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Mariam Khan Reporting Live 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahira faces Rifat’s wrath

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam and Jibraan talking and thinking to call Aijaz. Mariam’s friends play with some papers. Majaaz says I have to make dad talk to Mariam on video call, we don’t want to celebrate without her. The kids keep papers in the car. Inspector gets a news and tells the staff about the wrong pamphlets getting spread in city. The pamphlet gets stuck in Majaaz’s car. Aayat says its a new problem, Mariam will talk to Aijaz, I have to keep Jibraan away, I have to hide this phone. She hides her phone. Mahira thinks to meet Rihaan. She says I can’t go. Zain asks what’s the matter. She says I can’t go without passport, its at home. Rifat comes and asks what do you mean, you got it recently. Rifat says we just came from your home, how could you forget. Zain says

I will take her. Rifat thinks she would be going to meet her lover, this time I will decide. Mahira hides passport from Zain. Mariam and Jibraan come to Aayat’s room. Aayat is having a bath. They look for her phone. Aayat comes. They hide. They take the phone and go.

Aayat thinks to offer prayers. Mariam and Jibraan run out. Mahira comes home and says I will get my passport. She goes upstairs to meet Rihaan. She hugs Rihaan and says I don’t want to go, do something. He says you don’t know what I undergo seeing you with him, how can you go. She says I can’t tell family, I have one way. She cries and leaves. Majaaz and Omkar come to cake shop and decide the cake. Police is around. Inspector sees pamphlet and see Majaaz leaving in the car. Inspector says he was helping us in finding the kids, we have to find out. Rifat and Zain wait. Rifat says I will check Mahira, I m also her mum, I will help her. Madiha says I will help her. Rifat asks her to make tea. Meher says wait, I will make tea. Mahira gets her passport and says they can’t send me on honeymoon if I don’t have this passport. She burns passport. Rifat comes there and gets shocked.

Mariam says I want to talk to everyone. Jibraan says I m here to protect you. Madiha says its Mariam’s call, its your birthday gift. Aijaz says thanks, I will just come. He answers the video call and talks to Mariam. He smiles seeing her. He says I miss you a lot, I m sending your dad to get you. She says you can take me by superpowers, I know your secret. Jibraan also wishes him. Aijaz says so Mariam made a friend. Jibraan says I m her brother. Mariam says I tied him rakhi. Aayat says I will take appointment in embassy. She sees her phone missing and gets angry. She falls down. Rifat asks Mahira to leave the passport. She slaps Mahira and scolds her. Mahira says it means you knew about me and Rihaan. Meher gets tea for Zain. Madiha says I will go and see Mahira, Meher stay here. Majaaz and Omkar come home and meet Wasim, Fawad and Zain. Madiha goes to Mahira.

Rifat says I get angry seeing your face. Mahira cries. Jibraan asks why are you there, we shall celebrate here. Mariam says we know your secret. Aijaz says I don’t know it. Mariam says you are superhero. Aijaz laughs. Mariam and Jibraan see Nawaaz coming and get shocked, saying is grandpa superhero or ghost. Aijaz asks what are you saying. Mariam gives phone to Nawaaz. Aijaz and Nawaaz see each other and get angry. They argue. Mariam gets shocked.


Jibraan says you are Mariam’s dad, this is my grandpa. Mariam says this is Aayat’s son Jibraan, don’t know why Aayat didn’t tell me before. Aijaz and Majaaz get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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