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Krishna Chali London 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe suspects Prashant

Krishna Chali London 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shukla and Krishna arguing. She says this isn’t any game for me, my respect is at stake. He goes. She sits crying. He gets Prashant’s call and rejects. Shuklain sees the food. She asks what’s this, you made plain food. Bela says Krishna is ruling here, we have to listen to her. Shuklain says i will see her. Bela dances. Shuklain says I won’t drink gangajal by your hands, you can do anything and kill me. She scolds Krishna. She says the world knows that you wanted to break marriage with Radhe, he was fighting with everyone for your sake, what did you do that my son kicked you out of this house, you went, then Shukla called you back, now he is listening to you, what game are you playing, I should know.

Krishna says you have put all the blame on me, what

shall I go, if anything wrong happens, you think I did it, I know Radhe always supported me, I m thankful, but I didn’t do anything wrong, he is misunderstanding, if I had to leave house, I would have gone, my dad came with divorce papers, I wanted to become doctor, its all easy for me, my family is supporting me, trust me, I won’t let anything wrong happen with you, I call you mummy, I m requesting you. Shuklain says fine, I will have an eye on you. Krishna says my eyes are also on you, your health, get ready for the walk. Shuklain says I can’t do this. Krishna gets Shuklain get dressed in salwar suit. She asks Shuklain to come out. Bela, Lali and Krishna wear track suit. Shuklain shouts to Shukla and Radhe to save her. Radhe says open the door. Krishna says you go from here. He comes out and asks Krishna to leave his mum. Krishna says don’t worry, I m here.

She makes Shuklain stand on treadmill. Bela jokes. Krishna says hold here, walk now, its on slow speed. Bela says it will be fun. Krishna starts the treadmill. Radhe says if she gets hurt, you see then. Krishna says this is treadmill, not any rocket. They argue. Shuklain sees them and walks on treadmill. Radhe says I will break this today. He gets a table. Shuklain says I m able to walk. Radhe says listen to her. Krishna says she is saying she can walk. They smile. Shuklain says you got a nice thing for me. Lali says Krishna, I told you, this house needs you. Krishna says I need a phone, my phone got broken, do you have any old phone. Lali asks is everything fine. Krishna says yes, can you help. Lali says I will try to manage. Shukla, Triloki, Gajanan and Matuk also exercise.

Shukla recalls his challenge to Krishna. Shuklain asks Bela what does she want. Prashant calls Shukla and says I m outside your house. Shukla says I m coming. He says what can I do if Krishna didn’t listen to you, I will be in trouble if anyone sees me with you. Prashant says I want her any way. Shukla says I don’t have her, I will wear feminine clothes and sit beside you, look I have done what I could, don’t expect much from me, I m going, congrats for your govt. job, you got this car also, is this true, all the best. Shukla stops Bela and asks about her sister. She says she is studying home science. He says tell your dad that I m coming to meet him. She says what happened to him. Radhe asks Krishna to get a phone. She says I m not asking you. He asks really. She says I took money for mummy and bought treadmill. He says fine, keep this phone.

She inserts sim and gets a call. Radhe says wow, I think you are much needed. She answers call. He tries to hear. She says fine, I will just come. She asks Radhe to go home. He doubts on her. They argue. She says I won’t clear your doubt, I won’t tell you where I m going, don’t follow me. She goes. He says why will I follow her, I have much work. He follows Krishna. Krishna reaches hotel. Radhe comes there and asks for his friend Prashant. He gets the room number and thinks my doubt was right. He stops the man and says I have to surprise him on his birthday. He gets room keys and goes. He enters the room and sees Krishna’s purse and other stuff. He hears Krishna and gets a knife to end Prashant’s game. Krishna asks what are you doing here, I told you not to follow me. He says I have come and will do a big thing now.

Krishna and Radhe come home. They see Dubey waiting. Dubey says I need to talk to you. He says your medical result is going to come tomorrow, think well if you pass, I have done a mistake, you don’t repeat it. She thinks result is imp for me also.

Update Credit to: Amena

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