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Karn Sangini 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Karn Is Summoned

Karn Sangini 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun warns Karn that they are not in battlefield, so he should watch his world. Karn says he will increase chariot speed, but wants to warn its rider beforehand. Arjun orders to increase speed. Karn increases chariot speed. Uruvi slips and looks at Karn’s speed. She sees Karn sweating due to sunrays and stands behind him. Karn notices that. Arjun asks Uruvi her opinion regarding new charioteer Karn. Uruvi says she rides chariot better than him.

They reach Pukeya. Uruvi’s mother waiting for them identifies Angraj Karn. Arjun insults Karn that he is Sooth putra who has taken his father’s place as charioteer and orders to give him place to stay in stable. Mother says as he says, does his aarti and takes him in. Uruvi looks at Karn reminiscing his promise to gift

her pink diamond before next full moon night. Karn understanding her picks diamond pouch, but Uruvi’s mother calls her and she leaves. Servant takes Karn to stable.

In palace, Arjun is served juice and he shares it with Uruvi. Karn helps other charioteers lift grass in stable. Uruvi gets sad seeing Karn drinking water from mud pot while Arjun is given royal treatment. Charioteers try to control an uncontrollable horse. Karn touches it and it stops. Karn walks away while everyone look at him smilingly. He then grooms horse. Uruvi brings medicine for Arjun and asks him to extend his hand. He says girl’s hand is sought, not boy’s. She shows his injury. He says injury is warrior’s ornament. Uruvi applies medicine on his hand. Servant praises Uruvi that she is more knowledgeable in medicine than vaidya. Uruvi suggests Arjun to stop hating Karn and bury his enmity. Arjun says ending enemy is end of enmity.

At night, Karn reminisces promising Uruvi to gift her diamond before full moon night. Uruvi also reminisces same looking at moon. Karn walks towards palace to meet Uruvi, but guards stop him. Servant asks what is happening. Guards complain that charioteer wants to meet princess Uruvi. Servant also insults him and warns to go away from here. Uruvi thinks if Karn will come to give her diamond and fulfill his promise.

Arjun sharpens arrow reminiscing Uruvi’s word that enemy burns everything. Uruvi eagerly waits for Karn. Servant enters and says sooth pura wanted to meet her. Uruvi warns to take Angraj’s name with respect. Servant says he became charioteer with his wish. Uruvi ask to let him in. Servant says he left saying it is not important to meet her left giving this package. Uruvi keeps packet and orders servant to arrange Angraj’s food from royal kitchen and thinks she will take diamond from Karn himself.

Precap: Uruvi asks servant to return packet to Karn. She runs towards stable but stops seeing someone.

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