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Recap – ragsan!!

Swara and laksh comes back to the palace after shopping and goes to their room. She throws the bag on the floor and falls on the bed crying. Laksh brings water for her which she refuses to drink. He makes her sit and takes her in his embrace.
Laksh: shone please stop crying… look its not good for the baby….
Swara : lucky… ragu slapped me.. that too in front of so many people because of that sanskaar…
Laksh breaks the hug and stands near the window. His eyes welled up seeing sanskaar enjoying with ragini and their friends in the pool. He turns back to swara and brings her to the window.
Laksh : swara look at them. They are so happy … why do you want them to be sad??
Swara : no laksh.. I don’t want them to sad.. I just want my ragu back….. and sanskaar will not let that happen.. he’ll snatch my sister.
Laksh : don’t forget when you blamed your sister and throwed her out of your life and house.. sanskaar bhai only took care of her and gave her a new life….
Swara : laksh you are my husband you should always support me… you have to support me…
Laksh ; swara… I’ll not take any decision without knowing the whole situation.. earlier I have made these mistakes.. I’ll not repeat it… and you too better stay away from them.. if they want they’ll come back to us….
Swara : what nonsense laksh…
Laksh : this is not nonsense swara…. we cannot control their lives that when we don’t want them we’ll throw them out and later we want them to come back…. let them live. Look they are genuinely happy. I had never seen them this much jolly ever before…. and you said na you regret and want to apologise to them… then just do that rest leave on them.. final decision will be theirs not ours…………

Laksh leaves from there after wiping swara’s tears…………… while she sits down thinking about his words……………………………

Its evening, all people are present for the family dinner. The children were playing, the ladies were talking and the men were drinking and chit chatting.

Ragini, in a pretty black and pink Patiala suit comes down with sanskaar who was looking so s*xy in black shirt and jeans. Her hair were straight open, black bindi and silver jhumkis and bangles completing her look.

Sanskaar was all latto on her and couldn’t stop staring at her while she kept on blushing.
Ragini : sanskaar… please stop staring at me….
Sanskaar : ginu… you are looking like a Punjabi pataka kudi… how am I supposed to control myself…ginu.. please marry me……..
Ragini : sanskaaaarrrr……..
Sansaar : what sanksaar ginu?? Its been so many months… looking at all this I too want to get married asap..
Ragini : oc we’ll marry sanskaar but there’s still time for that… you know we promised each other that first we’ll concentrate on our careers and then we’ll settle down….
Sanskaar sighs and goes from there. Ragini makes a cute worried pout, stamps her foot and goes from there.


Dp, rp, arnav’s ( VR ) and khushi’s ( SG ) father were sitting together were having drinks.

VR : durga why do you want to go back… its just a matter of few more days….
DP ( looking at sanskaar from corner of his eyes ) : vivek… i…
Before he could speak khushi comes there with a man. Vivek stands up and greet him. Khushi goes after a few minutes. They all settle down.
VR : durga… ram… he’s Mr. Shashi Rastogi, Khsuhi’s boss…
Ram : boss??
SG : yup! Khushi works in his pharmaceutical company only…
Ram : thats pretty nice!!
VR : kai ka nice ram… it was so tough for khushi to get transferred to their delhi branch.. so that she can work after marriage also as arnav’s business is there only…
Dp gives a sarcastic laugh while ram looks at him unbelievably and other two looks at him confused.
SG : hwat happened durga ji??
Dp : yu want to say that you’ll allow your daughter in law to work after marriage…
VR : not at all…..
All looks at him.
VR : durga.. who am I to ALLOW khushi to work… its her decision to work or not. She’s my daughter now and her happiness is most important for me.. and I would want my daughter to live her life as per her wish after her marriage so why not khushi… she’s not my slave that she has to take permission from me before doing something. She’s smart enough to take any decision…
Dp : but vivek….
VR :  but what durga?? Time has changed durga.. you cant and you should not control the women of your house. If they have the power to make your house a heaven then they too have the power to make it a hell.
Dp looks at swara, parineeta, ap and sujata who were standing with a few other ladies and then he loks at uttara who was playing with adi and talking with ragini and pooja.
VR : just think about it durga… women leave their own house and comes to an unknown place among unknown people.. don’t they even have right to choose their lifestyle.
Rp keeps his hand on dp’s shoulder. Dp looks at him and then goes away from there.


Ragini : sansku leave me …..
Whispered ragini as sanskaar forcefully took her in his room. He locked te door and pinned her to the wall.
Ragini ( irritated ) ; sanskaar what is this?? Please behave.
Sanskaar : ginu why are you over reacting in every single thing? What has happened to you??
Ragini huffs and sits down. Sanskaar sits besides her.
Sanskaar : ginu.. tell me..
Ragini : voh sansaku…. sansku voh….
Sanskaar looks at her eagerly. Ragini’s stressed face suddenly turns naughty and she throws hadful of glitters and flowers on sanskaar shocking him to the core.
Sanskaar ( rubbing his eyes ) : ginu… what the hell…. ahhh my eyes…
Ragini : oh no… shit… sansku are you okay?? Oh no…. show me…
She tries to remove his hands from his eyes but he doesn’t move.
Sanskaar : ahh.. its paining…
Ragini : I’m soo sorry sanskaar… It was just a prank I didn’t knew you’ll get hurt,….
Sanskaar : ahh…. my eyes…
Ragini : sansku.. come with me.. wash your eyes… come.. stand up/…

Ragini takes sanskaar’s face in her palms and blows air in his eyes. Sanskaar relaxes a bit. He holds her shoulder for support. Ragini keeps blowing the air on his face and kisses his eyes.

< Romantic tune plays >

Ragini : sorry sansku…. I didn’t knew…..

Sanskaar shows her his hand and then goes to washroom. Ragini looks on sadly with a cute pout. She sits on the bed and thinks……. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Sanskaar comes out and sees Ragini’s duppatta on the bed and her sandals here and there…. He looks on for her.

Episode ends on sanskaar’s tensed red face.

Okay guys…… So this was a small Diwali present from to me to all my loved ones and readers 😘😘 I know I’m very late and I’m making you wait so much for the updates……. But I just couldn’t write coz there was more stuff to do……

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