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Mariam Khan Reporting Live 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam spies again

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rifat looking for Balwinder. Biji sees her and worries. She sends her buffalo to stop Rifat’s car. She goes. Mariam is in lockup. She asks for clean water. Fawad comes to taunt her. He says sometimes, what we see is an illusion, we should listen to our heart, not the people, I m not a criminal. Mariam recalls Majaaz’s words. Fawad says I was made the criminal, I have come to ask, what do you want from me, tell me what’s your motive, why are you blackmailing me. He thinks who is she. He recalls checking her room well.

He doesn’t get anything from her bag. She threatens to reveal the pendrive contents. They argue. He gets her bailed out. She thinks I will present dad’s truth in front of the world by your way. Rifat knocks the door. Biji takes disguise

and fools her. Rifat asks for Mariam. Biji shows some girl. She says something she gets a seizure, she gets crazy, please take her, get her married off, I will be able to go to pilgrimage. Rifat says no, you keep her, accept this money. Rifat pities the girl. Biji says she doesn’t know that I wanted to become heroine before selling cow milk, at least I got some money, I fooled her. She thinks to talk to Mariam. Madiha talks to Aaliya. Mariam says yes biji, Manjeet is my identity now, I will meet my dad. Aaliya says we were worried for you. She goes to get juice for her. Madiha asks her to stop working for Fawad, he will keep troubling her. She says I can’t see you in pain. She misses Mariam. Mariam waits for the day she gets dad’s info and tells them the truth. Madiha says no one can explain Fawad. Mariam asks about Majaaz. Meher tells her everything. She takes away Madiha. Mariam cries. She thinks I will find dad and prove all blames wrong.

Fawad thinks I m going to get a big risk to reach Majaaz, I will show Bhakti what’s real journalism. He goes to meet minister. The man says no one should know about this meeting. Fawad says don’t worry, there is no one with me. Mariam comes and thinks I had to come after you. Fawad says I m not here for sting operation, but for a meeting. Fawad meets minister. Minister asks the reason for his coming. He asks where is the pendrive, you know I will get defamed by it, you will get a price for it. Mariam hides and hears this. Fawad says I believe that money is like caste and dreams are like religions. Minister says don’t try to impress me, talk openly about pen drive and money. Fawad says don’t equate my dreams with money, my dreams can remain in my heart, just do a small thing, sanction a small space for my news channel. Mariam thinks he is also like others. Minister signs the papers. He says this place is yours, tell me what else I should do for you. Fawad says I will manage, I don’t need it, I just want to meet that traitor once. Mariam angrily hits. Spoon falls down. They look at the food trolley.

Fawad is on the way. A bomb is fixed to the car. Mariam and Fawad argue. She shouts Fawad when the car explodes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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