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Mere Sai 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranoji and Abdul’s Challenge

Mere Sai 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Rukmini confronts Keshav and says his father Kulkarni is working so hard to make him barrister, where did his father go wrong. Keshav shouts his father always thought of himself and his false pride and forced him always.

Sai helps sweet seller prepare laddoos. Lakshmi searches Abdul. Ranoji asks if she is searching Abdul. Lakshmi says Sai is searching him to help prepare laddoos. Raanoji asks him to go and sell her cow dung cakes, he will search Abdul and send him to Sai. Abdul reaches there and asks Ranoji if Lakshmi was calling him. Ranoji lies no, she went to sell cow dung cakes. Abdul asks where is Sai. Ranoji lies that Sai must be in Lendibagh. Abdul asks where is it. Ranoji says he will tell route and explains.

Keshav shouts his father did not do any favor sending him to

London. Rukmini says parents always think of children’s betterment. Keshav says father sent him to London for his self-pride, else why did not he come to meet him, he always wrote letters pleading to call him back home, but father replied not to get emotional and continue reading. Rukmini says this is not true. Keshav says father wants him to become like him, but Rukmini always protected him in her motherhood, if she also wants him to become foreigner. She says this is not true. Keshav says he adopted foreign style to cope up with his depression, now she is jealous of him. He continues that father wants him to become barrister, but never asked what he wants. He angrily walks away. Rumini sits crying.

Ranoji walks to Sai and asks if he needs his help, Abdul told he will come later. Sweet seller asks him to roast gram flour. Ranoji thinks it is best time to serve Sai and become his favorite. Abdul gets tired walking and asks a man where is Lendibagh. Man says he came in opposite direction. Abdul thinks why did Ranoji lie. Lakshmi returns and seeing Ranoji preparing laddos says he is multitalented. Ranoji says if he knew about his talent, he would have become sweet seller instead of selling blankets. Sai says sometimes they learn new things while trying to help someone.

Chivu sees Keshav walking out and walks in thinking Keshav must have hidden something. She searches room and finds fritters, eats them and feels thirsty, searches for water, finds liquor bottle and drinks it, thinks it is burning,what is it.

Abdul returns to Shirdi and asks someone if he saw Sai. Man says Sai is in Dwarkamayi. Abdul reminisces Ranoji lying and misguiding him. Sai helps sweet seller prepare 30 kg laddoos. Sweet seller thank Sai. Sai asks to thank Ranoji instead. Ranoji gets happy. Abdul reaches Dwarkamayi. Lakshmi asks him where was he, she had left a message with Ranoji for him to reach Dwarkamayi soon for Sai’s help, then asks not to get tensed as Ranoji handled situation well. Sai says he will bring banana leaves to cover laddoos and takes Lakshmi with him. Abdul asks Ranoji to come with him and takes him out of Dwarkamayi and asks why did he lie that Sai went to Lendibagh. Ranoji says he said what he felt. Abdul asks then why did he send him in opposite direction. Ranoji says there is jungle route in that way. Abdul asks what about Lakshmi, she does not lie. Ranoji asks if he is doubting him. Abdul says he is younger than him, but has seen world, he doubted him since long when he pushed him carrying rice, mixing excess salt in pulao, and today misguided him, why did he do so. Ranoji says because Abdul is trying to take his place, he is Sai’s biggest disciple. Abdul says he is misunderstanding. Ranoji yells to go and do his wrestling in his village and leave this village. Abdul says he will not go anywhere as he got sister and people’s love because of Sai, maybe Sai did not like Ranoji’s service, so he sent Jhipri Lakshmi to call me. Ranoji challenges whoever loses will leave Shirdi and whoever wins will become Sai’s biggest disciple. Abdul agrees. They both walk towards Sai. Abdul pushes him and joins Sai. Ranoji falls on floor and gets more jealous.

Ranoji walks to potter and sees his son scolding him for selling pots for cheap. Father says they are his old customers and sometimes he has to let go. Son shouts they are taking advantage. Ranoji says let us go to Sai to solve their problem.

Sai serves laddoos to Abdul and Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks Abdul to take laddoo box away, else she will finish whole box, praises Ranoji’s skills. Abdul thinks good Ranoji is not here, else he would be more happy, where is he now. Ranoji enters with potter and his son and tells Sai that they both are tensed and he brought them to find solution to their problem via Sai. Potter’s son shouts at Ranoji that he thought Ranoji would get them customer, but he brought them to beggar, what will this beggar do. Lakshmi gets angry and warns to dare not insult Sai. Abdul confronts Ranoji why he brought these 2 to insult Sai. Sai asks to calm down. Ranoji says he wants to enlighten more people via Sai’s teachings..

Precap: Inebriated Keshav wobbles on street fighting with people and falls on Sai. Sai says Keshav he is looking beautiful.

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