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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Pratap meets PT sir in disguise of Chanchal’s father

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Pratap refusing to go to their college. Chanchal says I didn’t do the mistake, but PT sir is not agreeing. Buddhi and other girls try to convince him. Pratap refuses. All girls try to convince him and say Please…..Pratap says this is wrong. Chanchal tells Pratap that even they know his mistake and asks him to become her fake Papa. Shakti says you are a good actor, just act. Chanchal says else Dadi’s room is not very far. Dhairya locks the gate. Surili asks Chanchal to think before making him fake father. Chanchal asks her to be quiet. Dhairya says my eye is blinking and asks them to think again. Buddhi says Chanchal is already in a big problem. Pratap agrees.

Panjiri comes to prarthana and asks what happened that you asked me to leave you alone. Prarthana

says this has never happened before and tells about hearing Chanchal talking to her friend and tells that she wants to learn Hindi for her. Panjiri says it is a proud moment for me to teach him hindi and hugs her.

Pratap comes to school with fake beard and helmet. He tells Peon that he is Papa. Kids see him getting tensed. Shakti says he is not looking as anyone’s father. Buddhi says we have to lift his confidence by praising him. The girls call him uncle and ask if he saw their phupha ji. Pratap asks them to look at him carefully and says I am your phupha. The girls praise his acting. Chanchal asks him to com and meet PT sir. Pratap gets worried. Prarthana comes to the market to buy vegetables. The vegetable vendors get tensed and say she is coming without her translator. They try to go. Prarthana starts speaking in hindi and asks them to give potatoes. They ask who is speaking. She says she is speaking in hindi. Chanchal, Buddhi and Shakti peep in PT sir’s room and tells that he is with their teacher. Pratap gets tensed seeing PT sir telling teacher that his brother is Tejpal Ranawat, a police officer. Pratap runs. Shakti says if you get caught then we will get you freed. PT sir tells that his elder brother is judge. Pratap refuses to act as their father. Chanchal asks them to come.

Prarthana says now you will understand what I am asking. Panjiri says Didi is asking potatoes. Prarthana thanks Panjiri. Panjiri asks her to concentrate on hindi. Prarthana says Chanchal will not get embarrassed because of me, and want to make my daughter proud. Panjiri and Prarthana say shubh hai….

PT sir asks Pratap if he is her Papa. Pratap says I am Papa and jokes. PT sir calls him Kanhaiya. Pratap says Saala is in the shop. He then says that as he came here, he asked his brother in law to handle the shop. PT sir reads her mischiefs and tells that she welcomed me with this spring frog. Pratap scolds Chanchal and asks if we got laddo distributed on your birth for this day and tries to make PT sir emotional. He tells that Chanchal learn all mischieves with her Dadi and tells that I will drop you to hostel if she does any more mischief. He asks him to write letter to him next time. PT sir asks him to make his daughter understand well about his rules. Pratap assures him. He asks Chanchal to say sorry. Chanchal says sorry. They go out of his cabin. The girls boast about his acting. Chanchal, Buddhi and others laugh. Dhairya says my eye is blinking. Shakti says your eye is slow. They ask Pratap to give party. Kanhaiya sees teacher outside his shop and tells that kids are speaking in hindi once in a week. Teacher tells that she thought that she will meet him today as PT sir called him to school. Kanhaiya says Chanchal might have forgotten to inform him. He says I will come and meet him tomorrow.

Kanhaiya tells Chanchal that he will come with Prarthana to meet PT sir. Chanchal and other girls get tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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