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Yeh Ishq Hai (Episode 33)

Scene 1

The next morning, Anika tries to get up but her hair gets stuck to Shivaye’s shirt button. Shivaye tries to remove it but and Anika falls on top of him. They have an eye lock. Kartik and Naira are thinking about how they should bring Shivaye and Anika closer to one another. Kartik says we should send them somewhere but Naira says we should do something in the house so that we could also keep an eye on them. He pulls her closer and says that if we send them somewhere then we can go too! She blushes and pushes him away and says think of something else.

Manish and Jhanvi are at the dining table, Shivaye, Anika, Kartik and Naira join them. Manish says that me and Jhanvi have to attend a business party so you will have the house to yourselves all day. Kartik and Naira get excited as they will have more time to bring Shivaye and Anika closer then. Manish goes to freshen up while Jhanvi and Anika help pick up the dishes. Later, Jhanvi gets ready and says where did Manish go? He then comes from the back and hugs her. They get ready and leave for the business party.

Scene 2

Anika says Shivaye, where are you going? He says where I always go. She understands that he’s going to the office and goes quiet. He asks her what’s wrong. She says nothing you go to the office. Anika leaves the room while Shivaye wonders what’s wrong with her. Kartik and Naira notice this. Anika comes to the kitchen and says why couldn’t Shivaye stay at home today? We even have the whole house to ourselves. Shivaye comes from behind and smiles seeing Anika talking to herself. Anika sees him and says haven’t you left for the office yet?

He says obviously not if I’m standing in front of you! She says there’s no need to show attitude, she is about to go when Shivaye grabs her hand and says that I’m not going to the office today because there’s nothing important going on. She smiles and goes from there. Kartik and Naira decorate the store room for Shivaye and Anika. Later Kartik brings Shivaye to the store room while Naira brings Anika. Kartik and Naira go. Shivaye and Anika compliment one another and then sit down to eat.


Shivaye confesses his love to Anika and they share some romantic moments together. Eight months later the family is back together again and they dance and have a happy ending.

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