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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima learns Siya’s truth

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh asking Riddhima to do a favor, don’t leave me alone. He lies in her lap. Riddhima cries and recalls Dadi’s words. Vansh sleeps. Riddhima says you asked me something for the first time, I m sorry I can’t fulfill it, I have to go tonight to rectify my mistake, I m going to get the hope back, your mum’s murderer will get punished, maybe you will forgive me then. She kisses on his forehead. She goes to temple. She says I have hurt Vansh a lot, why did I do this foolishness, why did I unheard my heart, my heart said Vansh is innocent, he didn’t do anything, but the proof had overcome my heart. Someone looks on.

Riddhima holds water and says if the storm has come in Vansh’s life because of us, then I will calm it. Riddhima says I will do anything. She turns and says was there someone. She goes to meet Kabir. Kabir throws things in anger. She asks what are you doing, what is all this. He says I m venting my frustration, I was close to success and everything got over. She says yes, Vansh wanted to save Ragini, where is she, return her to me. He says I don’t know where is she. She says you got her. He says I lost her. She asks how.

He says I got busy, Ragini was trying to run, I stopped her, someone came and took her away, I tried hard, I fought him, but I fell weak, he took away Ragini. Riddhima recalls Vansh’s words. Kabir says I couldn’t see the face of that person, I m saying the truth, I felt like I m dealing with some shadow. She recalls seeing someone. She says Kabir, I have felt like someone is keeping an eye on me, maybe its that person, Vansh was right, someone wants to harm Ragini, its from VR mansion, he is connected to his mum’s murder.

He says you are right. She says its my duty to make Ragini reach Vansh, we have to find Ragini. She goes home. She says what did I promise and what happened. She sees the pic and says someone is a big enemy, all this happened because of me. Someone looks on. Riddhima says Dadi and Siya can never do this, they love Vansh a lot, Ishani and Angre can’t do this, they are with Vansh, Rudra and Chanchal have no courage to take big risk, two people are left, Aryan and Anupriya, that masked person is one of them. She moves back and collides with Aryan. He asks are you planning next mission. She says you tell me, on which mission are you. He says its fulfilled Riddhima, now…. He thinks of hiding memory card. He wishes her all the best. She says mission is over, does Aryan mean Ragini is with him. She sees someone near the window. She goes to see. Riddhima gets to see the shoe. She checks the place. She gets the gloves. She says whoever it is, he is smart. Vansh says kidnapper will be smart, but he will leave some clue, that will make us reach Ragini. Angre says I will check the room well. Vansh also checks.

He says check well, it can be any small thing. Angre says kidnapper worked smartly, there is no clue. They see the cctv. Angre says the entire crime scene is before us now. Vansh checks the footage. He says once I see that kidnapper, then none can save him from Vansh. They don’t get the footage. Angre says I will check. Vansh says I want this footage, go and fix this, its matter of some time, then I will not leave that kidnapper. Riddhima is on call. She says I will come back before anyone wakes up. She turns and sees the masked person. She says I knew you will come to keep an eye on me, stop. She runs and catches that person. The person runs.

Riddhima recalls. FB shows Riddhima putting some soil under the shoe’s sole and keeping it back. She says if one plan fails, then plan B will work, I will follow him. She follows the footmarks. She says Siya can’t walk, that person can harm her, thank God Siya is sleeping. She catches that person and says show me your face, remove the mask. She sees pillows under the blanket. She asks where is Siya, what did you do with her, show me your face, else I will call everyone. She sees Siya’s face under the mask. She gets shocked and says Siya.

Precap will be added later

Update Credit to: Amena

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