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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu’s kids get his old love letters

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Happu asking Amma and Rajjo if there is someone’s birthday today, seeing a variety of dishes. Amma says until you bring something for her, so many things will be on the table. Rajjo asks if I don’t feed him food daily. Amma says he is bringing gold chain for me and plastic bangles for you. Kat says father will spend much money in Diwali. Chamchi says she just wants 5000 Rs sandals. Happu says I don’t like her. Malaika says I want a small gift, fees for NCC camp. Hritik says I will not tell you about my broken bat and asks him to get a new bat for him. Happu says kids shall demand seeing father’s pocket. Chamchi asks him not to be miser. Happu says I don’t have much money and asks from where to get the gifts. Amma says from market. Kamlesh comes there and says this time on Diwali, there will be no crackers so no pollution. Kat says she is proud of him. Happu says nobody will get anything in this Diwali and asks them to stay at home quietly due to covid pandemic, tells that he got just mask and sanitizer for Diwali.

Beni comes there and asks him to return his house papers which he had given him. Happu asks why don’t you keep it? Beni tells that he stays alone at home and the papers can get steal in his house. Happu asks him to check in the almira. Beni takes out the suitcase and gets the file. He gets to see love letters of Happu’s childhood love. Happu says it is my childhood memories. Beni asks him to throw it in the river and says these things are dangerous for marriage. Happu asks are you married? Beni says Rajesh will beat you if she comes to know. Happu says Rajjo is my true love, present and future. Beni takes the file and leaves.

Rajjo is cleaning the house with a cloth. Amma tells her that Dada ji is sitting there. Rajjo apologizes to him for cleaning cloth on him. Amma asks her about Happu and asks if he is bringing gift for her. Rajjo says Happu is stubborn and don’t want to give anything to them. Amma taunts her about Avdesh. Dada ji thinks amma wants gifts and kids’ gifts are just an excuse.

Kamlesh holds the placard with a message “no crackers” written on it. Chamchi comes there and tells that they will snatch his peace. She sends her brothers. They keep the crackers behind him and hide. Kamolesh thinks it is some food stuff and looks at the basket. The crackers blast. They run away. Kat comes there and tries to alert Kamlesh about her siblings’s attack. Kamlesh tells that it is already done. He tells that he will come on TV, and will become famous. Kat asks him to be careful from herb siblings and protect himself.

Happu tells Manohar that he is working in double shift this time. Manohar says I am learning from you. Happu says I will teach you everything about honesty and tells that he got Lakshmi Mata’s blessings. Manohar says you will shop much. Happu tells that he will not give any gift to his family and will celebrate differently. Manohar asks her to tell how? Happu says if we give a gift just like that, then they won’t be happy. He says if I say no gifts and then give them then they will be delighted. Manohar says they will like his surprise.

The kids are upset with Happu. Ranbir gets the bag from above the almira and the love letters fall down from it. Chamchi says they might be love letters. Malaika says they shall not read anyone’s love letters. Chamchi says it is our mummy and papa’s love letters. Hritik says if you want fees for NCC camp. Malaika says she will read and reads first letter of Sunita for Happu. She reads another letter of Sunita and then Happu’s reply. They ask who is Sunita? Malaika says Bapu is mad for her, if he will leave us. Hritik cries. Malaika says let me think.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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