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My Love Where Are You-RiAnsh Chapter 18 ‘Kabir Arrives!’

Hii everyone. You know what’s going so I decided to post to divert my mind. Why is TU so soona soona? 

It was night time, Riddhima and Vansh reached the room and Riddhima sat on the sofa. Vansh was hesitant, but finally asked her.

“Riddhima…are you fine?” Vansh asked lightly.

“Yes..why?” Riddhima asked seeing Vansh tensed. “I have a good news for you”

Vansh’s eyes widened, he felt so hurt, it had to extend.

“Vansh! What happened? You know… It’s a good news. I am pregnant!!” Riddhima hugged him tightly.


Vansh woke up with a jerk and Riddhima too due the loud scream, she hugged him tightly.

“What happened?” Riddhima asked cupping his face.

“Riddhima are you pregnant?” Vansh asked directly startled.

Riddhima stared at him, and started laughing holding her stomach.

“I am serious!” Vansh looked at her angrily.

Riddhima stopped, looked at him, and lied on the bed laughing throwing her legs in air.

“Stop itt!!” Vansh shouted and Riddhima stopped laughing, sitting up straight wiping her tears she got right now.

“Huh…Me and pregnant? Vansh I got my periods todat only” Riddhima said pulling the duvet. “Now let me sleep I will have double pain tomorrow” She pulled the duvet to her head switching the lights off.

Vansh felt bad, he over thought so many things, my just seeing a mere thing in the cupboard. Was it really a mere thing? Well now it was.

Vansh also laid behind her. He extended to keep on Riddhima but didn’t do so, he felt that it can get her more pain than usual. He slept turning the other side so he wouldn’t disturb her.

Riddhima woke up in the morning, directly heading to the washroom. Vansh also woke and was sitting on the bed when she came back and lied on the bed again. She closed her eyes and her hand was roaming on the bed finding something heavy, finally she found and kept it on her lower belly, and sighed.

“Riddhima?” Vansh slightly said.

“What!?” She asked.

“My hand..” Vansh said.

“My hand what?” Riddhima said..

“Can you…leave my hand?” Vansh said.

Riddhima opened her eyes to see Vansh, and then looked at her stomach, the heavy thing was Vansh’s hand. She sighed and pushed his hand away angrily and slept.

Vansh sighed, did his daily chores and left the room, to let her sleep. Coming down, he saw Ishani sitting with a pout and Angre trying to make her understand something.

“Ishani it’s 8 am wher will I get you pizza.. I will make it na..” Angre was totally pissed now.

“Can’t you say before you know how to cook! You kept the baby hungry for so long. Now go and make it fast fast!!” Ishani yelled and Angre left towards the kitchen.

Vansh inhaled his breath to say something but was cutted in between by a voice.

“Good morning Vansh Rai Singhania!”

Vansh looked towards the gate, the servant who went to open the door was lying on the floor. Ishani screamed seeing him, Angre came and took her away.

“I waited so long for this..” Vansh sighed and moved towards but stopped in between.

“Kabir….please leave…me...Van .. Please…”

It was a video… It was Riddhima, she had joined her hands moving back, and Kabir slowly moving towards her. It was a loud scream of Riddhima’s and the video ended.

Vansh looked at Kabir, who was having a victorious laugh.

“What if I show this to Riddhima?” Kabir mumbled to Vansh.

“Don’t you dare … Kabir!” Vansh tried to snatch the phone from him but Kabir kept it back in his pocket, laughing loudly.

Vansh’s rage was beyond the peek, he held Kabir by his neck choking him, and holding him with the other hand. Kabir smiled madly and tried to get off his hold.

“That’s for…”  Before Vansh could complete, he was pushed back by Kabir.

“You think I am mad to keep one copy Vansh? Nah…” Kabir chuckled “have a look at your dear phone”

Vansh took out his phone, feeling some vibrations through it, the same video was playing, Riddhima crying and Kabir laughing. Vansh tried to stop it, but it was out of his control.

He tapped his phone many times, but it didn’t stop, instead, the volume started increasing and soon, it was full, enough to fill the whole living room with her cried.

” No! No! No! No! NOOO

Vansh threw the phone on the floor, it cracked, but the video still didn’t stop. He kicked it to instance that it became in 4 pieces and, the video stopped.

“How many phones will you break Vansh? Then you also need to break all laptops and computers… and then run away from Mumbai?” Kabir said with a devilish grin.

Vansh punched Kabir once, he looked at him angrily but Vansh started punching him continuously, blood oozed from the corner of his lips and from his nose.

“Bhai please stop”

Vansh stopped when he heard Ishani sobbing, he turned to see her standing covering her mouth and Angre standing with his head hung down.

“Bhai..huuhh.come with me please…” Ishani slowly went to him but he backed off his hands.

“Get this bastard in…” Vansh said to Angre, and he was ready to do so.  Vansh went with Ishani wherever she pulled him.

Both were sitting in Siya’s room. Ishani wiped her tears holding his hand.

“Bhai.. I think.. you should not hide it from Riddhima now. We all can totally see she is fine.” Ishani hiccuped between her talks.

“She isn’ don’t know. And I can sort things in my own.” Vansh said nonchalantly.

“You really think I would believe after seeing what just happened?” Ishani was now frustrated.

“Don’t frustrate yourself Ishani. Be calm and believe me.. everything will be fine, very soon.” Vansh said and left the room.

“But if she got to won’t be able to handle her bhai. It’s a big..big thing for her.Ishani said….but Vansh was not there to listen. “Is Bhai doing correct Siya?” She asked, the lifeless Siya, just a tear fell off her eyes, which were open.

“Vansh?” Riddhima opened her eyes lazily sitting waiting for Vansh.

“You called me?” Vansh entered the room.

“What happened Vansh? Why are you so…” Riddhima was cut in between

“Leave that Riddhima! Tell me did you call me?” Vansh yelled making Riddhima flinch at her place.

“Vansh what ….”



Riddhima screamed being scared, too much scared..she looked at Vansh with tears in her eyes and opened the drawer full of her medicines, took out her headache pills. Her hands shakes as she opened it.
Vansh slowly took the bottle from her and gave her the counted medicines.


“Sleep Riddhima”

He properly made her lay down, covering her with the duvet, and sat next to her, holding her hand..and slowly murmur…

“S..o..sorry..” He was barely audible.

Riddhima smiled being semiconcious, but suddenly started screaming pulling him back and forth….

PrecapRiddhima regains memory?

Thanks for waiting!!

Tanvi 💫

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