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TEI~ Ishq Chupta Nahi Chupane Se ~ TWINJ- Episode 4 by Shalini

Recap- Aman’s entry , manohar nd rt’s fight then twinj’s fake fight in gurudwara.


TEI~ Ishq Chupta Nahi Chupane Se ~ TWINJ- Episode 3 by Shalini



Episode starts with Kunj thinking about what to say to Uv.. after a while something strikes in his mind nd he was about to say but couldn’t bcz Twinkle cut him..

Twinkle- “Maa I was sitting there on stairs of Holy water nd talking with Chinki but this Sadu Sarna came from behind nd pushed me down nd when I complain about this he stared fighting with me instead of apologies”… she said angrily staring at Kunj.. her anger was not fake but real.. Kunj was shocked nd speechless with open mouth looking at her..

Uv- “Kunj, is it true?.. why you did this with her?”.. listening Uv’s voice kunj come back in his sense.. he has not yet decided what to answer him.. but he’s to manage the situation so he said..

Kunj- “No bhaiya, she is lying.. I did nothing to her”

Twinkle- “I’m not lying maa.. you can ask to Chinki”.. chinki was shocked.. she never knew Twinkle will ask to her suddenly.. she was confused whether she shoul support Kunj or Twinkle.. she nods her head in yes then no then nd then.. Kunj decided to end this fight her only bc it was going to be serious bcz of Twinkle’s anger..

Kunj- “Bhaiya, I haven’t done it intentionally.. I was walking but by mistake I was slipped nd couldn’t manage my balance.. but I also didn’t let her fall down.. I swear.. otherwith she would’ve drench in water”..

Uv- “If it was the matter, then you should’ve apologies why did you start your fight?”.. Uv said being irritating..

RT- “Nd Twinkle what is this han?? is a sorry matters to you more than your manners? that you are fighting here.. in Gurudwara?”….. twinkle bowed down her head nd thought

“waah baba ji bol to aise rahe hain jaise ki khud band kamre mein fight kar rahe the” nd then says to RT “sorry”…. On the other side Manohar ask to kunj

Manohar- “Nd kunj you, at least you should have saw wher you are… but you are also doning such cheap act in public place…. you are a grown up, a mature boy but still you always use to fight like a kid… ab to sudhar jao”…… listening this uv murmured

“aap ka hi beta hai aise kaise sudhar jayega”.. he look at kunj who was trying to control his giggle.. nd both families ask to Twinj to stop their nonsense nd go in for ardas (puja)”.. they left from there while Kunj looks at Twinkle who was still angry on him.. she also left from there… Aman nd chinki burst out in to laughter while coming to him.. aman pats kunj’s shoulder still laughing..

Aman- “OMG kunj you both are such a great actor matalab hadh hai.. kisi ko jara sa bhi doubt nahi hota hai that you both are lover not enemies… bechare thumhari families.. manage kkaise kar lete ho dono apni Love story aur Hate story?… you know what you should get Oscar for this… right chinki?”…  kunj gives him death glare but said nothing nd he too left from there following with ChiMan..

Taneja’s n Khanna’s r family friends nd business partners since more than 15 years  while Sarna’s nd Singh’s are also close friends nd business partners since Kunj nd Aman’s both school time … Nd now Khanna’s nd Singh’s are would be relatives…..

After some time puja finished nd all comes out gurudwara nd leaving from there when uv tells to usha

Uv- “Maa you all go I’ll come later bcz now I’m going to orphanage”…..

Usha- “Ok but don’t irritate her nd do check her medicines”… Uv nods his head in agreement while usha left from there with manohar..

Kunj- “Bhaiya I’m also cmng with you”..

Uv- “No kunj, today I wanna go alone”…

Kunj- “Ok fine you go…. aap bhi kya yaad rakhoge ki itna agyakari bhai mila hai aapko”..

Uv- “Oh really? agar itni hi meri agyakari hai to phir twinkle se fight kyun karta rahta hai hamesha?”..

Kunj- “Bhaiya firstly do tell me you are my brother or that syapa queen’s? bcz you always take her side instead of mine”…. he make a pupy face

Uv- “Oh dramebaaz! now don’t start your drama again… ok? nd why are you asking this to me? go nd ask from maa nd papa bcz most of the time they also use to scold you only not her”……

Kunj- “You know what you all are very bad family”..

