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Belated happy birthday Mohammad murtajiz sorry I don’t know your name so yeah taking your username …
So sorry yar I am having my mid internals so that’s why I didn’t got time to write it
A very very very happy birthday wish you have a great year ahead …you asked for this so yeah this episode is for you today….
Let’s gets started
Shot 3
15 months later …
A big spacious room was shown with amazing interiors …a man walks into the room with a glass of milk while a woman was laying on bed with a pouty face …
Oh so madam woke up it’s good baby now drink this the man said passing her the glass of milk ..

No no no I said na I don’t want why don’t you understand huh she said frustrated you have caged me here and not letting me go anywhere also ..

Haww drink na baby see I specially made this for you first drink this get freshen then we will go out today it’s my promise the man said ..

Pakka ????? She asked with a glitter in her eyes while the man nodded ..

Pakka he said pecking her forehead feeding her milk with his hands and smiling at her while she smiled back at him …

The screen shifts to another place a man in his mid fifties was standing in the hall near a wall which has a big family picture …

Change your attitude Monu or you will loose your son’s Happiness forever the words echos in his ears while he looked at the man …

May be RT was right that day I was so blind in my ego what I did with kunj was really drastic I lost my son …I lost him he said while Bebe kept a hand on his shoulder …

What happen Monu Bebe while Manohar turned and looked at her ..
Nothing Bebe I was just seeing this you also woke up so early today Manohar said ..

Hmm I have to wake up him that’s why Bebe said ..
Haan go Bebe wake him till then I’ll ask someone to make tea Manohar said and left …

Don’t know what happened in my house our whole family Happiness destroyed one place my armaan is suffering and the other side my kunj …Bebe said tearfully
Screen shifts back to the same man and woman …the man keeps the glass aside and pulled the woman in side hug ..

Now let me go she said childishly …
No I won’t let you go anywhere he said ..

Huh I am not going anywhere sadu but going to get freshen up she said ..
Still drama queen man replied ..

You are such a kid huh she taunted him ..
Huh not a kid but going to be a father of the kid he said proudly ..
Whatever now leave my side she said while he nodded in no ..

I said na I won’t let you go anywhere he added …
But I can leave she said and came out of his cluthes …she started disappearing from his sight …

Twinkle don’t go plzzzz he said …when Bebe kept a hand on his head caressing his hairs ..

What happened kunj Bebe asked him waking him up while he got up and rubbed his eyes reality hits him that it was his dream and he has lost twinkle long back …

Nothing Bebe just a dream kunj replied looking down ..
Ok ok puttar now get up I’ll make something for you ..

No Bebe thanks I don’t want to eat I have a meeting thanks for waking me up he said and smiled …and left to get freshen up while Bebe went downstairs..
She sees usha ordering the servants about preparing the breakfast …

Acha hua bebe you came I am so confused what should we make for ria ?? Usha asked ..
Make something healthy for her Bebe replied..

Haan even I am thinking same armaan is taking her to doctor today don’t know what they will say now ..ria is very much depressed after that incident usha said ..

Hmm each time they are getting the same response and lossiing their hope but we should be with them Bebe said while usha nodded ..
Where is kunj Bebe ?? Usha asked ..

Hmm in his room he said he has meeting Bebe replied ..
Again he will skip his breakfast don’t know till when I’ll see my kunj like this usha said …

Sometimes what you sow you have to reap that only Bebe said and left leaving a guilty usha behind …she too left from there …
After sometime kunj reaches gurudwara he had turned into someone he never wanted to he had grown a shady beard his eyes conveying the pain which he went through daily the fun loving kunj changed into a intense man who just works day or night to keep his sorrow aside ..

