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Ishq Mein Marjawan FF # Ishq Nahi Aasan (Chapter 62 -part1)

  Hey guys, here is the new episode. This episode is a special episode, thus it’s lengthy. So I will be posting it in 2 parts. I will post next part by tomorrow morning. Enjoy reading!! 


Episode 62

Dev and Sameeksha’s marriage gets fixed!

– Special episode- 

Part 1 – Plotting inside plotting

Raichand Mansion,Next day, Morning.

Dev is standing in his room. Dev is talking to someone over phone . Daksh pass by Dev’s room. He stops there when he hear Sameeksha’s name. Then he tries to peep into Dev’s room to know what is he talking about and to whom .
Dev – “ Sameeksha, can we meet today evening ?”
Daksh gets to know that Dev is talking to Sameeksha.
Sameeksha – “ Dev , I have an official party to attend. I can’t avoid it”.
Dev – “ Where is the program?”
Sameeksha – “ Rivaana regency”.
Dev – “Rivaana regency, near your office , right?”
Sameeksha – “ Yeah. I will call you later”.
Dev – “ Okay, see you . Take care”.
Dev smiles. Daksh gets into some thoughts.
Daksh (thinks) – “ Rivaana Regency … I am coming .. my dear”.
Daksh smirks .

Evening, Rivaana Regency.
Sameeksha reaches venue. People comes to welcome her. She meets the party host. They greet each other. Party begins with cake cutting to celebrate the company’s success of completed project. Everyone applauds Sameeksha smiles.

But someone is watching her. A waiter wearing turban and specs; he has a beard and mustache . He is looking her cryptic way. He removes his specs and look her.

He keeps his specs back . He takes a tray with drinks and juices. Sameeksha notices that someone is looking her in between other people. He moves from the place as he notices that Sameeksha is looking for him. Sameeksha couldn’t see his face.
Sameeksha (thinks) – “ I felt like someone is watching me. Is someone keeping eye on me ? Is it someone under Dev ? I should be alert”.

As others approach her , she smiles and interact with everyone. While the waiter is walking in party crowd closely watching her without getting noticed by Sameeksha. Even though she is speaking to people her eyes are wandering to know if someone is watching her movements specifically.


She gets restless . She receives a message.
Message reads – ‘ I have reached here. Where and when to meet?’
Sameeksha replies back – ‘ Wait.. let dance begin. Maintain distance , suspecting a rat ‘
Sameeksha keeps her phone inside her purse. She talks to people.

A person wearing parda looks her phone and looks the message send my Sameeksha. Only her eyes are seen.

Sameeksha is talking to some people and her eyes are scanning other people. A waiter comes to her with tray of juices. Everyone standing with her takes a glass and Sameeksha too takes a glass. Waiter leaves.

Then it’s revealed that it is the same person who was staring at her given that juice to her. He smirks. He hides at corner watching whether Sameeksha is having the juice or not. Sameeksha is not having it as whenever she is going to have the juice , some people comes her and she doesn’t drink and begins to talk to them.

The man gets irritated seeing this.

Then Sameeksha gets a missed call on her phone , due to which she excuse herself from people. She moves to a corner with her juice . She keeps it on the table and she checks her phone. She see message notification and opens it.

Message reads –‘ Wait there, I am coming’
Sameeksha replies – ‘ Okay’.

Sameeksha keeps her phone back in her purse. She looks around and finds no one near her. She relaxes. But that waiter is watching her.

She takes the glass up from the table and this brings a smile on the waiter’s face. He smirks.

(Fb:- Waiter takes out a powder and mixes in one of the juice glass. He had given the same glass to Sameeksha)

Waiter (thinks) – “Once you drink that spiked juice my plan will be successful. Have it”.

Sameeksha is about to have a sip , she hears an announcement for dance and music. Then suddenly lights gets off at dance area. Person in parda is approaching Sameeksha who is about to drink the juice. Waiter is getting excited seeing that Sameeksha is about to drink the spiked juice.

But before she have it someone takes the glass from her hand. She gets surprised seeing the person. Waiter gets shocked. Person in parda looks on.

Dev is the one who snatched the glass from Sameeksha. Person in parda leaves seeing Dev. Waiter hits on the wall getting angry seeing Dev . Sameeksha gets startled seeing him. Dev looks her and tries to keep the glass on the table. But it falls down and breaks. Their moment breaks. Sameeksha and Dev moves far the glass pieces. Sameeksha looks Dev with disappointed.

