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RadhaKrishn 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna Fails To Convince Radha

RadhaKrishn 7th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna tells Devaki that he cannot end his sorrows for his mother’s happiness and walks away excusing Devaki. Rain starts. Balram tells Devaki that Krishna doesn’t want to share his sorrows with anyone, but this rain depicts his tears. Krishna via his superpowers searches Radha in the whole universe and is unable to find her. Radha gets into a cave. Krishna says Radha is doing injustice to her by hiding, she should present herself and not hide. Radha sits in meditation and thinks she will never show herself to Krishna.

Sam tells Lakshmana that his father is in deep pain and will not handle sabha till Radha is found, so he will takes his place and become Dwarka’s king tomorrow. Next morning during sabha, Balram says with Radha’s absence, Krishna is in deep pain and will not attend sabha, hence they should stop this sabha for sometime. Sam says ministers have gathered to discuss their problems, hence he will take Krishna’s duties in his absence and let him rest from hereon. Ministers support him. Balram says he is elated to see minister’s concern, but Sam is unfit to handle a huge kingdom. Krishna enters and says let Sam take his place as he wants to take exile from administrative duties. A few people from Barsana arrive. Krishna gets happy and asks if Radha sent them. They inform that Radha didn’t reach Barsana. Krishna gets worried and says he will search Radha. Devaki says he should try to contact her and if she doesn’t agree, he can go in search of her.

Devi Gauri gets concerned seeing Krishna pain and decides help him show Radha’s location. Mahadev agrees. She searches Radha in a cave and lightens the cave. Krishna noticing Gauri’s powers on cave realizes Devi Gauri and Mahadev want to help him. He reaches cave and tries to enter, but is stopped by a barrier. He requests meditating Radha to let him in and describes their love. Radha via telepathy asks what he needs. He says they loved each other on earth for 100 years and he wants to describes their lovely moments. He in detail explains each moment of their love and together in detail, but Radha doesn’t budge. He says he will then spend his life in her memories and walks away.

Precap: Sam plains to kill Krishna. Krishna thanks Radha for returning to him and says he will obey her each order and just wants to be near her. She says she will not love him though, there will be a halt on Radha Krishna’s love.

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