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Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 32 : Fight Between Kali & Ri !

Chapter 32

“Be A Man Kali!” She repeats as She walks Forward Graciously Not an ounce fear itched on her irises , Stopping right in the middle of the Circle of his Men She bores her gaze into Kali’s orbs Challenging Him to Defeat her alone . “Bulbul , Bulbul ” He sings out to her laughing as He stands right in front of Her , Locking with her Ferocious gaze . Omkara’s lips Hooks up as He sees Her in her Bold avatar , Om eyes to One of Kali’s man .

“Hmmm Should I Show my manliness ?” He says eyeing her , “Thakur !” Om roars , The Holler reverberated in the ears of everyone present like a clap of thunder , That was his rage . It was a Roar full of Pure anger . Kali Shudders in A Fear , The Corner of her Lips hooks up as She Sees Kali Shudder Her Husband’s rage before Kali Puts up the I -am -Not- Sacred Act . Shifting her gaze to Her Husband She blinks her eyes twice giving him a Smile , Om calms down giving her back a smile as He blinks his eyes thrice Assuring Her He is Here and gives her a KissShe laughs mentally at Her man trying to grab an opportunity to romance her .

“Kali ..Kali ” Gauri laughs Shaking her head “I saw your Manliness actually not a glimpse but as a wholesome , It was all that it Took that you did not Pee in your Pants ” , Kali clenches his fist tightening his jaw ..Smirking at his reaction She continues “Hearing MY HUSBAND’s Voice” She air quotes raising her brows in a mocking way .

“You” Kali Shouts pointing his index finger while She stands there unaffected ..”Kill her!” Kali roars at his men . A Man Moves Forward nodding at Kali taking Predator Steps With A Stupid Smirk pasted on his Face instead of Fearing Gauri clicks her tongue at the man .

What happened Was in a click of seconds , Kali sees His Man’s head reeled back with the force of the blow as He Flew in the air stumbling Two feet backward hitting his head on the ground ..Kali widens his eyes and Blinks it twice and Looks up to Find Gauri landing on her Feet ,She had backhand across that Man’s Face & Then She had swept her foot out catching that man around his ankles making him buckle and crash on the ground .

“Thakur blink many times as much as You could , That you are Seeing is , My Wife ! My Jaan! , Fact Does not Change Thanku–ur-ji ” Om says laughing from behind He was still tied in chains , Kali shakes his head getting out of the daze , Hearing The Husband & Wife taunting ignites fire in him , “Fight With Me Alone!” Gauri voices before Kali could answer her . Reeling from the Shock of What She had Asked for He nods “Fine!” . Picking up the Fallen dagger which that Fell from that Man Who ended up Loosing his teeth sets , She throws it to Kali who grasps it bringing it close to his eye level He Says “It is You or Me !” He Smirks making her Shake her head “Oh Old Man , It’s high time you accept that you have Lost your Manliness , As The Highness Seems to not accept that Fact it is Better to Manifest !”

“Jaan!” Om calls her out tenderly She turns her head to his side as He blinks thrice and Gives her another Kiss. Gauri Shakes her head with smile blinking back twice That She will be Okay ..He mouths back “My Return Kiss?” , She raises her one brow and shakes her head negatively , He pouts and Mouths back “Please?” , Biting her lower lip she shakes her head negatively with a smile .

The Scene was a quite a Show To The People present around As They Kept moving that head fro and too including Kali Thakur . Getting irritated with the Lovesick puppies Kali clears his throat “Can We Start If The Kissie’s are Finished ” He mocks at Gauri He was enraged by the fact that HE Could Do Everything With HER but HE, Kali Thakur, Cannot !” ..Gauri frowns not liking the interruption Between Her and Her Husband ..A Soft chuckle leaves his lips seeing her expression She hates interruption His mind wanders back to the day where She fought with the Policeman in the Beach , “Save yourself Kali” Om whispers pitifully twitching his lips .

Turning to Kali thakur She glares at him murderously How Dare you Spoil my moment with My Husband?” Let’s start then Kali! . Gauri smirks taking a step forward She eyes A Man Who gives her nod and throws his sword at her ”blo*dy traitor ! “ Kali grits his teeth , “Kali ..Kali..Kali” Gauri sings as She starts pacing around him “What Do you think of Me ? That I am mad ? To Leave you in my Husband’s clutches and Just step back and watch?” , “No never” She shakes her index finger Standing in front on him “Knowing you I knew that You might try to escape My Husband’s clutches that’s why Still I made sure I had my men watching your every move ! I had paid them for a lifetime Kali Thakur even if I die They have too & had to be loyal to me that is how I choose my men !” , Kali’s eyes ignites with fire as Her words hit him ..She snaps her finger at him “Do You Wanna See the Division Kali?” , She claps twice as More than Fifteen out of Forty men moved towards a side .. “This are mine!” She points at them having her gaze on Kali .