Uv- “Yeah I know that… anyways, you can continue your drama here but I’m going now”… he pats his face with a smile on his face n left… Kunj went to aman to invite him at chinki’s form house at night for surprise from chinki .. nd everyone left from gurudwara except Kunj who has noticed that twinkle didn’t went with RT nd Leea nd he understood that she was still there.. he started to search her nd after few min he founds her in the garden behind the gurudwara n went to her

Kunj- ( in slow voice) “Twinkle” …..

Twinkle- (angrily) “Oh to finally aa gaye?.. but why are you calling me twinkle.. I’m toh fuss pataka…. beauty without brain … right? toh call me that na… nd what were you saying I have a habit to shout without any reason?.. then why are you here? go…. else again I’ll shout at you”.. she said angrily turning her face other side

Kunj- “I’m sorry Twinle… you know I didn’t meant that… I could not understand that time what to say to bhaiya that’s why I said that… why are you getting too hyper?.. this was not the first time I called you that?.. you these are the only solution of our fight..  look if you wanna scold me then do that but please don’t turn your face from me… you know I don’t like it”..  he hold his both ears nd says

Kunj- “look twinkle if you’ll not forgive me then whole day I’ll stay here like this only”

Twinkle- (in attitude)”As your wish… I don’t care”…. she started to go but stop as kunj held her wrist nd pulls her toward him due to which her one hand rest on his solder while other is still in kunj’s grip nd his other is on her waist nd they both look in each other’s eyes….

Kunj- “Really, you don’t care for me?”

Twinkle- “no I don’t care whatever you’ll do”..

Kunj- “You really don’t care if I’ll stay here like that in sunlight…. you don’t care if I’ll get ill… if I’ll stay away from you?”

Twinkle- “Kaha na No means No”… she turn her face other side

Kunj- “So you don’t care”… saying this he comes closer to her cheek

Twinkle-(shocked) “Kunj what are you doing?… leave me”..

Kunj- “No…”… while twikle struggles to free herself but kunj pulls here more closer to him by his both arms around her waist.. SAJNA VE plays in bg which is continue with their cute talk

Twinkle- “Kunj pls leave me someone will see us like this”

Kunj- “So…? let them see I don’t care”..

Twinkle- “Kunj please leave me”..

Kunj- “No mean no…”… he comes more close to her face

Twinkle- “Kunj leave me else our family will get to know about us”..

Kunj- “Kaha na No means No…. nd so what if our family will get know about us? Let them know that how much we love each other….. jab pyar kiya to darna kya? pyar kiya hai koi chori nahi ki hai”.. he winks at twinkle who was controlling her smile in shyness but couldn’t nd smiles at him brightly.. he also know that she can’t be angry at him for long time for such silly things..

Twinkle- “Mr. saleem if your buttering is over at me, can you please leave me?? bcz if our both Mughal-e-azams will see us in this state then you know what will happen…. so please leave me”… she was tring to free herself from his grip but more than this she was blushing..

Kunj- “Abhi mood nahi hai but if you wanna go then free yourself nd go”…. he turns his face other side but still in same position..

Twinkle- “Kunjjjj”….. she hits him on his chest playfully

Kunj- “Ouch.. kya kar rahi Twinkle?.. it’s hurting”..

Twinkle- “Really??”.. he nod yes nd then both smiles then she hugs him

Twinkle- “I’m sorry kunj for irritating you… I’m very bad na?… pls forgive me?”

Kunj-(hugs her back nd caresses her hair) “Shh twinkle don’t say sorry to me…. I should say sorry for calling by such names…I’m really very sorry for that nd you are not bad but I’m bad”.. Twinkle breaks their hug nd put her hand on his lips..

Twinkle- “Kunj don’t say like this again else I’ll not talk to you…. you get that?”… kunj like an obedient child nods his head in yes… then both smiles brightly.. They sat on the bench in the garden

Twinkle- “kunj till when we’ll cheat our family? I really don’t like to cheat them”…

Kunj- “Twinkle don’t worry….. now bhaiya has come so very soon I’ll find out the reason of our families rivalry bcz Bebe told me that she’ll tell us whole truth together nd this is the reason I wanted to go with bhaiya today to orphanage but he resist me but trust me twinkle as soon as I’ll find out the truth I promise We’ll set everything well…. then everything will be fine nd we would not have to act like enemies”..

