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Shruti reaches her house..

Shruti’s point of view :
I have never fought with Sid like this.. I am really very angry at him.. I thought nobody knows about my love.. But I don’t know how Sid knows it.. Above all,he can sense each and every movement of me.. If I came to know yesterday itself,that is before I went to propose him,that my parents have fixed my marriage with Arnav ,I would have felt happy.. But now,he had hurted me so deeply that I could not forgive him.. I don’t want to see him anymore but Sid expects me to get married to him!! That’s impossible.. I can’t give up my self esteem for anybody.. Even if it is my loved one.. I could have told all that happened between me and Arnav to Sid.. But the point is,if I say everything to him,he would convince me and get me married to him.. I don’t want that to happen.. And now.. What that Arnav would be thinking of me? He would be thinking that I shouted at him that day and here I have asked my parents to fix our marriage.. No.. I want to stop this marriage.. That’s good for everyone.. I need someone’s help in this mission.. Who can that be?? (Thinks) Swadhu? No.. She should not know about this.. Abhi or Ritu?? No no.. Nobody other than Arnav can’t help me in this.. Yes.. That’s right..


Shruti meets Arnav in a park..

Arnav : Hello.. U shouted at me yesterday.. And now u have called me to meet.. What are u thinking??

Shruti : Mister.. I am not dying to see u.. If I called u even after such a big fight,then it must be important..

Arnav : Hello.. Same here.. I also don’t want to see u..

Shruti :I came to meet me giving up my self esteem.. I don’t have any other option.. My fate made me do so.. I hope u know what is going on in our families??

Arnav : What are u talking about?? I don’t understand..

Shruti : What ?? U don’t know really??

Arnav pouts..

Shruti : (thinks) This stupid Singh Raizada don’t even know whats happening around him.. Now I have to tell him everything.. (To Arnav) Ur parents don’t say anything to u?? Hmm.. Let me tell u.. Our parents are arranging our marriage..

Arnav : What nonsense?? Are u out of ur mind??

Shruti : Don’t u dare to say that to me again.. (Realizing something) Look.. I did not come to fight with u.. I have had so much with u and don’t want to hurt myself more.. (A tiny tear came out of her eyes.. Arnav sees it and feels bad) So ,our parents are planning to get us married to each other.. But I don’t want that to happen..

Arnav : Even I don’t want that..

Shruti : I know it.. We have to stop this marriage..

Arnav : But.. How this happened so suddenly?? My parents did not even ask me.. I came to know it only after u say..

Shruti : Hmm… This is shocking for me too..Sid is responsible for all these and he has told our parents that we are in love..

Arnav : Why did he say so??

Shruti : I don’t know.. He is ready to spoil my life..

Arnav : What?? Getting married to me will spoil ur life?? I have to say that.. Getting married to u will spoil mine..

Shruti : Not again Arnav.. I don’t want to fight with u.. So,I need ur help to stop this marriage.. Will u be with me??

Arnav looks at her.. They have an eyelock..

sanam re, sanam re
tu mera sanam hua re
karam re, karam re
tera mujhpe karam hua re plays..

Thoovanam thoova thoova maxhaithuligalil unnai kanden..plays..

Shruti : I asked will u be with me??

Arnav : Of course..

They shake hands..

Arnav : So,I will try my best to stop this marriage..

Shruti : Hmm.. I will work by manipulating my parents.. All the best to u..

Arnav : Thanks.. All the best to u too..

Shruti : Thank u.. And I promise,I will leave ur life forever after we succeed in this mission.. Bye..

Shruti leaves.. Arnav felt bad when she said so.. Eventhough he tried to keep her away from him,his heart wanted her proximity..


Arnav reaches his house and takes his sister Vividha to his room..

Arnav : Vivi.. So tell me.. What is happening in our house??

Vividha : Bhai.. I don’t understand what u are asking..

Arnav : Are they planning my marriage??

Vividha : (shouts) Ma.. Bhai knows everything..
His ,mother Jhanvi comes out to his room..

Vividha : Bhai.. U can ask mom directly..

Arnav : Ma.. Have u fixed my marriage??

Jhanvi : (laughs) Who told u??

Arnav : no.. I just ____

Jhanvi : Hmm.. I know beta.. Shruti must have. Told u.. I would have told u before.. But I wanted to give surprise to u.. Ya.. We have fixed ur marriage with Shruti.. But I am angry at u that u did not tell me that u love Shruti..

Arnav : (thinks) Oh God.. What’s this?? (To Jhanvi) Ma.. Not like that Ma.. Who told u that I love her??

Jhnavi : Who else?? It’s Vicky.. He only told that good news to me..

