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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahadev kills mastasur.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev says matsa sur, you were an evil demon in the form of bhasmasur as well. Mahadev says what lord Vishnu did was right and he saved my life, otherwise you ran behind me to kill me. Matsa sur says mahadev, you and that Vishnu cheated me, chakradhari Vishnu came and he did his leela, he then killed me and all my powers were gone but not this time, I will kill the people of vrindavan and have my revenge from Vishnu as well as from you. mahadev gets angry and says matsa sur you will not go anywhere, you will be punished for your sins today.
Matsa sur gets angry and he takes the fish form and jumps on mahadev, mahadev removes a sharp dagger and he cuts the mouth of matsasur thus killing him. matsaur falls down and turns into bhasma sur and says mahadev,

I thank you for giving me salvation in my life, har har mahadev! Mahadev blesses bhasmasur and smiles. Bhasmasur goes. All people are fallen on ground and they wake up opening their eyes. All people get up and say we are alive and safe, that prabhu has saved our lives. Damodar then sees mahadev as a fisherman and says sir did you save our life? Mahadev says who am I to save your lives? That Narayana has saved all your lives today, I was just present at the right place at the right time, mahadev says but yes, kanha is waiting for all of you at the banks of the Yamuna river. Yashoda says thank you, we shall go now. all people go and mahadev goes.
There kanha is with balram and radha, balram says kanha you should have told me so that I would have killed that demon. Kanha says no brother, I prayed to mahadev, I am sure mahadev would have done something and saved the people. All people come and kanha says see brother, I told you matsasur is no ordinary demon, the people are safe now! kanha says we should go back to vrindavan now. all people go back to the village.
There sudhama is at the banks of ganga river and rishi brahmanand says the rituals are over now these kids shall be killed by jal Samadhi. Sudhama is sad and he says rishi, I have a last wish, before I die I want to pray to my govinda. Rishi says kid it is no use as no one will come to save you. sudhama says I just want to pray once rishi. Rishi says okay do what you want on the boat. Sudhama and his siblings are tied and kept on the boat as 2 men paddle the boat. Sudhama prays to kanha and says govinda, if I have ever done your bhakti with all my heart then today your disciple is dying, I would ask only one thing in life, after I die give me a place in your heart my govinda.
There rishi gargacharya goes to all people and say why is everyone so worried and there is no joy in vrindavan? Yashoda says rishi what do we do? Every time we have this fear of being killed, every time some new demon arises and some problem arises on vrindavan, the people’s life are put in danger. Rishi says yashoda, believe me, problems are there but shree hari Narayana is there to end all the problems, he wont ever let anything happen to his disciple. Rishi says you all have been thinking about this but forgot about kanha’s birthday tomorrow, yashoda and nand say yes guru you are right. Rishi says start preparing for Krishna janmashtami tomorrow! All people say yes.
There kanha says I feel my disciple sudhama is in danger, I have to go and save his life. Rishi gargacharya comes and kanha says rishi, my disciple sudhama is in danger and he will be dead if I don’t go and save him. rishi says prabhu, you are the Narayana! And the universe’s palan haar, nothing can stop you. kanha says I shall go rishi and he runs to kashi.
In kashi, the 2 men throw sudha, bhanu and then sudhama as sudhama has tears for his siblings. They all go in the water. There kanha comes running and says sudhama! No! kanha comes to the banks and the rishi’s see him and brahmanand says who are you? you cannot save them now. rishi brhamanand then looks carefully and says are you the one sudhama always takes the name of? Rishi then says yes you are! So you are his god? Another rishi says a small kid? Everyone laugh. Kanha says I accept whatever my disciples think of me, if sudhama thinks I am his god then yes I am his god! I will save my friend and disciple. All rishi’s laugh. Kanha is angry and says you rishi’s think of yourselves as educated but you seem right to kill innocent children like this? You are doing adharma and a sin and you wont get place in heaven anywhere for the sins you have done.

Precap: Kanha prays to mata ganga to save sudhama and his siblings. Sudhama meets kanha and is surprised and speechless.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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