Sameeksha – “ Dev, you broken it”.
Dev – “ Sorry…”.
Sameeksha – “ Wait .. what are you doing here ?”
Dev – “ Where you are , my place is there”.
Sameeksha – “ Really?”
Dev – “ Any doubt?”
Sameeksha – “ What if I die ? Will you die to reach me?”
Sameeksha looks him and waits for his answer.

Ishq mein marjawan romantic version is played in 

He nods his head and comes near to her. He hold his palms together and he locks her in his arms by keeping them around her waist . He hold her close to him. As he does it , Sameeksha gets surprised. She looks him being confused. He looks into her eyes romantically.

Dev – “ I won’t let you die before me. No one can reach you until I am alive or no one will harm you. I will die in your love but I won’t let my love die “.
Sameeksha and Dev look each other. Dev smiles at her.

Ishq mein marjawan intense tune played in bg.

Suddenly, Sameeksha remembers her getting hit by Trisha and Dev coming out from car along with Trisha. Sameeksha’s eyes gets teary thinking about his deceive in their past and in her mind she fumes in anger.

Sameeksha (out of inner agony)- “Then why did you…”
Sameeksha stops as she comes back to her senses. She gets nervous. Dev notices this difference in her.
Dev – “ What were you saying?”
Sameeksha suddenly smile and keeps her arm around his neck.
Sameeksha – “ I mean then why did you met me this late?”
Dev – “ Destiny… sometimes we meet some people little late but connections forms really fast. Because they are important part of our life”.
He releases his hand from her . He moves back. He gets into some thoughts. But her eyes are on him still but her anger is visible in her eyes.

Sameeksha – “ Yeah.. right.. like sometimes some people comes to our life unexpectedly and they change our whole life”.
Dev (being in his thoughts) – “ And sometimes it takes a while for us to realize how important they were for us “.

Sameeksha notices some guilt in Dev’s eyes as he said this. This makes her confused. He is still in his thoughts
Sameeksha – “ Have you ever felt such guilt?”
Sameeksha curiously looks him. But this question brings him back to the reality. He looks her with a smile and she too changes her expression.
Dev – “ I would have felt it , if I made it late to propose you”.
She smiles . The waiter is gets agitated after watching their romance and clenches his fist in anger.
Sameeksha – “ Dev.. tell me now why did you come here?”

Dev – “ I just felt like meeting you and so I came here. When I came here , I thought to surprise you. By the way, what are doing here when party is going on there”.
Sameeksha gets nervous but she covers it up with her smile.
Sameeksha – “ Actually, there was too much of people. I got bored . I felt like a got a call so came here to call back. But it was Dad’s call, he rang me by mistake”.

Dev(suspiciously) – “ Oho.. too many reasons. If you know that you will get bored here, why did you came here ? We could have gone out but still you chose to come here. Was there any other reason behind you coming here ?”
Sameeksha – “ Yes, don’t you know how important it’s for people like us to attend such business parties to maintain our business relation. Even if paths are filled with thorns we have to take it if it is the only way to reach our goal”.
Dev – “ It’s true. Even if the paths are wrong, we can’t skip it if that can take us to our ultimate goal”.
They smile at each other hiding their intentions . Waiter gets angry and he leaves.
Dev – “ You enjoy your party , I am leaving. Bye “.
Sameeksha – “ Why so fast?”
Dev – “ I have to meet someone. See you”.
Before Sameeksha could tell something he leaves. Sameeksha gets confused seeing him being panic all of a sudden and leaving her.
After a moment, lady wearing parda comes near her but she behaves like a stranger. She collides with Sameeksha. Sameeksha’s purse falls down. Both of them kneel down to take it. Lady drops a memory card near her purse. Sameeksha looks her.
Lady in parda – “ I’m sorry”.
Sameeksha – “ It’s okay. Do see around while you walk”.
Lady in parda nods her head. As Sameeksha picks the memory card , the lady in parda leaves the place. Sameeksha gets up and puts the memory card in her purse safely. She smiles.
Waiter is walking through a veranda and he is getting followed by someone. Waiter is completely angry and he is whispering something to himself. He then stops near a room and takes out the key from his pocket. He starts to open the room but as he opens the room, he feels like someone is standing behind him. He turns to see and he gets shocked seeing the person. He gets nervous but before he could react that person pushes him into the room and closes the door.
Waiter – “ Sir, who are you?”
The person is not none other, it’s Dev. He looks him angrily.

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