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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Nupur searches for Payal

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 7th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Milind asking Nupur to have bhog. Nupur refuses. Aai asks Milind not to force Nupur. Servant gets some file. Nupur checks it. She says you want to make trust on Payal’s name. Milind asks her to sign the papers. Nupur says its Payal’s death certificate, I will never sign this. He says if you think you can stop this work, then you are wrong, my swear doesn’t need your sign, it was our wish that you become a trustee, we will make this trust. Nupur goes to pray. She says you don’t break my belief, you make me reach my Payal. She recalls Payal. She says Payal used to love the ghungroos, these ghungroos will make me meet Payal. She smiles. Tanki comes to Chiku. She jokes and laughs. He says I had stolen that, you got the punishment.

They talk of the ghost house, where kids are killed. She misunderstands about an orphanage. Nupur meets her friend Reema. Reema says we are meeting after ten years. Nupur says you asked me to teach dance in your orphanage, I had Payal in my womb. Reema says I heard about Payal, you never danced since then. Nupur says but I took a decision now, I will dance again, I will teach the kids, I want you and your NGO to help me find my Payal. Reema asks why are you saying this. Nupur says all the paths got shut. Chiku says our mums threw me away, I want to meet my mum and ask her why did she throw me in bin. Nupur says don’t refuse. Reema asks won’t you meet your students. Nupur goes and dances in front of the kids. O re piya…..plays…..Chiku also dances in the dark cell. She falls asleep. Saurabh comes and wakes up Chiku. He says your punishment is over, come. The kids run to help her.

Nupur asks is your name Pari, how much is your age. She questions the other girls. The girls say we don’t remember anything. Reema says none of them is your Payal. Mummy comes to Chiku and asks did you get sleep there, you would be hungry now. Chiku says no. Mummy says I m much hungry, I didn’t eat anything since night. Chiku laughs. Mummy says I got coconut laddoos. Chiku likes it. Nupur says Payal will be mine even now. Reema says maybe she changed. Chiku says laddoos are my fav also. Mummy says let it be, you aren’t hungry. Chiku says I care for you, you can’t eat so many laddoos, I will help you. Mummy asks how is it.

Chiku says its good. Mummy says I made it for you, just good. Chiku says its always good, I find something missing in it. Mummy says you are eating many, what’s lacking in it. Chiku recalls Nupur. She says I don’t know, I find the taste different. Mummy says you never had any laddoos, just I used to make it. Nupur says you mean Payal won’t identify me. Reema says maybe you don’t identify her, we don’t know how she looks. Mummy says stay happy, I know you kids don’t like me, I m not bad, I act bad to show the world, that’s really bad. Chiku says bad people like ones who steal children. Mummy says yes, we have to stay united. Chiku smiles. Nupur says our souls will identify each other. Reema gets a call. She says maybe you are saying right, we got an answer. Nupur asks did you know about Payal. Reema nods.

Nupur says we got our Payal, Milind. Chiku dances on the road. She runs away. Nupur is on the way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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