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Lamp of Love Episode-19: Vibha comes to Rc haveli.

Hey my Fan fiction and BB fam, before starting today’s episode, I want you all to play a small game with me, it’s quite interesting and easy. Let’s start, in our lamp of love (fan fiction) I have introduced three characters (apart from child characters). Vibha, Mr. Basu and Kabir Dalal, okay now the game is I wanted you all to rope these characters with our television celebrity (Example Anirudh is played by Pravisht). Comment down which personality suits which celebrity and I have also chosen the same, I will reveal according to maximum number locked, I hope you all are clear. Why I am asking you this all of sudden is we have character introduction for everyone through our show, so I wanted you to imagine this person which we locking in this role, so that you can connect to the story. Please do comment without fail.

The episode starts with Anirudh saying, here she comes Barrister Bondita das, and Kabir gets shocked seeing her. Kabir says Mithi, what is this? Bondita keeps hands in her ears and apologies, she tells sorry for not meeting you this long time and keeps her face worried. Kabir says, Mithi don’t ask sorry and make me feel stranger, Bondita tells, no Kabir babu you are not stranger you are part of our family and smiles. Kabir says, whenever I call Anirudh he talks about you for good time, I always wonder why he is talking about you so much but when I see you now I got answer for that and Ahan your name mithi is also satisfied you are just like rashogulla. Bondita eyes gets widened after hearing rashogulla, Anirudh teases her, he says what Kabir now Bondita’s mouth will start watering and she don’t hesitate to eat eight pot rashogulla, Bondita puffs her mouth. Kabir and Anirudh laughs at her, Bondita couldn’t control laughs along with them. Anirudh thinks, I just need to see you like this Bondita but I won’t leave Mr. Basu for stooping to that level.

Binoy asks Sampoorna how is Bondita now. Sampoorna tells she is better now and tells that she is talking with Anirudh and Kabir. Binoy tells Sampoorna to bring Bondita here as he want to speak about her meeting with viceroy. Sampoorna nods and goes to call her. Sampoorna calls Bondita and tells that Binoy called her. Bondita tells that she will meet and excuse herself from Anirudh and Kabir. Bondita comes there. Binoy asks her to sit and he says, “Bondita beta I have talked to viceroy, he agreed to meet you in fact he was waiting to meet you after knowing about your campaign”. Bondita asks really and smiles. Binoy tells she can meet him when she wants to and tells that she can expect positive response from his side. Bondita smiles and thanks Binoy. Binoy tells daughter don’t thank and smiles. Bondita tells him that he will inform her when she goes to meet him and leaves from there.

Sampoorna brings tea to Ksj and Thakumaa and sits with them. Thakumaa asks where Tapur is. Sampoorna tells that she is making samosa for everyone. Tapur comes there with plate and serves them. Tapur sits with them and says, Thakumaa and daadhu shall I ask you one thing? They both look at each other. Ksj tells of course Tapur. Tapur asks shall we bring Vibha to our haveli, both gets stunned. Thakumaa asks what? Tapur says, yes Thakumaa we can make her stay here then she won’t get any problem, before Bondita di’s arrival she worked in our haveli and stayed with Koyli didi and rest of them, so I thought that will be safe for her. Anirudh comes there and tells you are right Tapur, it will be good if Vibha stay with us. KSj tells but… and gets silenced and continues by saying I am not opposing your thought Tapur but what if it create havoc to us. Thakumaa says, Trilochan di nobody can create trouble in our haveli, I too thought the same like Tapur but we have to ask whether Vibha is okay with it. Anirudh says, “Thakumaa you can ask her and if she accepts then you can bring here today itself”. Thakumaa says, fine then I’ll leave immediately why we have to delay and goes to ashram.

Bondita and Kabir discuss about polygamy work. Kabir says, Mithi yesterday I have collated the points given by every barrister who works in this mission and I noticed one common thing for polygamy, and I am shocked. Bondita asks him what that was, she thinks and tells is it female infanticide? Kabir tells exactly Mithi, these people have less brain it seems, if there is no female then how will they get married and have child so illogical na, Bondita laughs and says Barrister Kabir Dalal is super smart I think, Kabir says, Ahan Mithi if there is no woman then how will I get chance to see my moon and smiles. Bondita asks moon? Kabir tells her about the girl he met. Bondita says, Hey duggamaa you came yesterday and you are in love already and asks about her. Kabir tells I don’t know Mithi we have to find and I know you will help, of course Anu will help and I want you to help so that I can find my moon. Anirudh comes there and tells Okay enough keep some other name for your girl because, there is only one moon and that is my Bondita. Bondita looks at him, he looks at her (RTM plays), she turns away shyly and Anirudh blushes. Kabir looks at both of them and tells, oh acha okay I will keep other name for my girl and they laugh.

Thakumaa reaches ashram and calls Vibha out she comes there and greets her. Thakumaa keeps her hand in her cheeks and asks how are you now Vibha? Vibha tells she is better now. Thakumaa tells her that she came to ask her if she is willing to come to their haveli. Thakumaa says, Vibha I think you will be safe there and no harm can affect you there, everything is your wish, if you want to stay in ashram I won’t compel you. Vibha says, Thakumaa you should not ask me such question, you have right in me you can order me to come with you, she tells I will come along with you. Thakumaa gets happy and asks her pack her things and come.

Anirudh says, Bondita I forgot to say you Thakumaa went to bring Vibha here, but it depends on Vibha’s consent. Bondita’s smile fades and she starts to recall the incident and tells Sakha babu I failed to save her baby. Kabir asks what happened. Anirudh explains him everything, Kabir gets shocked and says how cruel these humans have become that too after studying law, they here jeep sound and Tapur comes there and tells Vibha di came and ask them to come. Anirudh tells Bondita to go and says that they will arrange these paper and come. Bondita goes there and sees Vibha. Vibha gets happy seeing Bondita and comes to hug her. Bondita gets suspicious by Vibha’s behavior.

To be continued…

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