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Preetan FF : Truth of life (Sequel) Part 8


Khushi waits for doctor to do surgery when Rishab comes to her

“Dad, I am doing right? asks him

Rishab : you know today one thing I realized you are your mom’s daughter, she never backed out from sacrificing for others neither your Preeta masi both are same

Khushi : one is my blood other is closed to my heart from everybody else

“That day I also realized one thing my Preeta masi taught me, if you want to sacrifice do it selflessly and you will definitely get good result of that deed Khushi’s voiceover says 

Doctor takes Khushi inside surgery when Tanya comes in nick of time. She silently gives Khushi her blessing and apologize for missing her show.

“Mom is with you, I know you are my tigress daughter Tanya kisses her forehead

Khushi : now I have no fear of anything (is taken inside)

Preeta : whatever Khushi has done today I won’t ever forget

Karan : I guess nobody will ever

Tanya and Rishab stands opposite to each other recalling Khushi.


Shobha chachi taunts Tanya for being partial with Khushi and Pari.

Tanya : how dare you? nobody have right to tell me about how I treat my daughter for me both are equal

Shobha : thats why you saved Khushi when you know Pari cannot swim, whatever you say but truth comes out

During one of the swimming class Tanya saved Khushi but was unaware Pari was drowning due to circumstances.

Flashback ends

Doctor comes out of surgery room and informs about recovery of both children

Doctor ; dev is absolutely fine now, no need to worry about him and one thing I have to say Khushi is very strong she will be little weak for few weeks and you have to take extra care of her health

Preeta : (gets in tears) : thank you so much

Everybody goes to meet Khushi and Dev except Tanya who have no courage to meet her daughter.

Preeta : you are okay my princess (asks Khushi) thank you

“You only said one should never thank for good deeds Khushi tells her

Dev : hey champ this time you scared everybody

Khushi : but I want my fees for this, you promised me you will go to selection for football, time for work captain

Preeta ; you are still joking

Karan ; because she is like me, never get scared of anything

Preeta ; great if she does anything good she is like you and doing twisted is like me

Khushi : masi where is mom

Shrishti ; I think she went back home

Rishab : and madam mind it for few days you are under our supervision

Khushi : dad please

Rishab ; no ifs and but, its my order Shrishti will have days off

Shrishti : finally you are in my hands

Khushi : now fun begins

” Thank god I will get some relieve for few days Rajiv interrupts

Sameer :not so soon my dear just like your mom used to fail son is also same

Shrishti : excuse me who said that to you? just give me name (looks at Preeta)

Preeta ; what? I am not the only one

Shrishti ; really then did some ghost came and told him

Sameer ; actually nobody needs to tell that, your face says truth, imagine your sister is doctor and you are tall pole

Shrishti : shorty stop it right now, you are insulting in me in front of kids

Rishab ; can we save fight for later in house, I will get discharge papers

Karan : wait I am coming with you

Later Khushi and Dev are discharged from hospital.


Roo waits for Sahil to come back at late night. He sees her waiting for him

Roo ; I will get food ready, go freshens up

Sahil : you want to talk anything

Roo : actually today again Sona and Maya fought with each other, principle called me

Sahil : I guess its our fault too we never payed attention to her when we needed

Roo : is it to late for rectify our mistakes

Sahil (puts hand on her) : I am sorry for everything

Roo : I should also be sorry, I could not be good mother you know I decided I will take break from work for few weeks and spend time with Maya

Sahil : our thoughts are so same, I told manager to postpone all my concerts because I want to spend time with my family now

Roo ; love you

“Love you too Sahil kiss her hands

Maya sees them through corridor and goes inside without reacting.