Arnav : (thinks) Now I can understand what had happened.. Sid came to know that Shruti loves me and he has told Vicky.. This idiot has told my parents .. (To Jhanvi) But.. Ma.. How did u agree for it?? We are from different cultures nah??

Jhanvi : These cultures do not matter in front of ur happiness..

Arnav : But Ma..

Jhanvi : I have more works to do.. Leave me..

She goes out..

Vividha : bhai. I am very happy that u love that Shruti sister.. I am very happy for u.. Thank God.. U moved on in ur life after Varsha sister’s demise..

She goes out of the room..

Arnav : (thinks) No dear.. I cannot come out of that incident.. I cannot forget Varsha in my lifetime.. I will try to stop this marriage..


Shruti is in her room biting her nails thinking about how to stop the marriage..

Shruti : (thinks) I don’t know what to do?? Let’s think what they show in serials..

By then Swadhu enter her room..

Swadhu : Darlo.. I think my Darlo is in marriage dreams..

She waved her hand in front of Shruti and Shruti came to senses..

Shruti : Swadhu.. U?? Here??

Swadhu : Haan.. I am here.. First of all,congrats and I am so happy for u..

She hugs her..

Swadhu : Hmm.. U were telling that u hate him to the core,but see what fate did to both of u.. U are going to share ur lives with each other.. Wow.. How nice!!

Shruti : (thinks) That will not happen Swadhu..

She searches for someone..

Swadhu : U are searching for Sid right?? He only asked me to come and meet u.. I asked him to come too but he refused saying that he has works in office..

Shruti : (thinks) So Sid.. U have sent Swadhu to spy on me.. U want to know what I am planning to stop this marriage.. As u cannot come since I asked u not to come to my house,u have sent Swadhu.. Not only u,even I can sense ur intentions .. I am alone in this battle and I will not  include Swadhu in my team.. I plan  and execute things myself..

Shruti’s parents and everyone sit together and discuss about engagement arrangements..

Shruti : I have to execute plan A first.. God.. Help me. This should be successful..(to her dad) Appa.. Did u ask them in which culture they want to do the marriage?? I mean they are north Indians and we are from south.. So ask them in which style they want to do.. I want our style..

She observes her dad’s face keenly..

Shruti : (thinks) Hmm..I think its working.. He will say he wants a south style wedding and they will insist on their style.. We can create some more problem in it and stop this wedding..(she feels happy)

Her dad: I talked about it to Arnav’s dad.. And we have decided to have both the styles..

Shruti : What??( thinks) Oh God.. It’s a failure.. They have talked about this before itself..

Swadhu : Wow.. Wedding in both the styles.. It would be awesome.. Shruti u are so lucky..

She hugs Shruti.. Shruti grins..

Shruti : (thinks) Stupid Shruti.. Ur plan is so silly.. That’s why it flopped.. Think something more spicy.. Think like the vamps in films..

After sometime,she goes to her room..

Shruti : (thinks) Its plan B.. God.. Make this a success at least..

She comes to her mom..

Shruti : Ma.. Arnav’s family is asking for more dowry..

Radhika (her mom) : What ?? How can they??

Shruti : Hmm.. Hope this will become a success..

Her mom goes to her dad and tells about it..

Srini (her dad) : What??

Shruti feels happy..

Her father thinks for a while..

Srini :Hmm.. We can give it.. As u are our only daughter..

Shruti : But appa.. Don’t encourage this appa.. How can they ask dowry??

Shruti’s bro karthik came..

Karthik : Hey.. What are u talking?? Who told u that they are asking for dowry??

Shruti : (thinks) Oh God.. Mr. CBI started asking questions.. Let me say that Arnav told me.. That will be safe..(to Karthik) Arnav only told me..

Karthik : Idiot.. Yesterday Raizada uncle and aunty told me that they are very happy to have u as their daughter in law and they don’t want any dowry from us.. Morning too I went to meet them.. They did not say anything..

Shruti : What are u saying Karthi?? Then u are saying that Arnav is lying??

Karthik : Finding it is ur duty.. Call him now.. Call and ask him..

Shruti : (thinks) Oh God.. Plan B too back fired. He is asking me to call that Arrogant Singh Raizada.. How can I call him?? I don’t want to talk to him and spoil my mood..

Karthik : Call him now..

Shruti : No.. I think he tried to tease me.. Thats why he has lied to me..

Swadhu : How romantic Arnav bhai is!!He is teasing u.. How cute!! This Sid is the only unromantic guy in the world..

Shruti : (thinks) this Swadhu is getting on my nerves.. I am gonna kill her..Oh God..

PRECAP : Shruti executes plan C.. Arnav and Shruti decide to tell their parents the truth..

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