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Tale As Old As Time ~~The First Day And A Deal With The Devil~~

Well here goes the next part in Riddhima’s POV

Now I have to go for my test! Enjoy! BYEEEEEE!!!

I’m still thinking what to wear…. I wear pastel pink high neck top with white jeans or I could wear blue shirt and black jeans.

I think I’ll go with blue and black! Black suits me…

Anyways, so after giving Alden his breakfast and kisses and imagining him wishing me luck for my first day, I took the 6 AM bus. This way, I’ll get to the office at 6:30 and I can get ready by 7:30. By which time, my boss will be there.

I reached the office on time without any hindrances except a little puppy with cute eyes that make me want to adopt him too. He was actually already adopted. I reached at 6:30, hoping that I’d set everything up, but I got a little surprise myself.

When I reached at the office, I found out that my boss had already arrived and asked me to go to his office as soon as I reach there.

A kind lady escorted me there. I hope we can be friends in future…

I knocked on the door.

“Come in.” A cold voice replied.

When I went inside, I found him sitting on his chair, examining some papers.

When I was within a few metres’ distance, he looked up with a mocking look in his eyes. When he saw me, for a second, he was surprised, but then he quickly changed back to his demeaning expression. And I knew this was going to go down.

“So, Miss Riddhima Sharma, You’re late on your first day! Not a very good way to make an impression, don’t you think?”

“Of course, it would be, if I were late. But I wasn’t, Sir. My joining letter clearly stated that I had to report at 7 AM. If anything, I’m early.”

“Back-talking. Not a good way to make an impression either. And If your joining letter stated that you have to report at 7, it means that you report at 6. Don’t you know event he basic things?”

“With all due respect, Sir, my reporting time was 7, so I am before time. If my letter said 6, I would be here by 6. Thank you for informing me. What would you like me to do, first, Sir?”

He was slightly shocked with my reply. Maybe he expected me to hang my head low and apologize. Well, too bad for him, I’m not letting anyone control how I feel from now on…

He quickly recovered his expression and replied, “Get me a coffee, two sugars. And I’ve asked the helper to put the files of some old projects on your desk,  scan those files and send them to me within 30 minutes and get my coffee in 5 minutes. Ask Ahaana to show you around the place.”

“Sir, I don’t know who Ahaana is.”

“The receptionist who escorted you here, now get me my coffee! Fast!”

I ran out of there and quickly asked Ahaana, the directions to the office kitchen. I made a coffee in exact two minutes and ran with tray, careful not to spill any. Luckily, I wore sandals and not heels.

I knocked on his door. “Your coffee, sir”

“Come in and don’t knock from now on. It’s annoying.”

“Okay, sir”

“And you’re 37 seconds late. Did you put two sugars?”

“Yes, Sir. I will keep track of time from now onwards, Sir.”  and then muttered underneath my breath, “He needs some sugar in his attitude too”

“Hmm? What?”

“Nothing, Sir”

“Okay, now go scan the files I told you about. I don’t like lousy work, procrastination or repeating things. I need my work done. Quick!”

“Yes, sir”

I ran again and ask Ahaana where my office would be, she said it’s right behind Sir’s office. It has a joint wall with his office. When I reached there, I realized it’s not a wall. It’s just glass separating both. Well… This is going to be embarrassing and weird and uncomfortable.

I quickly scanned the files he gave me. One of the names in the files sounded familiar… Raichand Industries… It’s too familiar, I don’t remember where I heard it but I know that I heard it somewhere. I shunned thoughts and finished the work he gave me.

After sending those files to them, I went to his room for further instructions through an attached door from my office to his which I didn’t see before.

When I entered…

“Further instructions for me, Sir?”

“Yes, You have to accompany me to a place. I have to explain your work to you.”

“But I already read the job description.”

“This is different and everything is not written in the job description.”

Everything was weird after that. Firstly, his tone suggested that this was a concerning matter. Secondly, he asked me to accompany him in HIS car. Thirdly, there was an awkward and empty silence between us throughout the journey. Lastly, when we reached there, he opened the door for me like a true gentleman, which I didn’t think he was.

Then, he took me to this apartment building… Okay, this is scary…. Now he took me to an apartment.

It’s a beautiful place. There’s living room when we enter. Blue sofa, A TV just opposite to it, all the other furniture is black, the walls are off white. It’s a beautiful place. There’s a table there. He pointed towards the sofa, suggesting that I sit.

He sat opposite to me and I noticed some papers on the desk.

“It’s an NDA.”


“You don’t know what an NDA is? It’s-”

“I know what a Non Disclosure Agreement is! I don’t understand what I can’t tell anyone…”

Boss looked like… Let’s just say, if looks could kill, I’d be in my grave right now.

