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Ae dil hai mushkil fanfiction # riansh (intro)

Hello……. Guys ……..

This is my very first FF .hope you guys like it .

So let’s get start ……

This a story of a girl , who is studying in Paris without her family .

Riddhima roy

She is our cute Riddhima…….

She nature is so kind ,sweet, emotional, mature, cool and jolly person

But suddenly what happened to her that she changed a lot ……??

Shivin Malhotra

He is mr.shivin Malhotra .so handsome, cool, cute ,some naught etc….

He is also studying in same collage of Riddhima. So he is classmate of Riddhima.

Maya Singh Bedi

She is Maya . she so beautiful and sweet girl ,she is also studying in Paris ,same collage of Riddhima and she is the best friend ,class mate and room mate of Riddhima and she also friend of shivin ( but Riddhima don’t know about their friendship 😂)

So let’s get start…..
A girl in a bed 🛌 sleeping like a sleeping beauty ,her face was covered with a rose blanket and the morning sunrays falling on her blanket from the balcony so she wake up .at that time her face was glowing with the Sunray refraction and her eyes are twinkling ,her lip are in pinkish colour Her soo cute nose was amazing. She get up from her bed, she stand in balcony and enjoying morning cool breeze then suddenly her eyes fell on wall clock .and she get shock .
Riddhima POV

Omg you are so last today .this is your first day to college and you are so last today , how can I be this much lazy omg omg iam so last today

She rushed into bathroom and she a quick shower 🚿🚿,she is getting ready to her first college ….

After 1 hour …….( Obviously every girl take so much time to get ready) She got ready and leave the home for college .

She soo excited, happy and a little bit nervous too because she don’t many members in the college .she just know only one person that is Maya .who is already reached to the college .

When she reached the college she so happy , but she doesn’t know that her life is going to change from beautiful life to pale life …….. what happened to her……????

Want know what happen in her life ??.

Just follow me and stay tune …….

So today introduction is over .

Hope you guys liked it

Be happy and safe….

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