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You Are My Life – Part 1

You Are My Life- Part 1

Hlo guys I’m Sumisha and it’s my first post

It starts from the makarsankrathi track
Riddhima was totally broken 💔 she turns to go to take her luggage suddenly a voice stops her she turns to see the owner of the voice and it was Angre
Everyone was confused what he wants to talk with her now.He goes near her
Angre(concern): Now you are leaving the house and going to face the world alone and you have to be careful and strong and if you need any help never hesitate to ask me (she smiled at him)

Ishani : Are you out of your mind, instead of punishing her you are supporting her
Before she could say something angre’s voice stopped her
Angre: Don’t you dare to say a word more against her 😤😤😡😡

Vansh: Why you are supporting this betrayer than your wife(a lone tear escapes from riddhima’s eyes)

Angre: Wife??  really, for everyone I may be husband of Ishani Raisinghania but for her I’m a low class servant and it is the bitter truth

Everyone stays silent

Angre: I’m sorry Riddhima because of me you are pushed to this state if I was unable to get the evidence at right time

Riddhima: It’s not your fault maybe I’m not worth of having a family
Vansh felt immense pain on hearing it but he masked his feelings eventhough he wants to stop her his revenge blended him
Riddhima: I thought when I leave the house I will be alone but I’m happy that I have a brother
Saying this she hugs Angre both are in tears 😢 she was about to leave suddenly

Ok Everyone this the end of first part

Kindly ignore any grammar mistakes

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