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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 16: Riddhima and Vansh help Aryan and Ishani.

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The episode starts as…….

In VR mansion at 09:00pm,

Vansh: We’ll plan something for Aryan and Ishani, okay?

Riddhima: Ofcourse! Infact it would be great. But what do we do?

Vansh: Why worry when Vansh is around?

Riddhima: I need to worry when you’re around but when you are not, it goes smoothly.

Vansh(angrily): Alright! Atlast you said the truth that I am a problem. Fine! I will leave.

Riddhima: I am sorry! Please don’t go! Please!

Vansh: Okay! If you say so. I won’t go.

Riddhima: Let me complete. Have dinner and then go.

Vansh: You!!! I won’t talk to you. I am going to have dinner.

Riddhima: So after dinner you will go?

Vansh(angrily): Ahhhh!


Vansh leaves from there and goes and sits on the dining table. Riddhima intentionally comes and sits next to him. He tries to get up and go to sit somewhere else but there’s no vacant place.


Riddhima: Vansh, what do you want? I’ll serve.

Vansh: It’s okay. I will take it myself.

Vansh takes food for himself. Just while he was about to begin to eat. Riddhima caught his hand.

Vansh(whispers): Why have you caught my hand? Leave it!

Riddhima(whispers): If you don’t forgive me. I won’t leave your hand.

Vansh (whispers): I won’t forgive you. Do what you want!

Riddhima(whispers): Alright! Have a valid reason to answer why you are eating with the other hand.

Vansh(whispers): Okay! I forgive you. Now leave my hand.

Riddhima(whispers): Are you sure?

Vansh(whispers): Sure for what? Leaving my hand or forgiving you?

Riddhima(whispers): Obviously for forgiveness!

Vansh(whispers): Yes!

Riddhima leaves Vansh’s hand to let him eat. Just then Vansh again holds her hand and eats with the other hand. Riddhima is surprised by his action.

Riddhima(whispers): Why did you hold my hand? I can eat properly but you would have issues.

Vansh(whispers): I can take some issues to hold your hand. I don’t mind eating with the second hand if my first hand is busy holding your hand.

Riddhima(whispers): Vansh, are you trying to flirt here? Seriously here?

Vansh(whispers): So what? It doesn’t matter.

Sia wonders what’s going on between Vansh and Riddhima. She notices that Vansh is eating with left hand. She acts to bend down and pick something up but is surprised on seeing Vansh holding Riddhima’s hand.

Sia(whispers to Sejal): Dude! Something is going on between Bhai and Riddhu. They are holding hands.

Sejal(loudly): What!

Sejal grabs everybody’s attention.

Kabir: What happened Sejal? Any problem?

Sejal(wonders what happened): Umm… Nothing. I don’t know what happened! I am sorry!

Sejal(whispers to Sia): Sorry dude! I just couldn’t believe that.

Sia(whispers): Great! Next time I will think before telling you anything. Anyways now they aren’t holding hands. Because of you they missed the chance of being romantic!

The dinner is done. Sejal, Sia, Aryan and Ishani go to the garden to have a walk while Vansh and Riddhima go in Vansh’s room.

Riddhima: Why have we come here? Everyone’s down, we too should go.

Vansh: It’s because I want to spend some time with you.

Riddhima(in a sweet voice): Aww…. How sweet Vansh!

Vansh: Seriously Riddhima! You are being cheesy right now.

Riddhima: Who started it? YOU! Now tell, why did we come here?

Vansh: I have an idea to unite Ishani and Aryan.

Riddhima: Great! Now say what it is.

After a while Riddhima and Vansh also come down and join the rest.

Riddhima: Sejal, I think we should leave. It’s late.

Sejal: I was about to say the same thing. I am feeling sleepy.

Ishani: Come on guys! Don’t go so early. Today, we have hardly got time to spend with each other.

Vansh: Don’t worry Sia! Tomorrow we are all going to the beach. And the whole day we can be each other.

Sia(whispers to Sejal): I wonder if the word ‘we’ in bhai’s sentence is for all of us or only for Riddhima and himself.

Sejal(whispers to Sia): [grins] Exactly! I too doubt them now. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

Riddhima: Come on Sejal. We need to go. [Looking at everyone] Good Night! Will see y’all tomorrow.

Sejal: [looking at everyone] Good Night!

