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Part 96 Mehrya My version


PART 96 07/09/2018

Next morning Mehak was hugging Shaurya and sleeping on his chest. Her alarm rings and she didn’t move an inch. Shaurya was annoyed with the alarm sound and he slowly opens his eyes. He moved a bit to her side not disturbing her and turn off the alarm. He looked at her she was like a baby hugging his chest and slept soundly. He pushed her hair strand falling on her face and tuck it behind her ears she moved closer to him more, he hugged her more tightly. A vibration sound heard and he turn to his bedside table took his mobile it was his meeting reminder for the day. He dismissed the notification and slowly adjust her to a pillow and kissed her hair before covered the duvet properly as he went to shower.

As he comes from the shower looking at the dresser in his towel Mehak was still in deep slumber. He wonders what happen as in usual days she will be up early and this is not normal. He wore his pants and walk to the bed and sat next to her as he caressed her silky hair. He bend to kiss her forehead. She turn to other side and hugged her pillow. Mehak he called her softly, she hmm, what happened you are not waking up I am getting ready for office baby. She took his hand enveloped around her and saying in her raspy voice, my whole body aching Shaurya I feel so tired can’t move at all. Feel like want to stay in the bed the whole day. He slides under the duvet to comfort her she turn to his chest and hugged him tightly. Shaurya you smell so good stay with me, he chuckled seeing her and said wish I can stay like this too but today I have a meeting with event sponsors so I have to go for this baby. You are feeling like this after trying yoga for the first time yesterday. You never been an active person so when you suddenly do some physical activity your body is having some changes and you are feeling uneasy. Sleep and take rest I will finish my meeting and come home soon okay he pacified her. He kissed her cheek and made her to sleep well, he reluctantly gets up from the bed and wears his shirt and vest. He wore his watch and before he leave the room he went to peck her forehead and said I love you jaan, Mehak smiled and said love you patidev. He smiled as he leaves the room. He close the room door and walks to the hall and opens the balcony sliding glass door and drink a cup of water before leaving the house.

Around 10am Mehak slowly opens her eyes and saw the time is 10am as she rubs her eyes she pushed the duvet and stretched herself. She heads to bathroom and showered dressed in long skirt with sleeveless tops. She secured her hair with clip at the center and made herself breakfast. She messaged Shaurya good morning patidev.  He saw the message and quickly replied awake? Before she reply he replied in meeting call you later. She sent him pouty emoji and was busy with house chores. As she slowly finish all the chores she prepares for lunch. Her doorbell rings and she quickly went to get it. She opens the door and saw Neev was standing smiling with a container and balloons. She ask him to come in and ask what is he doing, He show her a container and opens it for her. It had some snack and said mommy made this I bring this over here so we can eat together. She pulled his cheeks and said you are so cute Neev you bring for me snacks how caring you are. You wait for me here and she made him to sit on the hall and switch ON the TV. He watched his favorite cartoon as Mehak went to complete her lunch preparations.  Later she joins him to watch cartoon and enjoyed good laughter together as they enjoyed the snacks he brought over. After a while both started to play and the balloon he bought stuck on the ceiling along with ceiling light. Mehak pulled a chair and climbed on it to detangle the balloon from the ceiling light. As she was struggling to detangle the balloon, Shaurya return home and he notice the door was not locked and he push open the door.  He takes off his shoes slowly and saw Mehak standing on the chair to detangle the balloons. Neev saw him and Shaurya silently place his finger on his lips to remain quiet. Mehak was mumbling Neev this balloon is stuck badly on this. I am scared your balloon will burst. Shaurya saw her as she lifts her arms up her top moved up exposing her belly. His naughtily blow some air on her belly and as a reflex she pulled her tummy in and pulled her skirt up to cover her belly. She manage to tangle the balloon and takes a deep breath and said Neev I manage to save your balloon here you go Shaurya this time kissed her belly which tickled her and she loss balance screaming Matarani and was about to fall Shaurya catches her. Mehak opens her eyes and saw herself held by Shaurya she asked him when did you came. He knocks her with his forehead and said when you were struggling to remove the balloon from the ceiling I was already here. She tapped his chest and said instead of helping me you made me scared. Neev cleared his throat and said didi I am still here don’t forget me you saw your handsome husband and now forgot me. Mehak shuts her eyes as she felt shy and ask Shaurya to put her down but he carried her to the sofa and place her there as he sat next to her. Neev came to them Mehak pulled his cheeks. You are such a cutie. Neev quickly said didi I go home now mamma will be waiting for me I need to lunch and go for tuition, he takes leave from them he hop as he close the door leaving them alone. Mehak looked at Shaurya how your meeting, he unbuttoned his vest and said meeting was good usual business. Everything finalized from the commercial ads in between the shows and the posters and brand informations all clearly discussed with partners and sponsors. Waiting for legal team to put them all in the papers and we will signed them officially. Mehak eagerly asked how about the candidates. Yes that’s another process it’s taking a long process to screen through and pick the right one. Total we received thousands of applications and the team choosing 50 from there I will chose 20. Okay leave this aside, tell me how you are feeling he asked. Mehak leaned more into him and pull his hand which was enveloped her shoulder into hugging position, don’t ask patidev never I felt so pain like this my knees to shoulders all are aching after having hot water shower is slightly better. I wonder how everyone doing this every day without complaining. He tapped her head it’s not like that when you are not use to this new activity your body’s reaction will be different. When I started gym few years back I had muscle sore now I am used to weight lifting and boxing. Since came to Bangalore I am lifting this weight so I am used to it he lifted Mehak and put her on his lap. I think you have put on little but weight, did you check he teased her. She pulled his lower lip and ask so you don’t like me anymore. He holds her waist tightly pulling her closer to him shall I show you how much I like you, Mehak’s tummy twisted with his s*xy tone. She pushed him and looked don’t be so cheesy, go and change your clothes let me serve you lunch, she gets up from his lap he pulled her hand to stop her. She turned to look at him and ask him to go and change I am hungry. He smiled and went to change as she goes to kitchen prepare the lunch. After they done lunch Mehak asked him to help some edits and both sat together and did the work together. Mehak email the final work to Priya and Shaurya busy with his business proposal. Once he completes them he went to the gym for his workout session.

