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Analysis of karnsagini of starplus

Tejaswwi prakask-The most beautiful actress and the talented one too. The rising star. An immense beauty with intelligence. Perfect and the best one to play the role of uruvi.👸

Aashim Gulati-He has the mixed look of Aditya Roy Kapoor and Siddharth malhotra of Bollywood. Handsome face and fit body+ intelligent too.. He has the character which is been described in the story.

Kinshuk vaidya- Arjuna is the role for him. Arjuna is a skilled one in bowing the arrow. He too is fit for the role

It’s a story where uruvi is been grown by kundi who is the mother of pandavas will be the forstoremother of urvi..she wish to marry urvi to Arjuna. Arjuna too wish to marry her since the childhood but uruvi think Arjuna as a friend only and not to wish to marry him..But she wish to marry karna whom she felt for seeing his good nature . She will go against the whole world to marry karna…Now the problem is regected Arjuna to marry karna.uruvi has to go to taught situation to marry a love whom the whole world say as wrong but she know that karna is a good hearted …

Hi guys this is meetushri 👩‍⚕️. I’m a crazy fan of teju.very interested about karnsagini.Do plz all support karnsagini plz. It an amazing story ….would release the story content in the next part..till that take care…

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