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Nazar 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update

Nazar 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Chitali tells that Piya have devi mark. Guru Maa says that devik is a girl who has powers to fight against evil, to bring light to dark, devik are born to finish witches, devik is Piya and there is only one devik. Ruby thinks that if they prove that Piya is devik then I wont be able to marry Ansh. Guru Maa says Piya is real devik so other one is fake. Avi says enough, they are lying to make Piya marry Ansh, Ruby is real one. Vedsheree says we have to find out truly who is real devik, she asks Guru Maa how to do it? Guru Maa says Mata will prove it.
Guru Maa brings all to mandir, she says real devik will be able to light diya with her heart powers, Piya asks what is happening? Guru Maa asks her to just pray from her for Mata to listen. Ruby and Piya starts praying. All close eyes and pray. Ruby sees Piya’s diya burning and her not burning. She messages Mohana that I need your help. Mohana says no Ruby have to marry Ansh at all costs, it will be difficult to face mata’s idol but I will do it, I will try. Mohana uses her powers to try and make it work. She moves Piya’s diya infront of Ruby and Ruby’s unlit diya towards Piya’s side. Ruby sees all have closed eyes and didnt see it. Mohana becomes old and faints, she thinks that going against Devi Maa made me fall in this condition.
In house, all open eyes and sees Rubys diya burning and Piya’s diya not burning. Piya says I am sorry, I couldnt do it. Chitali says Mata proved that Ruby is real devik. Vedsheree says only Ruby can save Ansh. Piya says to Guru Maa that I tried as you said but diya didnt burn, I am not devik. Guru says you are devik. Vedsheree says Ruby is a devik. Guru Maa says this is Mohana’s trick, she doesnt want you people to get proteced by a devik, this Ruby is lying. Ruby says I am not lying. Guru Maa grabs her and asks why she is faking it? Avi stops her

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