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Papa By Chance 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan breaks Amrit’s heart

Papa By Chance 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan says its decided, I will marry Genie. He goes. Amrit says I will prove that Genie isn’t deserving of you. Genie asks pandit to start the puja. Bela comes to stop them. Genie argues with her. She taunts Bela and Amrit for not getting happy for her happiness. Bela gets angry and calls her unlucky. She says you want to marry Yuvaan just for his money, I will teach you a lesson. Mohini gets ready. Dhoni comes and asks her to give the face cream for his pimple. Mohini asks him to go. He goes. He gets a dupatta and likes the soft cloth. Yuvaan gets sad. Amrit asks till when will you run. He says Lord knows my helplessness. She says Genie isn’t right for you, you should marry someone who is happy for your victory, who prays for you, who supports you. She confesses love

to him. He recalls their moments. He gets away. She looks on. Genie sees this and says not happening, Amrit got after him, I think I have to make her know that Yuvaan just loves me.

Yuvaan says I know Amrit, she loves me, this marriage is a compromise, I can’t marry Amrit this way, I can never break her heart, Genie is a practical girl. Genie comes and asks him to get ready for puja. She takes his kurta for ironing. He goes. She kisses on the kurta. Amrit comes and asks why are you doing this, you want to show that you love Yuvaan. Genie says I m helping him as he is a good guy, he also likes me, so he asked me for marriage, not you. They argue. Amrit says I just want his happiness, this house will always remain of Yuvaan, I returned him rent too. Genie says he likes me, not you.

Yuvaan calls her. Genie goes and takes the dupatta. She tries to fool Amrit. Amrit sees the lipstick mark on kurta and thinks my love is incomplete. She gets sad. Yuvaan and Genie sit in puja. He prays. Amrit goes to her room and cries. Genie gives prasad to everyone. Gungun refuses. Dhoni takes the prasad. He shows his itching pimples to Yuvaan. Bela says its chickenpox. Genie worries and says it means I will also get the infection, I just hugged him. She removes the dupatta used by Dhoni. Genie goes and scolds Amrit. Amrit says I didn’t do anything. Genie insults Amrit. Yuvaan comes. Genie cries and starts her drama. She says I don’t want Yuvaan’s money, I just want to help him. Yuvaan asks Genie not to beg to anyone. He asks her to come and meet doctor. They leave. Amrit cries.

Yuvaan asks kids to buy new clothes for marriage. Amrit convinces kids. Yuvaan asks Amrit to come. She says no, I will stay back and take care of Dhoni. A thief attacks her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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