He returns home and freshen up. He headed to kitchen to start his dinner tutorial for Mehak. It was Vegan Bolognese for dinner. Mehak takes note on the methods and complete cooking they enjoyed dinner. Mehak went to change in her pyjamas and came out saw Shaurya at the living area. He asked her to come and she went to join him. I want to show you something. She sat next to him resting her feet on the sofa leaning on him closer. He press PLAY on the remote and it shows India Super Cook master copy. Mehak was excited. It was from the first day Shaurya, and the fellow judges came to the event spot and participants meet and greet session. Mehak pointed there I am standing there next to chachi. He passed by watching her with anger kind of look. Mehak asked him why you look at me like that. Like what he asked, that khadoos wale look. I didn’t like you at time I was expecting you won’t come but you did came that’s why. Then continued Mehak walked down the cooking spot scared with the contest, he teased her you look like a cat which is scared. What to do you are like sher sitting there with attitude waiting to attack me, some more you made me to stand right in front of you what you know how I felt. Then the moment she asked for pressure cooker and cooker rice balls instead Risotto. Mehak said if not because of Rajiv sir and the other judge I would have gone home on the first day itself only these 2 defended me saying it’s a kind of Italy dish. Mr Khanna you need to understand about other dishes too she nudged him. They continued watching and reminiscing their old memories. Then the part where Mehak runs away from the set and she end up in Shaurya’s vanity room. He pulls her out from his room to the event area and confronted her in front of all and humiliates her. Mehak says see your usual khadoos wale behavior. You scare me like that. It continued with the part he disturbs her while cutting capsicum. He was upset when Mehak respond him about cutting technique and he got annoyed with her response and cut her finger. Mehak jumped Khadoos kumar cut my finger and look at your face there no remorse or sorry expression. Shaurya responded hello it was accident don’t make a scene out of it, Mehak replied it was such a deep wound and very painful you know. Okay sorry now let’s continue to watch. It continued and both keep pulling each other’s leg the episode where he purposely made her to cook chicken and it turned out to be fantastic dish. You see Mrs Khanna you never cooked non vege item and with my pushing you made that meal outstanding I always been a positive motivation to you. You should appreciate me he said with his usual egoistic tone. Mehak nodded acha yes you really motivated me very much. She tapped on his bicep and continued to watch when he pushed her in the swimming pool. The part he will jump in to save her. That shot was taken at close up and it was focused on his expression where he watched her intently as Mehak struggled in the water as he captured her with his arm. Once they were out of the pool he taunted her with his high class talks. Mehak pinched him and asked I don’t get it, after saving me also you are disturbing me uff this your character is something very peculiar. Then it continued with the night where all gathered for the bonfire and he spiked her drink both danced wildly. Mehak sees her wild side she quickly hide her face on his arm. Shaurya please fast forward this I cannot see myself like this. This is so embarrassing, Shaurya was laughing at the scene where he also dancing in drunken state. Mehak sneakily look through how the entire crowd watching them and they been oblivious to them as she passed out and he carried her to the room.

