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Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Gyarahi beats subodh.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with subodh going with gyarahi in the palace. Gyarahi stands at his throne and says son, I will show you your god today. Subodh thinks father will show me ganesh ji, I am very excited to meet ganesh ji. Gyarahi comes to a window and says come subodh, you will see your god. Subodh comes and gyarahi ays see there, your god’s statue is being made. Subodh sees a huge statue in construction of gyarahi. Subodh says but it is you father, not my god. Gyarahi is shocked and says what do you mean? Subodh says you are not my god, it is your statue. Subodh says my god is that infinite prabhu who lives in everyone. Gyarahi says who is your god? Subodh says ganesh ji is my prabhu, subodh says om gan ganpataye namaha. Gyarahi is shocked and angry, he screams and says what? How dare you

do my enemy’s bhakti? Datinki is worried for subodh. Gyarahi says you are my son and I will give you a chance, leave the bhakti of ganesh otherwise I wont mind removing his bhakti out of your mind myself. Subodh says father, ganesh ji is my prabhu and I cannot stop being his disciple as now I have surrendered to him. gyarahi gets angry and says subodh! I will myself remove ganesh’s bhakti out of you. datinki says swami please, he is our son, I shall try and explain to him, please don’t do anything. Gyarahi says okay datinki, I give you some time, make your son understand what the gods are to us otherwise I will kill him.
Datinki takes subodh to her room and says son, please listen to your father, don’t go against him. subodh says mother I am not going against my father, i am just praying to ganesh ji as I am his disciple and my bhakti for him wont lessen. Datinki thinks how do I make my son understand?
Ganesh is with kartikeya and kartikeya says, I did my work ganesh! Subodh has learnt everything he needs to be a disciple and a peace loving person. Kartikeya says but I am amazed after seeing such bhakti of subodh towards you, now he wont leave your bhakti, he will have your darshan. Ganesh says yes brother, I shall protect my disciple subodh and I will guide him in his journey, after that we can kill gyarahi for his sins.
Subodh and datinki go to gyarahi. Gyarahi says I hope you have made your son understand. Subodh smiles and says father, I have a suggestion for you, you rather leave this work of iniquity and become a disciple of ganesh ji like me, he will always protect you. gyarahi gets angry and says I will remove his bhakti, gyarahi takes a whip and starts beating subodh. Datinki cries and says please leave him swami, he is our son, please. Subodh prays to ganesh and says om gan ganpateya namaha! Subodh doesn’t get hurt from the beatings as gyarahi continues to beat him. datinki says please leave him swami, gyarahi thinks I am bating subodh but it is not affecting him.
There ganesh takes all the pain of the beatings on subodh.
Gyarahi finally stops as subodh continues praying. Gyarahi says to his soldiers, throw this kid in the prison, if he stays in the dark without food and water for some days, he will come to his senses. The soldiers come and take subodh. Datinki cries and says my son will live in a prison. Ganesh there says to kartikeya, brother a mother cannot eat food until her son eats and she cannot see her son hungry, even a son cannot eat until he sees his mother eat food. Ganesh closes his eyes.
There as subodh is in the prison he sees some wet mud and with that he makes a small idol of ganesh ji and starts praying to it. ganesh appears there and disguises as devi datinki, he comes to subodh and says son come and eat food. Subodh says mother you came? I am happy. Ganesh feeds subodh food as datinki.
There datinki is in her room and says my son must be so hungry, ganesh appears there in disguise of subodh and says mother, I am here. datinki is happy and ganesh says mother come on, lets eat food, you must be hungry. Datinki smiles and ganesh takes a plate and feeds datinki and eats himself.

Precap: subodh prays to ganesh ji near gyarahi’s statue. Gyarahi says how dare you do that? gyarahi’s huge statue crumbles and falls down to pieces.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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