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Laal Ishq4 RiKara,SamAina,BeHir,RoshAn,DriKshit FF Introduction

Laal Ishq4… Red love…Introduction
Here I am presenting you the 4th season of Laal Ishq.It will not be the continuation of season3.So new readers can join this season without reading the previous seasons.Salley,Mansi and Gopika asked me to come up with the new season of Lal Ishq 2 years back.But after 2 years only I could bring season4 due to lack of ideas.I am dedicating season4 to all 3 of them.Special dedication to Mansi because I am including RiKara too in this season.Though she suggested RiKara for season3 I could not include them as they did not fit the story.

I dedicate this to sonalikelawala who asked me to write on BeHir.

I dedicate this story to Drikshit_Shivya07 who wants me to write a BeHir DriKshit FF.

The peculiarity of Laal Ishq series is one actor will be different in most of the pairs.

The main pairs are






All these 5 pairs will get equal screen space in each and every chapter.

The supporting pairs are




Prem -Simar

Andy Sumitra





(Supporting pairs will not get many scenes in this FF.But if anybody wants scenes on them please inform me.I will add their scenes too).

More supporting pairs will join in future.

Special thanks to Arafisabu for making banners for this FF.

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