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Hamariwali Good News 7th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Navya tells truth to Mukund

Hamariwali Good News 7th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mukund scolding Renuka. She says its also my mistake. He gives his hand to help her. Renuka gets happy and holds his hand. Preeti’s son asks about Navya. Navya is cleaning the storeroom. Adi asks her why is she doing this. Renuka comes to stop Navya. Navya cries and does the work. Renuka says she is venting out her sorrow. Navya changes and comes. Renuka consoles Preeti’s son. Renuka and Mukund argue. Yash asks Navya to play game with him. Mukund says we all will play with Yash. He asks Renuka and Navya to play with him. Yash asks Mukund to play as well. Everyone dances. They all smile. Itti si hasi….plays….

Navya stays sad. She goes to kitchen and cries. Yash eats the snacks. Navya posts her question on the social media. She asks why can’t I give happiness to my family. Mukund sees the cot given to the junk buyer. He scolds the man. Renuka asks what happened. Mukund asks why are you selling the things. Navya says I have called him to sell the cradle. Mukund asks why, if you find it old, I will paint it, Preeti also played in it and grew, baby will play in it. Navya says no baby is coming. Renuka and Adi worry. Mukund gets shocked. Anchal calls Sanjay and says I wanted to meet you in private, sorry to call you like this, I want to tell you something. Sanjay says sure, why not. Sumitra calls her out. Anchal lies to her. She says Preeti called and said Sanjay wants to meet us. Sumitra says I will see Preeti later, go and do some work, maybe your sins get washed. She goes. Sanjay hears everything. Anchal says sorry, I forgot to disconnect call. Sanjay says don’t worry, I will ask Preeti to call you. Alok asks is everything fine. Sanjay says I want to meet Anchal before marriage. Alok says meet her, I will make Preeti call her, come.

Renuka comes to Navya. Navya says really sorry, I told it in front of Mukund. Renuka says I have lied to him, and handled the situation, I know its so tough for you, you think I don’t understand your pain, tell me if there is anything, what’s the need to call me mummy. Navya says I always say wrong. Adi comes and looks on. Navya says I m scared to talk. Adi says oh no, if Navya tells that to mummy… He says Kusum is calling you. Renuka says I m talking to Navya. Adi asks her to go. He sends Renuka. He says Navya, don’t lie, did you share your idea with mummy. Navya says no, we decided not to say, we tried hard to make this good news true, I feel suffocated with this lie. He gets angry. Renuka goes to Kusum. The ladies talk of a Kirtan. Kusum says I have an idea, I got the names chit in this house, we will keep Kirtan at the house whose name comes. Renuka says remove my name, I m very happy, I can’t keep kirtan at home. Kusum asks why, you got a good news already. Renuka’s name comes. Kusum says what can we do if Lord wants to send happiness in your house.

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