Thinking that yet the game is on in his hand as He has more Men He laughs “Mine is a lot than yours!” ..Om shakes his head at Kali’s stupidity . Gauri laughs “So What At the end None Would be by your Side !” .. “Fiery I Love Ravish–” Before Kali could Complete Gauri In a swift and Flash of nails in Front on him , viciously jabs two fingers into his eyes making him yelp out of pain , “Watch your Tongue you Spineless Dog ! ” Gauri yells at him , Kali yelps out his pain cupping his eyes ..

“B***tch * He furiously whispers as tears drops down at the corner of his eyes ..”Can we Start Your Highness!” Gauri mocks swinging her sword in front on him ..Gauri sword clashed in the mid-air with his dagger The Clashing sound vibrated across their body . Kali wields His Blade to Block her Swing …Leaving the hold on The Crutch Kali Holds the Dagger One Hand holding the handle and the other on the blade , Blood dripping from his left palm due to the ferocious hold on the blade ..Gauri swings again making Kali trying to wield But the Force of the blow pushes him off making him hit hard on his head on the Ground .The Spectators Apparently Gauri’s Men Starts Wolf-Whistling ..Om shakes his head amused Concentrating on The Fight . Gauri gives him a Smirk before Slashing her sword through the air and Connects to the Ground , Kali in time rolls on his back blocking her attack.

Getting back on His Feet Kali Bores his gaze into hers .. Gauri makes the First move thrusting her Dagger forward at Kali , He meets her This time pushing her back in force She stumbles on her steps but balances herself before She could plunge. Kali rushes forth past her , throwing another powerful blow She wields her weapon then Swinging in the air She jumps coming down slashing his left arm as the scarlet blood oozes down her Blade . Kali cries out in pain his right palm wrapped around his left forearm . Not giving him a time to moan out in soreness .. She Elbows on his face as He hits the ground hard letting out a painful loud yelp . Gauri tosses her hair haughtily , Her hairs falling off her braid as sweat beads formed on her forehead .Her Chest heaving up and down heavily as She looks at her Opponent .

“Khanna Sold You to Me For One crore you Sl*t * Kali sneers out , as His words reach her ear drums She stops abruptly in the mid-air from Stabbing him .Kali using Her moment of weakness Kali pops back on his Feet .Seeing Her lost in myriad emotions He smiles briefly before lunging at her ..A Strong arm Loops around her Waist Before Spinning her into his embrace as He Wields Kali’s Dagger Pushing him with a powerful blow making him stumble back few steps backward . He moves Gauri to his left arm as She places her head on her husband’s Shoulder .

“How Did you Get Out–” Kali asks him Shocked , Kali was hell Sure Gauri’s men did not help Omkara as He had given the Key to another Person who was apparently was Supposed to be his. Om laughs ” When you age this happens I was sitting on a Chair enjoying Like a King Seeing My Queen Fight her demon ” His arms around her tightens as She sighs against him “I have My Men here Kali Thak–ur!” He Smirks at Kali .

Seeing that Gauri had Gone Silent Kali’s lips Hooks up as He says “Omkara Don’t You Know that She was Sold to me by Khanna for One Crore That too The Deal happened in front of you ? So in terms She belongs to me !” Kali ignites more fire ..Gauri’s hold on His waist Slips down , Knowing her inner turmoil He tightens his hold around her , “She is Mine!” Om roars Moving Gauri to his right arm He raises The dagger plunging it on Kali’s Palm Before Kali could even think ..”You dare Talk Shit of My Wife I’ll Make you beg for Death !” Om sneers in venemence .

Crying out in Pain Kali roars “How Long are you planning to Hide that Khanna Killed her Parents? and He was the Sole Supplier For the Pimp ? and that He Sold His So-Called Daughter For Higher rate to Two places To Me to One-Crore and too Ajay for Three crores ? and He Kept her alive just to Kill after taking over her property? When are you planning Omkara?” , Hearing Gauri gaping out loudly in his embrace Kali knew that he had hit the right point ! .

With Tears Brimming in her eyes She Looks up at Omkara from the Embrace ..He Curses inwardly at Kali for Letting out He was planning to tell her all this but in a more calmer way .. He could not avoid her gaze ..her irises Flickering with hurt & pain made his heart ache .. She blinks twice asking if all What he told was true . Only She could believe her husband Right Now ..He Softly Nods Pulling her more closer to him bending down to her level he whispers in her ears “it’s Okay Love , Everything would be Fine !” ..She hides herself in the crook of his neck as Lone tear drops from her eyes ..Her tears had been Dried She does not have enough strength to Fight Back ! For Whom is She Fighting ? or For Whom Was She Fighting up to Now ? Going to an extent of Killing her Husband Who gave her nothing but love ? — To a Man Who She Gave the place Of A father –A Betrayer – Who Destroyed Her Everything!.


How Was The Sword Fight Between Ri & Kali?

I Wanted to Show a Bold Ri !

Haha How was the Little Rikara moments?

Finally One Revelation Khanna The Traitor !

How was the Chapter ?

Upcoming : Om’s rage on Kali!

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