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Dil ki Manmaniyan, Khwahishon ki Udaariyaan (Episode 5)

Hi Guys! I am back with a new episode of my FF. This one is particularly dedicated to @Prajkta.

So here I go….


He hadn’t anticipated this. He was there to act as a messenger and found himself as a frightened culprit, who knew that his crime was caught and he had no way out of the situation. He stood there as an innocent child whose mother had just caught him stealing ice-cream from the fridge in the middle of the night and was asking his mind to give him a quick excuse and evade the situation, when she held his hand and took him forward with her. He could see the shocked faces and peering eyes which stared right into him in somewhat horror and curiosity. He kept his other hand slowly on the tiny head of the kid who hugged him tightly and tried to say something, when he was bombarded with questions.

“What are you doing here Buzo?”

“Why is Candy calling you Papa?”

“Did you know Simran was here?”

“Why did you lie to us?”

“Simran is there something which we all are still unaware of?”

“Tejo do you know anything?”

“I don’t know. Simran, Buzo what is this?”

“I love him. I married him in court. This is his house and though not biological, but he is my son’s father.” Simran blurted out aloud before anyone could launch another question.

Everyone was shocked and Tejo was hurt. “Why did you hide this from me. Though I turned out to be a traitor and brought everyone here, but I did not break my promise. I hadn’t uttered even a single word. I just brought them all here, but it was you revealed the truth. Why did you not trust me and tell me the truth Simran and why did you hide the truth Buzo?”

Buzo finally collected himself and said, “because I refused her to. I was scared how would you all react. I was scared how would my best friend react? I was scared that uncle ji would hate me. I am sorry. Aunty ji you always treated me as your own son. You all never made me feel my parents’ absence. I would visit my maternal home only once a month, but it was your house, I visited daily. It were you all who made me feel like a child grown up in a family and not as an orphan. After my father’s accident and subsequent demise, you all supported me and financed my education and after my mom fell ill, you took care of both her and my needs and when she passed away, you took me as your own kid, though I had grown up. You were all there and I could never gather the courage to tell you that I had married your daughter. How could I? I could not even gather the courage to ask for Simran’s hand in marriage from you all, neither I could ever tell her that how deeply I loved her since my adolescence and that she was not just my childhood crush, but also my first and last love. (He sighs) I was just left crying after she ran away with that cheat and could not even confess my feelings in front of Fateh. I was distraught until she contacted me and asked me to meet in Ludhiana. When I met her she revealed her story and I just wanted to help her. I bought her this house from my from all the money I had earned and saved on working for two years in your academy and factory as a coordinator. She was already in bad condition those days and I could never tell her, what I felt for her. And the neighbours here seeing her, a 6 months pregnant woman residing alone taunted her making her feel more miserable. When people saw me visiting once or twice, as I tried to bring all the groceries and necessities for her secretly, they took me as a man who had impregnated her without marriage. I had to come out and lie that I was her husband and worked at a distant place. She needed extensive care in the ninth month and I had to lie to you that I was at my maternal home for my cousin’s marriage whose wedding was still not decided. I stayed here for four months and people believed us that we were a real couple. I was by her side for my love and she thought that I was there as a true friend. When I joined you all back, she realised on seeing my wallet, which had her photo, that I actually loved her all this while. She kept it to herself and we continued meeting each other.”
Simran continued by saying that, ” I had seen him taking care of me and Candy. How could I not fall for him? In two years under his care, I had realised that he was too shy to express his feelings, so the day when I realised that I had started to truly love him, I confessed my feelings. He was never that happy before. We later officially married each other in court on Candy’s third birthday. I am sorry, I wanted to tell you all the truth, but I could not do it before knowing his will it would have been unjust to him, if I would have revealed our relation by forgetting that this relationship is made by 2 people and not me alone.”
Gurpreet and Biji could not help but smile on looking at their Simmi’s maturity. Their daughter had grown up a lot in a short span of time. Everyone forgave the duo and blessed them. They all decided to reveal the truth to Fateh.
Meanwhile, Fateh was busy romancing his lady love. He informed her that he would be visiting her the next day. She replied that she was already aware about his plans. She insisted him to take her on a vacation with him so that she could spend all of her time with him. But Fateh wasn’t aware as to how would he achieve this new task given by his instructor. After brooding for a long while, they decided, in fact Jasmin plotted and Fateh obliged that they would travel to Delhi for a week and Fateh would tell his family that he is going to finalize the deal with investor and buy equipments for academy in whole sale and by the time does both his tasks in the first two days, Jasmin would tell her family that she is going to Shimla to attend a 5-day wellness camp to cope up with her failed alliances and would reach Delhi and have Fateh as only her’s.
Fateh returned home and Mahi tried to tell him Simmi and Buzo’s truth, when Khushbeer took away Fateh with him for discussing business. They kept on discussing it till late night, sitting in the study while Tejo impatiently waited for him to tell him the truth, when she fell asleep on the couch. The next morning everyone made an attempt to tell the truth to him, so that Simmi could tie Rakhi to him herself, but he was either always with Khushbeer, Bauji or engrossed in his “calls”.
It was already day time and Tejo had to leave early for Sandhu House as Dilraj had already created a scene to meet Tejo. She tied Rakhi on Dilraj, Abhiraj and Navraj’s wrist. Fateh arrived during the lunch time and was all the time busy staring at Jasmin and signalled to her that he had booked their tickets. Abhiraj and Navraj insisted Jasmin to tie a Rakhi on Fateh’s wrist too, which angered her, but Sukhmini did not let them force her.
Tejo decided to reveal the truth of Simran and Buzo to Fateh on their way back to Virk Mansion. But Fateh this time had a genuine call from the investor and had to leave early. Everyone reached Simran’s house and confessed it to her that they failed to bring Fateh before the lapse of the auspicious time and apologized to her. Simran consoled herself and them all and tied Rakhi on Amrik’s wrist along with Mahi and Tejo tied a Rakhi on Buzo’s wrist. Mahi was even more disappointed to have not been able to tie Rakhi on Fateh’s wrist as he was extra busy since morning.
Back at home, Mahi tied Rakhi on Fateh’s wrist in the presence of all the family members including her father and then tied the Rakhi on behalf of Simran. Fateh revealed to them that he was leaving for Delhi the next day and he asked Tejo to pack his bags. Everyone asked him to take Tejo along as they had not been to any distant place after marriage for honeymoon , but he denied and excused himself by saying that Tejo would be left alone as he would be busy. Nimmo taunted him by saying that what work does he do these days that he does not even a second for his wife. But Fateh’s phone “rings” suddenly and he leaves to attend the call. Tejo packs Fateh’s bah while he stays on the terrace to talk to Jasmin. Both the lovers express their excitement for the trip and Fateh sleeps on the terrace only.
The next day he leaves early by bidding them all a goodbye.
On the other hand, Jasmin calls up Amrik and asks him to meet her.
Jasmin calls Amrik, but why??? Any guesses……Well it will be revealed soon. Till then, you all share your assumptions.

Enjoy the episode and do comment.
Thanks ☺

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