“Mom can I ask you something how did you meet dad first time Sona asks her

Krissh ; hello KBC, first finish questions in book then play game

Sona ; I didn’t ask you, dad you say

Dhruv ; dear let it be if I answer that your mom will kick me out of room

Sona ; so what? my room is open for you, this Krissh will sleep in hall

“Are you done? Kritika asks her irritably

Sona ; not until you answer my question

Kritika ; why don’t you write that answer in your exams and teacher will give you complimentary marks

Dhruv : she is a doctor’s daughter, I know she will pass finals

Sona ; at least I didn’t repeat year like that Rajiv he is still with Pari in class

Kritika ; I am sure he might like Shrishti, my bhai never failed a class

Dhruv ; wow thank you god you told us the secret we never knew

Kritika ; why don’t you behave like father? thats why she is out of control

Dhruv ; because I trust all kids not only us but all of them, yea Maya is to be concerned

Kritika ; If that day Roo had not supported Tanya bhabhi to settle in foreign this day would have never come

Dhruv : whats the logic? Khushi is not spoiled from any angle neither Pari , whatever happened was Roo and Sahil’s fault too

Kritika ; I guess you are right, they have to work hard a lot to rectify her, at least if they are able to make her understand, she will respect her cousins easily

Sona gets raged hearing about Maya

“One side Dev and I shared relation more than real siblings but other side Sona and Maya’s enmity goes to which extent nobody knew not even me Khushi laughs while talking 


Khushi gets a call from the representative of event and is shocked.

Preeta : what happened?

Khushi : I am dismissed from dance, they said I won’t be able to participate due to surgery

Pari : masi, this was bound to happen so who did they select

Khushi ; trinity school

“Trinity? that means Zara Dev thinks

Khushi does not show her sadness and instead asks Dev to start focusing on football.

Khushi : I didn’t do this so you sit here and stay like before, but only so my brother achieve something in life

“I promise my success is on your name Dev hugs her

Tanya : who wants to come shopping with me

“Me Rajiv and Khushi says

Tanya : get ready I am waiting in car

Preeta ; Pari you stay me, I have some work from you

Pari : sure masi

In car

“Khushi, Rajiv I have got something for you Tanya gives them a flyer

Khushi : mom classical music performance but whats that to our use

Tanya : I want you both to participate, will you do that for me

Rajiv : how will we? none of us know how to play this instrument

Tanya ; at least you can try (stops car in park)

All three comes out

Khushi : he is right mom, we don’t know

Tanya ; then how did you know dancing, just because your mom was one no (sits on her knees) from long time you wanted to do something for me right

Khushi ; yes but you loved dancing

Tanya : today I am saying, you both will participate in this and win it, Rajiv this is your chance to show talent to world

Rajiv : but who will teach us?

Tanya : your Sahil uncle knows how to play every instrument and till he comes I will put you in classes, no force on both of you

Khushi ; if that makes you happy I will do it

Rajiv : me too, I also want to make my mom and dad proud that I can achieve something

Tanya smiles at both of them

Khushi : I will play cello but who will sing

Rajiv ; your talented brother is standing in front of you and asking

Tanya ; see thats your choice you both decide what you want to do, just let me know and I will enroll you in classes

Xaviers school

Khushi feels slight pain on side due to surgery

Yash ; watch out (makes her sit on bench) you will always remain carless drink some water

Khushi : thanks

Yash : you are okay?

Khushi (smiles) : I am fine actually very happy

Yash : your happiness means danger tell me the reason

Khushi ; mom gave me a task, new hope (shows him flyer)

Yash : classical music event, this sounds interesting see I told you few things we should leave on time

Khushi ; I just don’t want any mistakes this time, this is my only chance to win back mom’s trust

Yash ; don’t know about others but I have full trust on you, by the way who will teach you

Khushi : mom said she will enroll me and Rajiv to indian music classes

Yash : now you are insulting me, when will my talent used, you forgot I also know how to play instruments and cello, guitar are my favorite ones

Khushi : really? thank you so much

When everything suddenly get better life gets little boring, after long awaited time mom finally gave me a task to fulfill but whats the fun without twist, yes Sahil uncle whom me and Rajiv had not known much, you can imagine we both will be next target of Maya ” Khushi giggles 

Preeta starts take care of Dev’s fitness for selection in football..

Dev ; they said fitness test is next week and then try out for next season

Preeta : so we have enough time, I am putting your diet chart here follow that and before school we will have few hours of gym

Dev : okay mom

Precap : Pari asks Khushi if she had to choose love or family one day. Maya gets jealous of Khushi being pampered by everybody in family 

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