Kunj went inside and prayed he closed his eyes …calming his senses in the sacred place …

Babaji I am praying just for the one thing since the day she left me to keep her and our baby healthy and happy it’s been so many months that she left ..I never saw her after that night though I tried to find her alott lot and don’t know where and how many times I find her but didn’t got her back in my life though this guilt will always stay in my life that I am her culprit …

I knew I deserved a punishment but not this much I am craving to see her each n every day this feeling kills me of not being able to hear her voice once I wanted her to slap me beat me for the thing I had done but instead she left me without even uttering a word without even asking why I have done that why I didn’t told anything I wanted to tell her everything but never got that chance back …

Though I don’t know but I wish to see her once to see him/her once I wish to see them everyday I wish them to be beside me each day but I feel pity for myself sometimes…. I got the severe punishment anyone could ever have of loving someone ..

my days starts with dreaming about her and ends with thinking how I failed miserably in my relationship …
Though I wasn’t able to give her anything but I’ll pray for her each day …

“Chaha toh bahut tha magar Kuch de Nahi paya..
Magar itni dua karta hoon bas khuda se ke Woh jaha bhi rahe Khush rahe sada ..”
Kunj wiped his unshed tears and went to help in the langar it was his daily routine to come here and pray for twinkle and his baby and to help the people in gurudwara …
@ Sarna mansion :::
It was afternoon everyone had their breakfast though Manohar retired from the work few months back he was sitting with usha and Bebe waiting for kunj and armia ..
Don’t know when they will come usha said her gaze on the door waiting for her children ..

After sometime armaan and ria steps inside while Bebe usha n Manohar looks at them and stands ..they looks at their face and signs each other ..

What happen puttar ??? Usha asked ria while she nodded in no and started crying usha hugged her tightly ..
Don’t cry ria puttar usha said but she hugged her tightly ..

Where is kunj ?? Armaan asked Bebe ..
Don’t know Bebe replied while Armaan left from there ..
Kunj reached office he started working after sometime he called Arman ..
Hey Bhai where are you ?? Kunj asked ..
I am coming to office only where are you ? Armaan replied ..

I am here only kunj said ..
Okay armaan replied ..
Bhai kunj sounded low ..
What happen armaan asked ..

Uhmm what doctor said ? Kunj asked…
Again same thing kunj we can’t change what happen armaan said ..
How’s Bhabhi ? Kunj asked ..

She is sad only armaan said …
Ok I’ll meet you in office armaan ended the call while kunj rested his head against his chair …

So many things changed here our happy family turned sorrow full once side I am struggling to find twinkle and completed my family while the other side Bhai is Bhabhi is struggling for baby ..after few months of that incident they both went on vacation in which they had met with a severe accident and hardly survived gave us a single option to save Bhabhi or their baby our family decide to save Bhabhi as she is most important for us and their baby was snatched away from them …Bhai and Bhabhi were both depressed with that incident it took them many months to come out of it or still they were in papa seeing Bhai in that state decided to retire and set him on business so that he may get distracted with it when he understands Bhai this much where I failed to make them understand about my Happiness leave it nothing left in my life I am just a lifeless body …kunj thought his chain of thoughts brokes when he gets a call …

Haan yuvi bol kunj started to say ..
What bol Haan ??? Are you serious kunj just now I had a conversation with Bebe and maasi(usha) and they said that you aren’t joining me in my wedding yuvi sounded angry from the other side ..

Haan yar maa papa Bebe Bhai bhabhi everyone is coming right so anyone needs here to handle the work so I am staying kunj defended himself but he also knew he was least interested in anything now ..

Nowaya work will happen daily you didn’t gave chance to enjoy in your wedding atleast let me balance in my wedding after all you are my bestest cousin bro yuvi said frustrated while kunj got quiet hearing about his wedding ..

I ….kunj started to say but was cutt off in middle ..
No more defending and explaining yourself if you are not coming na then then ….I’ll back out from my wedding and I am serious about it yuvi exclaimed ..

Oh really then back off. Atleast your would be will be saved from you kunj said with some tint of teasing ..
Shut up I am not going to listen anything you are coming and that’s it yuvi order ..
Ok fine happy kunj asked ..

Very much love bye ummah yuvi said ..
You will never improve kunj sounded
I know yuvi said teasingly and ended the call ..

This yuvi na how I make him understand they don’t even know about my wedding 😑they just know I denied to marry ridhi huh …kunj again gets back to work ..
@ Sarna mansion ::
Bebe and ria went to temple while usha was at home talking with her sister (Anita) asking about yuvi would-be family ..

Haan they are very good people she is perfect for my yuvi now leave this you tell me what happen to ria ? Is she fine now ? Anita asked ..

