!” The person takes out mask and Vansh says,”Sejal!!” Riddhima says,”Ypp.” She says,”Lets go to mandir first and then I will narrate the story of be fooling you.” They go to temple, worship and sit in Vansh’s car . Vansh says,”Now will you tell me ??” Riddhima says,”When I left mansion , I saw you behind me , I thought to be fool Mr. Vansh..I called Sejal and told her to wear mask and come with a toy gun ..Then you know that what happened… Hahaa!! I be fooled you..”

Vansh says,”Are you a kid ?” Sejal says,” Riddhima don’t be a kid , you have to give a kid …So grow up .” Sejal giggles ….Vansh and Riddhima shy ..

Precap: Riddhima is pregnant with Vansh ??? 

Guys I am going out …I will be back by tomorrow evening i.e – 8-11-2020 ..SO  tomorrow – a holiday …

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