Riddhima and Sejal leave from VR mansion. Aryan comes running from back.

Riddhima: What happened? Why are you running?

Aryan: Actually, I thought of dropping both of y’all home. It isn’t safe so late.

Sejal: Aryan, you don’t need to worry. We would go safely.

Aryan: I insist.

Aryan drops Sejal and Riddhima and leaves from there

Next morning at 08:00am,

Riddhima wakes up and then goes to wake Sejal up.

Riddhima: Sejal wake up! Don’t you remember that we have to go to the beach today. Come on yaar! Wake up!

Sejal: Good morning Riddhu! Don’t worry we won’t be late. Go and get ready and let me also get ready.

Riddhima leaves from there and goes to her room. She removes the outfit from the wardrobe and then goes to freshen up. And after sometime she gets ready and comes out. She finds Sejal waiting for her.

Riddhima: Hey! Today you got ready quickly.

Sejal: Yes! Because if I would have done timepass then you would have started giving a lecture on ‘punctuality’, so I thought it’s better for me to come before you.

Riddhima: Hahaha, very funny. Now let’s leave.

Sejal and Riddhima leave their house and drive to the beach. When they reach there, they find everyone already present. They rush.

Sejal: Sorry everyone for the delay. Actually Riddhima took time to get ready. So……….. I hope y’all understand.

Vansh: It’s okay. We do understand.

Sia(whispers to Ishani): Because Riddhima did, bhai understood. If the same mistake we would have done then bhai wouldn’t even thought of understanding.

Ishani(whispers): Exactly! Bhai is being biased but he’s too sweet with Riddhima.

Sia(whispers): But I like the sweet and romantic Bhaii!

Vansh: Let’s go in. But Ishani I want to have a word with you.

Everybody else goes ahead. Riddhima and Aryan walk behind all.

Riddhima: Aryan.

Aryan: Yes Riddhu!

Riddhima: Why don’t you propose Ishani today?

Aryan(surprised): What! All of a sudden?

Riddhima: See you like her, right? So it’s the right time.

Aryan: No Riddhu. I will do it some other time. I want her to understand that I have feelings for her. I want to explore her.

Riddhima: Are you sure that you love her?

Aryan: What kind of question is that? I love her more than myself.

Riddhima: So what’s the issue? Yesterday I heard Uma aunty asking Vansh to search a groom for Ishani. And then last night you remember I had gone with Vansh in his room, that time he showed me some guys for Ishani. If you propose her and express yourself then she’ll understand what you feel for her. Otherwise she will get married to someone else.

Aryan(worried): No Riddhu. Please don’t say that. I really love her. And you are right, if I won’t confess my feelings, how would she understand them? But how do I do it?”

Riddhima: Why do you worry when you have me by your side? I will plan everything. All you need to do is get a romantic gift for her. Understood?

Aryan: Yes! I will get one.

Riddhima: Great! You go ahead, I will make a call and come.

Aryan walks ahead.


Ishani: What happened bhai? Why did you ask me to wait behind?

Vansh: I know, I shouldn’t interfere but I feel that you should propose Aryan today.

Ishani(surprised): What! How can I do it all of a sudden?

Vansh: I know it’s too quick. But last night when Riddhima was with me in my room , she told me that Aryan’s parents are searching a girl for him. So if you don’t confess yourself then he wouldn’t understand you.

Ishani: Bhai, I know what you mean to say but………. Today? I mean……. I am not even prepared.

Vansh: You trust me right? If you do then don’t worry. I will do everything, you just need to get a gift for him that makes him feel special.

Ishani: Alright! I would do it. But bhai do the best preps, I want him to remember it for life long.

Vansh: Ofcourse! Now you go ahead, I will make a call and come.

Ishani walks ahead and after she reaches a few steps far. Riddhima comes and stands behind Vansh.

Riddhima: Vansh!

Vansh(turns back): Hey! Did it work?

Riddhima: What do you think?

Vansh: Ofcourse, it did. I know Aryan can’t say ‘No’ to you.

Riddhima: Yes! What about Ishani?

Vansh: Ofcourse, she agreed. Our step one of convincing them is done. Now step two is in action.

Riddhima: Yes! I know we would succeed.

At 12:00pm,

Vansh and Riddhima are standing between four poles that are completely covered with red and white coloured roses. There are red and white coloured helium balloons tied on top of the poles.

