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Junooniyat #RiAnsh Short Story by Tanya K (Part 1)

Har pyaar Ishq nhi hota… aur har Ishq junoon nhi hota….

A man in his mid twenties is seen standing at the stairs with stern yet handsome face holding a file in his hand and a gun attached on his waist.

The man was none other then Vansh Rai Singhania.

Vansh: Angrey! Did you get the physiotherapist for Siya’s treatment.

He asked his Personal Assistant Angrey while coming downstairs.

Angrey: Yes boss, today a physiotherapist is coming to VR MANSION. You can meet her and finalize her for Siya’s treatment.

Vansh: OK angrey! I’m going to my study if she comes then send her in my study.

Angrey: Yes boss!!

Vansh nodded and went to his study.

After some time Vansh was going through his files just then heard a knock on his study’s door. Vansh looked at the door and was shocked to see a girl in her mid twenties standing there with angelic beauty and a beautiful smile adorned on her face.

The girl entered inside the study after Vansh allowed her to get in.

Girl: Good morning Mr. Rai Singhania, I’m Riddhima Sharma physiotherapist for your sister Mr. Angrey have called me.

Vansh: Ohh yes, so Miss. Sharma tell me why should I appoint you for my sister’s treatment?

He asked in his calm yet dangerous voice.

Riddhima: Because, your sister needs me to get cured and I’m not self obsessed type of person but still I can say that I’m perfect in this work and I promise that your sister will be all right in 2 weeks and will walk on her own feets.

Vansh: Ahhh… I loved your confidence and I think that you are perfect for this work. I hope you will not disappoint me.

Riddhima: Ohh not at all Mr. Rai Singhania, I promise I will not disappoint you…

Vansh: OK then you are selected for Siya’s treatment but you have to stay here in VR MANSION till Siya’s treatment will be going on.

Riddhima: And why you think that I will listen your words?

She asked while narrowing her eyes and vansh pulled her towards him through her waist and because of sudden pull she collided with his well built hard chest.

Vansh: Kyunki Vansh Rai Singhania ko naa sun ne ki aadat nhi hai aur itne khubsoorat ladki se to bilkul bhi nhi.

He Whispered in her ears while tracing his finger on her jaw line while she got lost in the moment and because of his soft touch she closed her eyes feeling him.

Suddenly she got back to reality and pushed Vansh with all the force she have and glared at him while he smirked 😏 at her.

Vansh: So Miss. Sharma are you ready for living here?

Riddhima: OK I will come here in evening with my clothes and necessary stuffs.

She said and went from there while vansh looked at her and smiled.

Vansh: Beautiful, courageous and perfect.

He thought to him self and smirked….


OK so guys, I hope that you’ll liked the first part, do leave your reviews in the comment section and tell me how was it.

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