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His Hostage in Love- Drunk ep 22 IMM2


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Please bear with the short episode today….I didn’t get time to write a long one. But I’ll try lengthen the next one.


Her head spun and she started visioning things to be hazy. She concentrated on what she looked out for and saw them leaving therefore she went behind them. She had started losing her senses. Wobbling her way out of the heavy crowd she reached a different place that seemed like a compartment of rooms in the upper floor of the club, right opposite the beach.

On the other hand, the drinks were served to Kabir, Rihanna, Sejal and Vansh. Rihanna took her drink from the waiter when Kabir held the same glass.

Rihanna: What’s wrong with you? (annoyed)

Kabir: What? It’s my glass

Rihanna: Your name’s embedded on it? I don’t see it so there’s no way it’s only your glass.

Kabir: Still I saw and I put my hand on it first so mine!

Rihanna: What a liar! I held it first! You tell me Mr Waiter…who took it first?

Kabir: Right you tell!

Waiter: I’m sorry but you both took it together.

RihanBir: Shut up! Useless!

Rihanna: No way, this is mine.

Sejal: Stop being kids for God sake! Kabir at least you be sensible, take the other glass.

Rihanna: Haw! What do you mean to say huh? That I’m not sensible? (pouting)

Kabir: So she isn’t wrong! Any way you know what, I’ll just take the other one.

Rihanna: Right, at the end you did lose! Loser! (mocking)

Kabir: You…senseless!

Rihanna: Uhh!

They all took a sip of their drink and were shocked on seeing Vansh, keeping his empty glass on the glass table and standing up with a jerk. He stood up and but immediately fell back on the seat as his head spun. Kabir tried holding him but he jerked his hand away and with all his courage got up.

Riddhima, thinking she was following Ishani and Aryan, went on walking ahead. With the dim lights showering upon her, she could see a faint shadow following her from behind. She slowed her pace down, and found the shadow approaching her faster. She came still next to a door and was about to turn to see when the person lost his balance and fell on Riddhima.

His weight on her, made her stumble and she fell back on the door which was unknowingly open. They both fell inside the room. Riddhima was on the floor with her eyes closed while the man was on top of her and his hands wrapped around her waist. He looked at her, adoring her. She opened her eyes and widened them in shock.

Riddhima: Vansh! (shock)

Vansh: Shsh Sweetheart, don’t say a word. You speak too much, you never allow me to say anything.

Riddhima: Vansh! Get off me

Vansh: Uff you always boss around!

Vansh said while he got up, stumbling a bit. He forwarded his hand towards Riddhima.

Riddhima: (placing her hand while he pulled) I don’t need your help, I can do it myself.

Vansh: Fine! Congrats you got your voice!

Vansh let her hand go and she fell back on the ground. She cutely pouted in anger while he frowned. She got up after a lot of difficulty, stumbling at her place. Vansh held her shoulders to prevent her from stumbling so she could stand straight.

Vansh: Good girl! (she smiled widely)

Riddhima: Vihaan, you know those two came here and I followed them here and (he shushed her by keeping his finger on her mouth)

Vansh: How much do you speak….let me speak!

Riddhima: But I stayed mum for the entire evening….I finally got my voice and you……You (crying)

Vansh: Okay okay….shsh! I want to tell you that I have something for you. (smiling)

Riddhima: A gift? (thinking)

Vansh: no my heart!

Riddhima: Aww…Haa!! Loook!!! (pointing towards the door)

Vansh looked at the door and saw it closed. He turned back to Riddhima who looked at him with her huge round eyes cutely. He went to the door, stumbling and tried opening it. He put all his force but couldn’t open it.

Vansh: It’s locked! (he turned around) Where is she gone?

As Vansh turned around, he saw Riddhima not there, he looked everywhere around the room when he heard a loud cry that snatched his attention. He looked up to see her seated on top of a cupboard and tried stifling his laughter. Riddhima was sitting on the cupboard, crying out loudly while Vansh was laughing out loud.

Riddhima: You….(sobbing) again….kidnapped me!!


Nightmare again

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Please keep commenting and do let me know how you found this episode.


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