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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 7th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Veer motivates Rani

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 7th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani says I couldn’t get you out. He says it takes longer. You should go back and prepare for your interview. Rani says I want to be a good daughter before being an engineer. I am learning to clean, I will clean this accusation off you.

Rajesahwari says my business is dependent on this relationship. Veer says I felt.. She says to hell with your feelings. Veer says she asked that kid to clean. Rajeshwari says that’s what he will do anyway. Not everyone is lucky like you. Will you hurt me? Veer says that will never happen.

Ramo says cleaning? Rani says I meant the job. He leaves. Rani comes home. She cries. Veer says what happened? Your BP looks look. Sit here. He gives her sugar cube and says eat it. She says I don’t wan to eat sweets. Rani says babu ji wasn’t released. Veer says these court things take time. Rani says poor people’s things take time. Rich people have their time fast and we have to get in line. Veer says we had so many perps two years ago. Your dad kept handling everything even when he broke his hands. He did his work with all honesty. He’s a proud man. He said he is working for you. Eat this sweet now. He’s your identity. No one can take him from you. Rani says he didn’t even tell me. You are right. I won’t give up. Rani says thank you for cheering me up. Rani leaves.

Scene 2
Kiara says my nail hurts. Nandani says it’s too bad, It will take two weeks. Rajeshwari says to Kiara I will ask Veer to fix it all in two weeks. Rani thinks she’s talking about Ramo. Rani says Ajay said babu ji’s hearing will be in two weeks. Rajeshwari says whatever. Kiara says my nail is ruined. Rajeshwari says you will be fine. Rani says I thought you’re talking about my dad. Your nail will grow back. I mean it must be hurting. Kiara says are you comparing yourself to me? Rajeshwari says Kumud get all table covers changed. Who is working at Ramo’s place? Rani says me. Rajeshwari says then do your work. Kiara says pick feet nail extensions. Rani picks it. She leaves.

Dadi calls Rani. She says my heart is worried. I heard Ramo is in jail. Rani says we will get him out. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Arun says Rani please help me. Please cut this pumpkin. Rani says okay. Rani cuts her thumb. Rajeshwari calls Rani. She says clean this sword. Rani says I will but my hand.. Rajeshwari shouts why do you speak in between. You will never be like Ramo. Because he only heard and said yes. Rani thinks I didn’t come here to take him place I came to take babu ji back and I will.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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