Twinkle- “I know that kunj nd I trust you completely”…. she puts her head on his shoulder while kunj wraps his one arm around her while with his other hand he hold twinkle’s other hand nd plays with them

——–Next scene———

*Anita Orphanage*

Uv comes there nd all the children comes nd hugs to him….. he gives them many gifts nd chocolate nd plays with them for some time nd then walks in a room where a lady wearing punjabi suite, was sitting on the bed with a book…. he calls out her name

Uv- “Bebe”…. she look at him nd gets teary eyed then uv comes to her nd touch her feet nd hugs her

Bebe- “Toh tujhe apni bebe ki yaad ab ayi hai”….. said breaking their hug

Uv- “I’m sorry bebe”….

Bebe- “Achha koi nahi.. leave it nd tell me what happened in house?.. Both again forced you for marriage?

Uv- “Don’t worry Bebe, for now everything is perfect.. Kunj nd me managed the situation”..

Bebe- “That’s good.. Kunj ne tujhe support kiya though he is still angry on you nd me as well.. since you left Kunj hardly come to me.. when I need something Usha send him here then only he come otherwise never”

Uv- “Why Bebe? nd why did you never told me about this?”..

Bebe- “Bcz I never want to depress you.. he want to know the truth nd he insisted me many times but I refused him that’s why”..

Uv- “Bebe, am I the reason of everything happened in our life?”..

Bebe- “Nah puttar, aisa kisne kaha tujhse?.. ye gussa, ye dushmani sab to pehle se hi thi bas in sabke bich me tere khushiyon ki bali chadh gayi.. don’t blame yourself for this.. you aren’t responsible for this”..

Uv- “Then why she is still angry on me Bebe?… I’m trying to call her since I came India but still she is not receiving my call… ab itni bhi badi galti to maine nahi ki thi na?”

Bebe- “No puttar you have not done anything wrong… don’t feel guilty… yeah she is angry with you bcz she couldn’t bear the pain of losing you… but she still loves you so much just hiding it in her heart… nd I’m sure once you both will meet then she’ll again melt in your love nd forgive you”…

Uv- “But bebe when will this happen wo to mere ek bhi messages ka reply nahi de rahi hai”… he laid down with his head on bebe’s lap nd she caresses his hair..

Bebe- “Offo puttar rab ji nu bharosa rakh sab achha ho jayega….. aur kab tak naraj rahegi?… usse bhi pata hai bhale hi tere iss faisle se tum dono door ho par isse tumhara pyar kam nahi hoga.. aur in sabme me at least sarna umpire ko bahot fayda hua hai…. nd somewhere we all are happy for you bcz of you only now sarna industry is the one of the top business umpire in Canada also… nd it is the matter of proud.. nd you know what  she is also happy for your success”..

Uv- “Bebe she still use to come here??”

Bebe- “Yes puttar nd you know what whenever she come here I always use to tell her everything about you since you went from here”…

Uv- “Bebe, will she forgive me?”

Bebe- “Of course puttar, wo jyada der tak tujhse naraj reh hi nahi sakti”… both continue their talk for more time…




Bebe- Mother of Manohar nd grandmother of Uv nd Kunj… sweetest person of the family..  she doesn’t lives with her family but in an orphanage named “Anita orphanage” bcz of some reason which caused by sarnas nd tanejas… n who is Anita, what is her relation with bebe nd where is she?.. it’s a mystery  which will revealed later.


I hope you like it. I know some of you are waiting for my other stories nd I’m sorry for the delay. I’ll try to post them also ASAP. Having very tight schedule. Hope you understand.

Nd thanks to everyone who commented on last episode. Specially thanks to Sapphire, I love the way you do comment on my all post, reading your comments I feel satisfied that there are some readers who really enjoy my work nd observe them in better way… your comments reminds me some readers of my FF’s from the beginning. of my stories two years back.. thanks for your appreciation.

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