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Mauli ff: Betrayal feat Adiya (Prologue)

” kunal aren’t we doing

wrong? “asked Nandini as kunal runs his hands over her waist and pulls her near him.

” Nandini how can I make you understand that we are not doing anything wrong. We love each other and our love is divine and pure. We have god’s blessings ” answered kunal bringing her close.

” I don’t intend to hurt you mauli but love does not see right or wrong ” thought Nandini before she gave into kunal’s touches. Nandini and kunal continued to romance each other unaware of the two people who have witnessed everything.

Zoya siddiqui and Aditya hooda stood near the door witnessing the horror and they turned blank seeing it.

“Aditya…” Zoya could not utter a word and covered her mouth with horror. What had she just witnessed? It was mauli’s husband  in a position of making out with another woman whom mauli called her best friend. Yeh Allah this is worse. How is mauli going to handle this? She can’t help sympathise with her. It’s worse than her case, at least Pooja was not her best friend with whom Yash cheated on her. She felt her anger building up inside on both the people who were romancing in front of her.  How can people turn so ungrateful and selfish in this world? Was extra Martial affair the last option left and on top of that they are were talking about it being pure and divine thing, chee.


Aditya checked his eyes once again to confirm what he witnessed was correct or was it is imagination?. It was kunal, his best friend’s husband who was doing this to mauli. His blood boiled witnessing it .The last thing in the world that he wanted was to someone to feel what he had felt  when Pooja betrayed him and his friend was going to face it was enough to make his blood boil. It took all his self control to stop himself from not killing the both. He would not let this people continue this more, mauli will be not kept at dark. Mauli deserves to know the truth, she deserves to know what she is receiving back for her trust and love which she showered upon her husband and yeah after everything he will not let them walk away happily, not before he make this two people realize that what they did was cheating and it is not any pure and divine love as they name it.


Aditya looked at Zoya trying to convey something and zoya nodded her head understanding his thoughts.


Mauli was happily chatting with her guests when Aditya and Zoya approached her.

“Thank you for coming here adi and Zoya thanks for accepting my invitation  and coming over here for me ” mauli flashed her smile to them unaware of the storm which she has approached her life.

Guys I’m sorry. The previous update of the ff was messed up plus I don’t know my FF got combined with another and got published. This is the actual topic

















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