Mehak grab the remote from his hand and press PAUSE. She asked him do you remember what happened that night. What we both did in the room Shaurya she asked? He chuckled and said don’t ask Mehak if you know now you will feel very bad so don’t ask anything. She pulled his bicep, Shaurya tell Na, please baba. She pleaded cutely. He said okay , once we came to the room I put you on the bed and you pull me to you and started to behave naughtily and kiss me all over, Mehak’s eyes widen hearing it. She beat his bicep again and said I won’t do such thing stop lying and tell me the truth. He said okay, you ask me why I can’t talk nicely to you, you said my nose is like the Pakora, you said Mohit call me lambu tadiyal and Kanta chachi calls me stubborn rich spoilt brat. Then we passed out and slept when I woke up I was shocked seeing myself there and quickly move out. Mehak continued then the host came saying to me I had affair with the Shaurya Khanna then I came to ask you for clarification which I made up some story Shaurya said. By the way what did you told Sonal? Me I didn’t say anything she quickly tried to cover up. Don’t lie I saw you crying behind the bush on the phone, saying I will suicide my whole life is gone. Mehak’s jaw dropped hearing it Besharam aadmi you heard everything? Yeah I was looking for you everywhere and I saw you crying so I hear it. So when you told Sonal about it what did she say? She is crazy Shaurya I never expected she will react in that way. Tell me what she said he asked with a pleading tone. Mehak with much hesitation said when I told her you stole my virginity when I was unconscious she laughed and said she will distribute sweet for the entire community and I should be happy that my first time is with Shaurya Khanna , chi sometimes this Sonal talks rubbish. I am already upset and she is talking about celebrating that news. He pulled her to his lap and looked at her closely so now tell me weren’t you glad your first time with me, Shaurya what are you talking stop talking rubbish she hits on his chest. Tell me, Mehak said of course I cannot be happy about losing my virginity to a khadoos kumar badtameez bhel. She pulled his nose and said come lets finish watching the video, she press the PLAY button of the remote. Both watched till the last episode where Mehak slapped him she rest her head on his chest and hold him tightly he also reciprocate her in same way. She caressed his cheek and press her lips on his cheek staying there for a moment. Shaurya didn’t look at her but he asked what that is for? She smiled little and said just I feel like to kiss you so I kissed you, you don’t like is it?  He nuzzled her cheek and kissed her at her jaw. Mehak interrupted Shaurya I want to ask something. He raised his eyebrow and looked at her, now tell me how it was feeling when first time got slapped by fat middle class girl. Shaurya rolled his tongue inside his cheek and he moved his eyes away from her, she knows he is annoyed with the question she pull him by his jaw and winked at him tell me Na.

I was so angry at you and wanted to revenge so now here I am married to you having you on my lap driving my insane all the time now are you happy he replied in one go. Mehak pulled his cheek and said so sweet my patidev, let’s go sleep I am so tired both went to the bed. As Mehak facing the other side resting next to Shaurya, his arm was side hugging her, he called her Mehak, hmm she responded faintly as she was about to fell asleep. You won’t get angry if I say something? No tell me, actually it was me who pushed you in the swimming pool back in the ISC. Hearing this she opened her eyes wide open gets up from her position and looked at him in disbelief as she pushed her hair back. She took a pillow and started to hit him mercilessly as he begged her to stop then she end up sitting on him and continue scolding him, joot makkar aadmi, always playing prank on me you pushed me and I was drowning you acted to save me and scolded me some more. The pillow ended somewhere in the room Shaurya manage to get hold of her hands and pulled her on top of him and both were murmuring something to each other and the room filled with their cute teases and laughter.


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