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Savitri Devi 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 6th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer and Sanchi saving Gayatri and asking her to wake up. Gayatri gets up and asks Veer to take Sanchi away. Veer sees the star mark on Gayatri’s hand and says you will say now that the spirit has done this. Sanchi worries. Nurse stops Sanchi from entering ICU. Sanchi says I m the Dean. Nurse says I know, Veer didn’t permit you to enter. Sanchi thinks why isn’t Veer understanding me. She tries to talk to help Veer. He says I will manage, Gayatri is fine, she is resting.

Sanchi says even if you don’t trust me, I know how did this start, I know what to do. She goes. Veer says she is so stressed, that she is getting hallucinations, I will ask her to take some rest. Sanchi comes to the old ward and says it started from here. She gets shocked seeing Naintara inside the ward. She says I will end your game, I couldn’t save Priya, but will save everyone else. Naintara says you are a big fool, its fine if you want to play with your life, I can use you and kill Malhotra family if I want, but I will make them beg for their death. Sanchi says I can lose life to save them. Naintara says fine, you will be responsible for your problems. Sanchi says I will lock you here in this room. Naintara says I m already out, now no one can do anything to me. Veer comes. Sanchi says time will show that. He doesn’t see Naintara and asks are you fine Sanchi. Naintara says people will think you are made. Sanchi asks Veer to come with her.

She says we have to shut this ward, this started from here, Priya is gone, but I won’t let anything happen to anyone. He asks what nonsense, are you fine, Priya’s death was accidental. She says you won’t understand this, let me do my work. Sanchi tries to shut the door. Naintara applies powers to stop her. Sanchi shuts the door and is about to put the lock. Police comes to arrest her for Gayatri’s murder. Naintara smiles. Veer asks what proof do you have. Gayatri says I m the proof, inspector arrest her. Sanchi asks why will I do this. Gayatri says you want to take revenge from us.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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