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saath nibhana saathiya fan fiction: Bhavani witnesses Chanda’s murder part2 (final)

“And why should I help you?” Gaura said. “You said that if you want something, you get it no matter what. So, if you want Dharam, you can get him without my help, can’t you?”

“If you don’t want to go back to prison, you will help me. Otherwise, I will tell everyone what you did. Don’t underestimate me, Gaura behen. You should be scared of me. I will send you back to prison with only one word if you make me to, so you better do what I tell you. Now goodnight.”

And then, Bhavani left.

There was no way Gaura could go back to sleep now. She had to find a way to get rid of Bhavani sooner than she thought.

“I will not let her send me to prison again!” Gaura thought. “I will not let her reveal my secret to anyone! I must think of something immediately!”

Next day arrived. Gaura couldn’t sleep well last night, for she was thinking about Bhavani’s words. She had breakfast with the family and afterwards, Dharam and Shravan went to do their work, Vidya would take Priyal to school and Meera would visit the Modis.

Gaura and her friend were alone in the house.

“Bhavani, I want to talk to you.” Gaura said.

“What is it? Did you take your  decision?”

“Yes, I did. I will help you get rid of Meera. But not because I am afraid of you, but because we both have one enemy, and that is her. So now, let’s shake hands. We are friends and partners in crime again!”

And then, they shook hands.

And Bhavani felt dizzy.

“What’s wrong, Bhavani?” Gaura asked.

“I feel strange.” She said.

“Ha,  ha.” Gaura laughed. “Of course you do. I poisoned you, my dear friend. I put poison on my hand and when I touched your hand, the poison transferred to your skin, now it will go deeper and deeper into your body. You have 20 minutes to live, unless you tell me where is Chanda’s body!”


Bhavani was now scared for her life.

“Do not waist your time, Bhavani Rathod!” Gaura continued. “Come on, tell me where did you hide Chanda’s remains? You have no time, hurry up!”

“I will get you back for this!” Bhavani shouted, but her condition was worsening and her face was now pail.

“Tell me, now! If you don’t you will die. But if you do, I will give you a cure for the poisoning. The decision is yours. If you want to marry Dharam and be his wife and so on, you must give me the information I need. Otherwise, you will die of an extremely painful death and then, you will hope to meet him in the afterlife. So come on, safe your life and tell me, where did you hide Chanda?”

“Fine, fine, I will tell you.” Bhavani said. “I hid her in my house. I made a grave in the garden.”

“Are you sure you are not lying to me?”

“No, I am not. Please, Gaura behen, stop the effects of the poison, I don’t want to die yet!”

“Thanks for the information, dear. You really helped me. But you know what? You don’t need a cure. I tricked you. Yes, I did poison you, but it was something far more harmless than what I described to  you. I really put poison in your food and  that’s why you felt that dizziness and your face became pail. When we shook hands nothing happened, I did not put poison on my hand. I just won the game, again! I am Gaura Suryavanshi and no one, and I repeat, no one can defeat me! Now excuse me, I have to go and bring back Chanda. Don’t worry, the effects of the poison will disappear soon. There’s no danger for your life, really. I just had to get the information I wanted from you. You didn’t agree to give it to me so I had to  force you. Remember what happened today and never forget it. And the next time you try to deal with me again, think about how the next poison may be real and you may really die.”

And then, Gaura left and Bhavani stayed alone.

“How did I let this happen?” She said to herself. “I let her trick me! I didn’t have to give up that easy but, I really got scared for my life! If I had died, I would not be able to live with Dharam. She defeated me, I must admit. But I will win the next time. And Dharam will be mine at all costs!”

And while Bhavani was angry over her loss, Gaura successfully found Chanda’s remains and burnt them. Now there was no evidence of her crime. She could be happy again. Her easy, yet tricky plan worked successfully on Bhavani and Gaura was enjoying her success.

And Bhavani learned her lesson. From this day, she never tried dealing with Gaura the wrong way again. Because Gaura Suryavanshi was always the winner. And no one could defeat her. Ever.

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