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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 7th September 2018 Written Episode update : Gunjan diagnosed with paralysis.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tevar asks Kulfi not to cry and what happened,Kulfi tells about Sikander,Tevar asks why did you go,kulfi says I just went with sweets,Tevar says I will not tolerate anyone misbehave with my daughter they will have to repay. Gunman being examined,Lovely tensed,aNd recalls the incident,doctor asks how did she fall,Lovely says I don’t know,may be slipped,Sikander holds mohendars hand. lovely goes out of the room and says oh god how did this happen to me,and Mahendra Bhaiya is so silent,I thought kulfi will leave all will be fine but nothing is,inspector walks in and Lovely gets scared,she says I need to talk to Sikander,Tevar calls Lovely she ignores the call,Tevar gets angry,kulfi stops him.Sikander walks out, Inspector says it’s about David. Sikander says actual nit now,bhabhi met with

an accident and we are tensed.

Doctor walks out and says we need to shift her to hospital it looks like a case of paralysis ,Sikander asks Lovely does she has any idea how bhabhi slipped,Lovely scared says I don’t know I called you I saw her fallen on ground,inspector asks Lovely to get a glass of water. Kulfi asks Tevar not to get angry,Tevar says I’m not angry on you,please don’t cry I’m very sorry and hugs her, Tevar things she is so innocent I will surely make her smile. Lovely hears inspector talking to Mahendra that the case doesn’t look simple, she looks like being pushed call us if you need help and leaves. Lovely says Bhaiya is silent now I have to do something that he keeps shut.

lovely walks to Gunjans room and closes the door and says to mohendar look at me,you saw I did nothing,she met with an accident you were at fault too,are you listening, do you understand a word,just keep this between us,Sikander walks in and says Bhaiya ambulance will be here don’t worry and hugs him.Kulif missing time spent with Sikander, Tevar Walks to her dressed in uniform and keeps saluting her,Tevar says only when I get a kiss, kulfi does and both start having fun and playing, kulfi still missing Sikander and thinks I should be happy being with my father but I feel I left my happiness there. Sikander says I have Amyra back but since the day kulfi left this house so did happiness.

lovely tells cutie about gunjans paralysis,cutie asks how did she fall,Lovely asks how do I know,mohendar walks in and says you pushed her I saw right by my eyes,Lovely says it was an accident,Mohendar says till date I was quite but not today you raised hand on my wife,I was quite for my brothers happiness, but you cheated on Sikander and kulfi and now I will get kulfi back here at her fathers place,Lovely says you won’t you promised Bebe, mohendar says destiny won’t hide this truth,I will just be their support and I swear on gunman for this,cutie says what will you say,mohendar calls Sikander, Love, was gets scared, Sikander walks in and asks what happened,Mohendar says Sikander I don’t find Tevar good, just think about kulfi,think by your heart isn’t anything weird in all this,Sikander says as per the bag Tevar is her dad but my heart doesn’t accept and hugs him and says you don’t worry I will look after Tevar,Mohendar says Kulfi was this house life she left and gunjan look at her so I want all good for kulfi,both leave,

lovely tensed.cutie walks to her and says lovely don’t bake mohendar easy,good people when they turn bad they become worst.

Pre cap : kulfi has high fever, Tevar calls Lovely for help and she says why call me call doctor.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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