There is a circular table right in front of them. On the top of the table there is a bottle of champagne and two glasses kept.

Riddhima: Seen! This looks like a perfect date set-up.

Vansh: I agree. This looks really amazing.

Riddhima: I hope you told Ishani to wear red coloured clothes and come.

Vansh: Yes! I told her when I went to her room. Did you tell Aryan to wear white?

Riddhima: Yes, when he came to my room that time I informed him.

Vansh: May I please know why is everything around me so red and white?

Riddhima: Because I believe that red is the colour of love and white is the colour of peace. So their relationship should be filled with love and peace.

Vansh: Okay! But now let’s go. It’s 12:30pm, they will come now.

Vansh and Riddhima leave from there and hide behind the nearest tree. Aryan comes at the set-up.

Aryan(thinks): Beautiful! It’s just perfect. I can’t define it. How could Riddhu plan it so well. [He notices Ishani wearing red and walking towards him] Wow! Even God is with me. I wore white and she wore red. That’s exactly the date set-up.

Ishani(thinks): Wow bhai! The set-up looks Amazing. And even Aryan is matching with me and the date set-up. It seems like a dream.

Aryan: Hey, you look gorgeous!

Ishani: Thanks! You too look handsome.

They just continue looking at each other without saying a word but then…..

Aryan: I am sure you liked this set-up.

Ishani(surprised): This set-up was done by me.

Aryan: What! This set-up was actually done by me.

Ishani: Anything?

Before Aryan could speak, Vansh and Riddhima jump into the ongoing conversation.

Vansh: Let me inform y’all that this was done by Riddhima and me.

Ishani and Aryan(together): What!

Riddhima: Yes! It was a surprise by us to y’all.

Aryan: This means Vansh, you knew that I like Ishani.

Ishani: And this means Riddhima, you knew that I like Aryan.

Aryan and Ishani are surprised by their own confessions.

Vansh: It was our plan to give the colour combinations to y’all, the set-up and everything else planned here.

Ishani: [looks at Vansh and Riddhima from tip to toe] If Aryan and I wouldn’t have come then I guess you two would have done your date here.

Riddhima: What do you mean?

Ishani: Have you both given a second look at yourself? Y’all are also wearing the same colour combination. Vansh bhai in white and you in red.

Aryan: Oh yaa! But anyways y’all look amazing as a couple.

Vansh and Riddhima smile.

Vansh: Now since y’all know everything, y’all can continue your date. Let Riddhima and me make a leave.

Riddhima and Vansh leave from there and end up in Vansh’s room.

Vansh: Aryan’s idea wasn’t bad. If that would have come in my mind, I would have set another table for both of us somewhere else.

Riddhima(smiles): Seriously? Great! But now I am hungry. Let’s have something. Let’s go and eat something.

Vansh: Yaa! Let’s go! I’ll take you somewhere.

Riddhima: But where?

Vansh: Don’t you think that you ask too many questions?

Riddhima: Well, to be truthful, I never thought like that.

Vansh: Are you serious?

Riddhima: Are you hitting old age? My name is Riddhima [starts laughing]

Vansh: Well, that was stupid

Riddhima: less than you!

Vansh: What’s wrong with you?

Riddhima: Nothing, I am just interested to argue and fight with you and I can’t control.

Vansh: Well, even I am interested to flirt with you but I am controlling right? So imagine if I start then…………

Riddhima: No!No!No! I am sorry. I will not argue but you please don’t flirt.

Vansh: I know! I flirt so well with you that you doubt that you would fall for me.

Riddhima: No! Actually you flirt so bad that I forget how people actually flirt..

Vansh: You!! I am going to eat, you stay here.

Riddhima(with a big smile): Vansh!! I won’t say anything. Last chance.

Vansh: Sure?

Riddhima: Yes! Until Lunch, I won’t say anything.

Vansh keeps his fist on the wall and bangs his head to the fist after hearing this. Riddhima laughs.

Precap: Aryan says, “I love you. I have always loved you and I will always love you. I will be there by your side until my last breath. I want to be there by your side, during your pain, happiness, everything. You complete me! Will you marry me??”

Note: To all the viewers of our Fan Fiction. The author[RIANSHFAN] of ‘Love after arrange marriage’ is busy and won’t be able to post episodes.

Loads of love from me to y’all 💕💕

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