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Arrange marriage turns to love marriage ~ Riansh os

Hi guys I am back with os
This os is requested by Jiya
Sorry if it is boring

Let’s start
Malhotra Mansion

Girl was sitting in his room reading a book just then her mother call her

Isha ( Riddhima’s mother): Riddhima beta
Riddhima:yes mom
Isha: get ready
Riddhima:for what ?
Isha:ladke wale aa rahe tume dekhne ke liye
Riddhima: what mom I don’t want to marry . I will marry after some years
Isha: your dad has promised
Riddhima with no other choice goes to get ready

On other side
VR Mansion

Boy was sitting in his room going through some files
Just then his father come to him

Ajay ( Vansh’s father) : Vansh beta
Vansh: yes dad
Ajay: get ready
Vansh:for what
Ajay: we are going see girl for you
Vansh : what? I will not
Ajay:I promised to her dad now get ready

They reach Malhotra Mansion

In hall
Uma( Vansh’s mother): pls bring girl
Isha: yes
Isha & Riddhima coming downstairs
Vansh mesmerized by Riddhima’s beauty
Riddhima: namaste
Vansh come in his sense by Riddhima’s words
Ajay/Uma: namaste beta
Akash ( Riddhima’s dad) : she is my daughter Riddhima Malhotra
Ajay: he is my son Vansh Raisinghania
Uma : I think Vansh & Riddhima should talk to each other
Akash: of course
Riddhima beta go with Vansh & talk to him

In room
Riddhima: I don’t want to marry
As Riddhima walking here there in room her dupatta stuck in her sandles she falls Vansh hold her by her waist they shared eye lock. Eye lock broke by Riddhima

Riddhima: I don’t want to marry
My mom said that they promised to your dad
Vansh: I also don’t want to marry. Even my dad said same
Riddhima: I have a plan
Vansh:what is that plan
Riddhima: we will do all marriage rituals but a day before marriage at night we will meet each other at xyz place run & from there
Vansh:what are you mad ?
Riddhima: do as I am saying otherwise
Vansh: ok

They come outside from room
Riddhima: I agree for marriage
Vansh: I also agree

Everything was going to according to their plan . In these days they have feelings for each other . They used call each other. They used to meet each other. But don’t want to marry

A day before marriage
In evening
In Riddhima’s room

Riddhima was thinking about Vansh
Riddhima: I don’t know what feelings is this but I feel very safe & comfortable when Vansh is around me. When he is not around at that time I missing him . My occupied brains is by his thoughts. Is this is love? Yes this is love. I will confess at night

In VR Mansion
Vansh’s room

Vansh was thinking about Riddhima
Vansh: I am feel very comfortable when Riddhima is around me. I met many girls but not feel any other girl . When she is around I was lost in her & when she is not around me I am always thinking about her. Is this is love? Yes this is love. I will confess at night

At night
At xyz place
Riddhima / Vansh: I want say something
Vansh: you will say first
Riddhima: no you will say
Vansh: Riddhima say na
Riddhima ( shouting) say otherwise
Vansh: ok vo….vo.. I love you
Riddhima was jumping in happiness
Vansh: Riddhima what happened
Riddhima: I love you too
Vansh: means we will marry to each other
Riddhima: yes I am very excited for our marriage
Vansh: I think we should leave to our houses
Riddhima: yes
Riddhima hugged Vansh . Vansh also hug her back & kissed on her forehead

Next day
After marriage at night
In Riansh Room
Vansh was sitting in room waiting for Riddhima as she was taking shower
Riddhima come out washroom
Riddhima: Vansh come & sleep
Vansh: no I want kiss
Riddhima: Vansh
Vansh: sweetheart give me kiss
Riddhima kissd on Vansh’s cheek
They slept cuddling each other

The end

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