Yeah she is fine but still gets depressed sometimes but we all are here na usha said ..
Hmm right do one thing get kunj married then ria will get someone to be with her bring your second daughter in law Anita said ..

How I wish this …usha said and went into flashback ..
Manohar decided to get kunj marry as soon as possible as in any terms he didn’t wanted RT words to come true he talked with akash and ragini and they were ready for it too as ridhi likes kunj and they knew about it even ria …they were doing preparations for the wedding while the other side kunj was searching for twinkle with his heart and mind being dejected he went back to his home to find it completely decorated he went further to find ridhi and her parents at his home ..and his family too sitting with them …they all see kunj ..

Now kunj is also here ask him what type of wedding he want destination or a simple one ragini said ..
Whose wedding ? Kunj asked frightened ..

Yours kunj what type of question is this ? Manohar asked ..
But…kunj started to say ..

What happen kunj ? Ridhi asked him ?
I am married and I love my wife very much I love my twinkle very much and I can’t give her place to anyone but still if you want to be my wife just understand this you will be just their daughter in law and not my WIFE kunj declared Infront of all making them shocked

What ? Was that twinkle saying truth that day ??? Ridhi asked ..
Yes she was truthful that day kunj answered with anger overempowering his senses ..

But you denied it right ? Akash asked ..
Yes I was a coward to accept her kunj said looking at his family and barged out from there …
No no this is wrong what he is saying we will make him understand usha said ..

I don’t think so akash said ..and left with his family
What happen to him now ria asked while they all left to talk with kunj ..he was in his room shattered when his family entered ..

What was that kunj Haan ??? Why you were so rude downstairs you would have think about my respect once Manohar said ..
Really papa you…still you care for your respect I think you just want to show that Manohar Sarna is always correct Haan kunj said ..

Kunj he is your papa is this the way to talk ? Usha asked ..
Leave about it you also talked to her in very bad way did I said anything ? Kunj asked he was very much angry by now ..

But kunj ? I …usha started to say …
Just because you wanted to show Leela aunty down you abused her and our baby maa you didn’t even realise once that you are abusing your own self kunj said ..usha looked down ..

And Bhabhi you also when you all know the truth that she was right that day still you all have humiliated her like anything ..kunj said ..

Now enough I have heard you now you all have to listen to me too if anytime ..anyone will try to force me I’ll end all the ties and will leave this house too kunj declared making all of them shocked …

Flashback ends ..
Usha usha are you there Anita asked ..
Hmm Haan well leave this all yuvi is getting married and we all are really happy we will join you all soon …usha said ..

Haan I am also waiting Anita replied and ended the call while Bebe and ria came back and they started packing ..
Next day :::
Kunj went to submit the project in which tanejas were collaborated too it was a 2 years contract which was going to end in next few months abeer also came there and joined them in meeting while they all were done with their meeting abeer left from their but he forgot to take his file ..kunj sees and decided to give him ..

Abeer on the way gets someone call and a smile appeared on his face ..he received the call ..
So finally you got time to receive our call Haan the voice from the other side said .
Yep guys abeer said he bend down to tie his shoelace and kept his phone on speaker …
So bad 😏 we all are missing you the voice said while abeer laughed ..

Okay fine I am joining you all soon even I am missing my family alott and specially them 😍😍abeer said ..
Haan come soon the voice said and abeer ended the call he turned to find kunj ..

Anywork ? He asked ..
Wo you forgot your file there kunj said forwarding his file ..
Thanks abeer said and left ..

Was that her ? Kunj mind question he shooed the though and left too ..
After sometime kunj and armaan too came back home and packed their things too soon they all went to airport ..

Other side ::
A beautiful morning was shown while a lavish house was viewed with the toys scattered everywhere around …a small cute chubby baby was crawling on floor while a woman was searching ..

Uff baby where are you ??? Why they are so naughty I am getting tired now running behind them ..the woman said …

Another woman comes there she sees that baby who tired to hide behind couch and smiled ..she went tip toed and sees her ..

So miss Elena is here she said and lifted her while the first woman comes there ..
Finally you found her she said while the baby giggled Making them laughed ..
Screen freezes
So how was the episode ???
So sorry for posting late Yaar I am having my mid terms so that’s why …
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Again a belated happy birthday 😉
Bye allahafiz …

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