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Tu Aashiqui 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Court hearing continues

Tu Aashiqui 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Patel telling the court that Rangoli and Ahaan argued, and she took him to her room against his will. Dinesh says we have seen you in footage, I didn’t know you will become prime witness of this case. Dinesh questions Patel. He says I have to take law lessons from Aparna now. She says we have the audio recording of Ahaan and Rangoli, since Patel was talking to his wife at that time when he was passing by them. Pankti recalls asking Uday to get audio recording of the call to his wife. Dinesh says I object. Aparna plays the audio recording.

They hear Rangoli saying, this is Pankti’s room, come. Rangoli worries. People in court gossip. Dinesh says you shouldn’t jump on conclusions so soon, this is blood test reports of Ahaan, it proves that he is a drug addict. Rangoli

smiles. Aparna says we don’t know about it, he should have shared it with us. Dinesh says the reports have just come, justice shouldn’t be delayed. Ahaan says he is lying, I don’t take drugs. Dinesh gets more reports. He says police has caught the drug peddler, he said he supplies drugs to Ahaan since years. They all get shocked. Ahaan says please try to understand, I never took drugs. Judge permits Dinesh to call the drug peddler. The man comes there. Ahaan recalls meeting him. The man says Ahaan is my customer. Ahaan says I met him. Dinesh says then game is over now. The man says this customer pays on time always.

Aparna asks what kind of drugs you used to supply. The man says any type he wants. She says you mean wherever he called you, you reached him. He says instant service. She asks where do you stay, you deliver drugs to Ahaan at his home, office or shoot, right. He says yes, I went there on madam’s call that day. She asks who called you there. He says don’t know. She says when you got the call, you delivered the drugs, you would know the caller. Dinesh sees Rangoli. She says I will tell you whose call he got, he got Mishka’s call. She says I want permission to call on that unknown number, if justice is delayed, it won’t help anyone. She taunts Dinesh. Judge permits her. She gets the man’s phone and calls on number. The number doesn’t connect. Aparna says I will try again.

Dinesh gets relieved when call doesn’t connect. Aparna takes some time from court. Ahaan is taken away by police. People chant justice for Rangoli. Rangoli acts as victim and leaves with her lawyer. Aparna sees the media response against Ahaan. Anita asks Pankti to leave Ahaan, she will get a client for her. She talks cheap. Poorva asks her to stop drama. Pankti says its fine, whenever mum is against me, I get sure that I m on my right path. Rangoli recalls Aparna’s words and gets angry. Dinesh comes and asks her to relax. He says I m winning the case, and you are upset. She says you underestimated Aparna. He says I will use Patel’s statement and defeat Aparna in court. Rangoli looks on.

Manav says we have to come back strongly in case, we need a true evidence to save Ahaan, else it will be tough. Pankti says I have an idea, we have to prove that Ahaan was tricked to take drugs, we have Mishka as witness.

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