‘Firstly, NEVER interrupt me and secondly… This agreement is regarding the job. If you don’t want to keep the job after what I’m about to tell you, you are not allowed to disclose our conversation to anyone and let me warn you firsthand, I am capable of many things that you are not aware of. So it would be better for you if don’t disobey me!”

I was about to ask why I would leave the job. I really needed it to get financially independent so that I could finally leave my father. But my sweet words escaped my sweet mouth, my sweet Boss sweetly continued…

“And before you interrupt, let me finish. If you take this job, you will stay in my mansion where my family and my closest circle of staff lives. You will receive training and a year’s contract which you cannot break at any cost and even after that, our NDA stands.”

“B-But I have a life apart from this job! I cannot live with you and what training!?”

“You must sign the NDA first.”


I read the documents and sign them.

“Now what?”

“Well, firstly, I’ll remind you, you cannot speak to our conversations to anyone except those who already know and-”

“I know that! I read the papers right in front of you!”

And there was the deadly look again. I need Alden to save me right now.

“WHAT did I tell you about interrupting me?”

“Sorry, Sir. Please go on”

“Anyways, you have read the contract so I’ll just tell you. I am a very big businessman and my empire is not built solely on legal business….”

Great! Riddhima! JUST GREAT!!! Now you’ve gotten yourself involved in illegal stuff!!

“I mostly own the Underworld”

Okay! WAIT! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!????? Wait like the ACTUAL MAFIA!? Hats off to you Riddhima!! Only you can get stuck with such problems!

Then I realized he was saying something.

“Miss Sharma?”

“Yes, Sir?”

“Are you listening to me?”

“Sorry, Sir! Could you repeat it? The fact that I work for an Underworld Don isn’t the most common thing a person would come across… It’s something people need time digest.”

“I won’t repeat myself again. And I was saying that if you work for me, you will have to train to learn how to defend yourself and be able to protect at least yourself if not anyone else. I have many enemies. It will affect a lot of things. Especially your life. Your father can be in danger too. So if you take up this job, you must think carefully.”

He clearly doesn’t want me here. Neither do I, you self obsessed man! But I’m forced! I’ll have to take this job! Even if it puts my so-called father in danger! Besides, I’m done being manipulated and used by my father. I’m taking this job. I don’t care about my father!!

“I’ll take the job.”

He looked startled. He raises an eyebrow and asks, “Are you sure?”


“Okay, inform your father and move out immediately. I’ll give you today to settle in but you must report regularly from tomorrow.”

“At 6, sir?” I smirk.

“Yes, at 6.” He says with an annoyed look.

We walk back to the car and sit inside. He seems to be thinking something.

“I will drop you at your house, be ready within 2 hours, I’ll pick you up by 10 and then we’ll go to the mansion.”

“It’ll only take 45 minutes, Sir”

Again, I surprise him. It is a very common stereotype that girls take a lot of time to pack. Well, in your face, s*xists!! I smirk and sit back as the car drives by parks and kids playing in them.

“Why?” he suddenly asks.


“Why did you take the job?”

“Because I need it.”

“Even though it puts your only family in danger?”


I think he understood that I hated my father. I only just realized how truly great his man in front of me must be. He’s barely a few years older then me and he is the King of the Underworld. He’s admirable and dangerous at the same time. And that’s never a good combination.

So I looked away and stared out of the window.

“You don’t like your father much, do you?”

“With all due respect sir, that is none of your business.”

“Okay, first of all, EVERYTHING my assistant does is my business. You must be emotionally and physically well and there must be no secrets. If I ask you something, you must answer honestly and completely. Or there will be consequences.”

Now he’s pissing me off. So I have to tell him everything just because I work with him? He doesn’t own me! Nobody does!!

Well, considering I’m going to be living in his house… it seems like I’m getting free from one controlling manipulator’s captivity and going into another’s.

But I’m angry.

“Ever heard of professional boundaries, Mr. Raisinghania?”

“I do not appreciate back answering Miss Sharma”

“And I don’t appreciate you overstepping your limits, Mr. Raisinghania.”

“I don’t follow limits, Ms. Sharma, I set them.”

“Well, Mr. Raisinghania, you don’t own me. I work for you and I will open up about my personal issues when I feel like you can be trusted with them.”

“You do know I can fire you for talking to me like that, don’t you?”

“I do and by all means, go on! Fire me! But I will not discuss my personal life with my employer.”

“You know, you intrigue me, Miss Sharma.”

And I say as the car pulls up at my house and I open the door…

“Well, what can I say, Mr. Raisinghania? I’m full of surprises!”

And I walk away with a smirk on my face.

So…. Riddhima was savage, huh? smiley16

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